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All you people buying into the narrative as CEO of the Federal Gov. Trump is sitting up there and fuming in the WH because people he gave jobs to won't do what he tells him:

a few weeks ago Trump effortlessly fired the CNO over real insubordination. People moved on after 2 days.
Then Trump effortlessly gave the OK & has weathered the storm of blowing Soleimani into bite sized chunks.

But people are telling you he's too SCARED to fire Wray at the FBI, or the Rosenstein at the DOJ when he was there.
No matter how many times Trump uses military style MILDEC people will never figure it out because 1/2 of the media sells narratives about him being an idiot impulsive & clueless blowhard & the other 1/2 sells narratives about him being timid & too scared to fire people.
Maybe it'll take until we're into the 5th or 6th year of Trump being in the White House before some people figure out how Trump really operates.

He's not scared to fire people, but he has to make it clear he hired people that are truly INDEPENDENT & he lets them do their jobs.
When Durham surfaces with what he's found, and we see the results of his more than a year's worth of digging and investigating, Democrats & DNC Media are going to SCREAM that Barr & Durham ***AND WRAY*** are Trump's personally handpicked attack Rottweilers.
Trump endured 2 years of Honest Bob Mueller's witch hunt to kill the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax stone cold dead, then waited for Horowitz to do the autopsy to determine how the hoax was used to start FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS of Trump & his associates.
And now while Durham - and others who's names we don't know - are getting ready to BURY this hoax once and for all - Trump is still demonstrating he's got no control over the DOJ, he's letting Barr & others do their jobs.

Barr is not Trump's puppet and neither is Durham.
Wray and others **repeatedly demonstrating publicly** that they DON'T TAKE ORDERS FROM THIS GUY serve a purpose even if you can't see what it is.

When Durham and Barr get down to serious business in the late Spring/early Summer, we'll get a 5 alarm freakout.
I tell people "You **think** you know how hysterical Democrats & Fake News Media is going to get when they realize that the DOJ under Barr is REALLY GOING TO DO THIS, they are going to indict Comey and McCabe & Strzok and many of the other names we know.

But you're WRONG."
You're under-estimating the level of hysteria you'll see.

In no way shape or form can Barr or Durham or Wray look like they are Trump's guys, partisan attack dogs on his own personal leash.

And it's going to be EASY for them to do that.

Do you know why?
Because they ARE nonpartisan.

Trump picked them to do a job to FIX the partisan corruption of the Obama administration, which had severely damaged the DOJ, the FBI, etc.

Pompeo actually got the job of having to fix BOTH the State Dept. AND the CIA.
Think about how LITTLE you know about what Pompeo was doing for most of that first year and a half he was at the CIA before he was shifted over to the St. Dept.

You didn't hear JACK about what he was up to, even when he suddenly showed up in Pyongyang.
We have people in the Right leaning media who are basically DEMANDING every day that Barr, Durham & Wray act ***exactly like*** the AG's, the US Attorneys, and the FBI Directors did during the Obama years.

"THEY did it to us, but WE'RE in charge now, so time for TRUMP to do it to THEM, good and HARD!" I get repeatedly told.

Yes, they want Trump to turn the AG, the DAG, the US Attorneys working out of the DOJ & the FBI Director in to his own personal ATTACK SQUAD.

NO, NO ****NO!!!!!****


Trump is NOT going to do it 'the Obama way' and ENDORSE and ENTRENCH the very disease he's trying to CURE.
You wanted JEFF SESSIONS and WILLIAM BARR to be the new ERIC HOLDER?

You want them to be as partisan for Trump as Holder was for Obama?

That RIGHT THERE would prove you have no freaking clue what Trump & his team are trying to do.
You want Chris Wray to be Trump's James Comey, the kind of FBI Director that Comey was for OBAMA?

Trump didn't hire this guy to be that.

And this guy will take every opportunity to sell the narrative that he's not Trump's personal stooge, eager to do whatever he's ordered.
What ever is coming, when it hits, HOW MUCH SUCCESS are Democrats going to have trying to sell the public the narrative that Wray is Trump's hand picked ENFORCER?

How much success would they have if they tried to launch that narrative TODAY?
Literally EVERY SINGLE STORY ABOUT WRAY for over 2 years now has been "This guy doesn't listen to Trump. In fact, this guy DEFIES Trump."

It's the Muller replay. "We can trust whatever Honest Bob finds!" we were told for 2 years.
Remember how we were endlessly told Mueller's findings were going to be BEYOND DISPUTE, you wingnuts!!!??

I do! I saved several of those lame memes!
One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES was this one.

Hey's that plan looking right now?

Asking for some people having trouble sleeping because Durham is out there quietly doing his work...
Whatever Barr/Durham/Wray, Trump's handpicked guys are doing behind the curtain, we'll know when they're ready.

And when they roll it out, you're going to see the Left & Democrats & DNC Media SHRIEK FOR ALL 3 TO BE IMMEDIATELY FIRED.

& you can quote me on that.

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