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1/n @TandonRaveena ji, #SadarPranam . You will be surprised to know Communists have laid India down on various fronts including Indo-China war. You may read this thread of tweets where I present sources from @CIA dossier. It began with Kerala Elections 1957. Pl read on 👇🏼
2/n #CPI for the first time came to power in Kerala in 1957, which made into international news among communist world.

July 1957, EMS Namboodaripad was asked by the Soviets to forward a full report on the methods used to attain power via elections.
3/n Interestingly HS Surjit and others were working with the Soviet Communists to setup an underground party.

Feb 1958,an official of the Soviet Embassy contacted CPI Leaders to renew the request to setup an underground organization.
4/n While Ajoy Ghosh refused, HK Surjit & others privately concluded that Ghosh was taking a complacent line and decided to reach out to the CPSU beyond party channels.

Pl stay connected,I’m adding lot more details about anti-national stands of Communists of India.
5/n @TandonRaveena The CPI did go ahead to recruit a secret organization within the Indian Army.
6/n 1958, The dossier further mentions CPI leader,Basavapunniah. As per him the source of inspiration for the CPI should be Communist China not Soviet, & he planned to talk to Chinese Leaders exactly like how Disciple talks to his teachers.

Left,had begun inclining towards China
7/n February 1959, Ajoy Ghosh presented a report to the Central Executive Committee that China & Russia insisted that the #CPI should develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance,by intensifying penetration in Indian Military.

“Mao” the killer was in picture.
8/n Ajoy Ghosh led a four-man, predominantly moderate CPI
delegation to the 21st CPSU Congress in late January. On 9 February, upon the close of the congress,Ghosh
went to PeSping, where he is reported to have had talks with Mao and Chou.
9/n Nehru siding with Soviet had begun some rift in #CPI. For, most wanted to incline to #MaoTheMurderer
10/n On 12/3/1859, Ranadive wrote a letter to Ghosh reiterating his views;he warned that Kerala would be the
graveyard of the #CPI unless the needs of the party were given
priority over the desire of the parliamentary gov in
Kerala to remain in office.Priority: #MaoTheMurderer
11/n Ranadive recommended that if the
Kerala regime were threatened with ouster by an opposition combination, the party should retaliate by posing a nation-
wide threat of upheaval.
12/n The above mentioned line was again advanced by Ranadive and other leftists at a Central Executive Committee in May, where the left faction severely attacked the report on Kerala delivered by Namboodiripad.
13/n @TandonRaveena ji, it goes even more interesting.

A CPI leader returned to New Delhi from Moscow on 28 July with
a CPSU letter for Ghosh. The letter was reported to urge that the CPI should not break the law in event o fall of Kerala gov.
14/n The letter also said:that #CPI shouldn’t take action which could result in the spreading of "fascism," that it should not be provoked into violence”but should
follow democratic means and come to power throughout India
state by state.?'

Moscow was eying whole India thu CPI
15/n The letter from Moscow added, somewhat defensively:that the CPSU “expects that the #CPI will not differ from the CPSU’s opinion when it judges the Indian political situation objectively and subjectively.”
16/n From 6-8 August,1959 hard leftists urged a revival of #CPI illegal apparatus to be run from the party secretariat.

How big anti-national has #CPI been. Just playing in hands of Russia & China.
17/n August 1959, Ajay Ghosh & Ranadive of the #CPI wrote letter to Chinese Communist Party urging them to:

single out particularly the Praja Socialist Party & the Jan Sangh for attack as suggested in the April meeting with the Ambassador.
18/n This is interesting. @cpimspeak can throw more light.

April 1959,Ranadive met the Chinese Ambassador &Offered CPI’s support to China on Tibet, and advised China to not to attack Nehru directly but to concentrate fire on the leading rightist anti- Chinese leaders in India.
19/n September of 1959, Central Executive Committee meeting Ajoy Ghosh argued against the tendency to welcome chinese military presence on Indian borders to justify a new militant line for the CPI
This was rejected by the hard left. They argued 👇🏼
20/n “with the PLA now present along the Indian Border the Indian Party had a channel of support for Armed Operations and a potential liberator in the event of mass uprisings.”

Interesting, isn’t it?
21/n The CIA reports that this line was repeated multiple times. It was first reported on 13 Sept 1959 by Basavapunniah, Ranadive, Jaipal Singh the head of secret illegal apparatus.
22/n According to dossier,in 1960s CPI moves closer to the formal split in the party. An interesting aspect of the split:

“In 1960 the WB faction of the CPI passed a resolution criticizing the conduct of the Soviet Communist Party while supporting the Chinese Communist Party.”
23/n China had strong influence on Communist Party of WB.

Sept 1960,a new Chinese Party consul in Calcutta held several meetings with members of the WB party.

4 powerful radio sets had been installed in the office of China Review in Cal to listen to broadcasts from Peking.
24/n The @CIA also reports of inducations for Chinese Financial Subsidies to sections of the CPI particularly the left faction strongholds in WB from 1959.
25/n Basavapunniah also reports to two CPI Leaders later on that:

“A foreign supply base was now available for the underground organizations with Chinese occupation of Tibet and other frontier areas.”
26/n Sept 1960,the first evidence of a vertical split in the #CPI became evident with the principal leftists comprising Jyoti Basu, Harikishen Singh Surjit, Basavapunniah, Sundarayya and Ranadive supported the Chinese position on the Indo-Sino border dispute.

27/n Earlier in August,evidence of the hard left seeking chinese support in a written letter is found:

“..asking for collaboration in Indian underground organization work aimed at an eventual revolution, because China has a border with India and can provide arms and supplies.”
28/n When Z.A. Ahmed aspired that the #CPI should take a nationalist stand on Chinese incursions to India,he was severely berated by the West Bengal faction.

Clearly #CPI was keen on standing with China.
N/n @TandonRaveena ji,I call an end to this thread with this:

“During a reactionary war a revolutionary class cannot but desire the defeat of its government.”—V Lenin

CPI followed their God in 1962 & the pattern to ransom Nation continues.
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