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May 18
1/9❯ The Grauniad's Ian Sample called Nobel Laurate Svante Arrhenius "The father of climate change."

Arrhenius said CO2 emissions and rising CO2 levels would be highly beneficial.

The evidence confirms that.

But Joe thinks anyone who says it is a "science denying idiot."
2/9❯ Somebody is VERY confused. (And it wasn't Arrhenius!)
3/9❯ CO2 emissions are greening the Earth, 3 ways:

1. By helping trees grow through CO2 fertilization.

2. By making plants more water efficient & drought resilient.

3. By improving crop yields, thus reducing the amount of land needed for agriculture.

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May 16
1/7❯ Rising CO2 levels are greening India, 3 ways:

1. By helping trees grow through CO2 fertilization.

2. By making plants more water efficient & drought resilient.

3. By improving crop yields, thus reducing the amount of land needed for agriculture.

The top 2 photos are from India.sealevel.info/learnmore.html…
@ciais_philippe 2/7❯ The benefits of rising CO2 levels for agriculture are spectacular. CO2 is not the only reason for improving crop yields, but it is one of the major reasons:

@ciais_philippe 3/7❯ The best scientific evidence shows that CO2 emissions are beneficial, and manmade climate change is modest and benign. Here are some relevant studies:
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May 16
1/7》 50 years ago the "climate change" which worried the scientific community was global COOLING, not warming.

I remember it clearly. I was there, you weren't.

One of the symptoms of the rot you speak of is the fact that they lie about things like that.
@AkademiskC 2/7》Here's the Most Trusted Man in America™ (Walter Cronkite) reporting on the threat of Global Cooling, 9/11/1972:

Prof. Hubert Lamb (the source who Cronkite cited) was founding director of the UEA Climate Research Unit.
@AkademiskC 3/7》Here's a 1974 CIA report about the looming threat of a return to the neo-boreal conditions of the Little Ice Age (global cooling). It summarized the scientific consensus:



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Apr 28
1/7》Myles Allen, "Net Zero" promoter.🙄

Net Zero is based on fallacies:

Ⅰ. The fallacy that CO2 & a slightly milder climate are harmful.

Actually, the best evidence compellingly shows CO2 emissions are beneficial, not harmful.

Ⅱ. The fallacy that CO2 levels will continue to rise as long as human CO2 emissions continue, even if emissions continue at a reduced rate.
@ShroedingerBird @Willard1951 @Rabs1958 @AlkernS71 @3GHtweets @Veritatem2021 @IsaacCline42 @Anymous84861064 @MarcEHJones @LottRan @GillesnFio @S_D_Mannix @ItsTheAtmospher @navigator087 @Devonian1342 @GAJAJW @BenKoby1911 @Jaisans @bulkbiker @Climatehope2 @DenisDaly @Data79504085 @Mark_A_Lunn @Anvndarnamn5 @Michael_D_Crow @Hji45519156 @waxliberty @priscian @SuperFoxyLoxy @ChrisBBacon3 @JaapTitulaer @wjack76995 @Rocky35418823 @NobaconEgbert @balls95652097 @BointonGiles @AristotleMrs @ammocrypta @SeekerTheGreat1 @ubique60 @EthonRaptor @RMcgillss @paligap17 @TheDisproof @MaggieL @Willy1000 @AuroriaTwittori @MartinJBern @gstrandberg1 @Jakegsm 3/7》For each 40-50 ppmv rise in CO2 level, net natural CO2 removals accelerate by another 1 ppmv/year.
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Apr 26
@Rabs1958 @AlchemistNinja2 @MarcEHJones @Veritatem2021 @3GHtweets @LottRan @Anymous84861064 @GillesnFio @S_D_Mannix @ItsTheAtmospher @navigator087 @Devonian1342 @GAJAJW @BenKoby1911 @Jaisans @bulkbiker @Climatehope2 @DenisDaly @Data79504085 @Mark_A_Lunn @Anvndarnamn5 @Michael_D_Crow @Hji45519156 @waxliberty @priscian @SuperFoxyLoxy @ChrisBBacon3 @JaapTitulaer @Willard1951 @wjack76995 @Rocky35418823 @NobaconEgbert @balls95652097 @BointonGiles @AristotleMrs @ammocrypta @SeekerTheGreat1 @ubique60 @EthonRaptor @RMcgillss @paligap17 @TheDisproof @MaggieL @Willy1000 @AuroriaTwittori @MartinJBern @gstrandberg1 @Jakegsm @EricWil06256732 1/17. That's false.
2/17. That DeSmogBlog article about Will Happer is a brazen, despicable smear.

DeSmogBlog claimed that "Peabody Energy paid [Happer] $8,000 which was routed through the CO2 Coalition."

That's a LIE. Prof. Happer was not paid, because he asked that his entire fee be donated to charity.
3/17. DeSmog also falsely claimed, "Happer told Greenpeace reporters that he would be willing to produce research promoting the benefits of carbon dioxide for $250 per hour, while the funding sources could be similarly concealed by routing them through the CO2 Coalition."


Happer did no such thing. Rather, he was asked to produce a white paper (which is not "research") explaining the best scientific evidence about the costs and benefits of fossil fuel use—and he generously asked that the fee for that work be donated to charity.

The CO2 Coalition @CO2Coalition is a 501(c)(3) educational charity. Happer didn't "route" anything "through" them. He very generously donated the fees to which he was entitled, to that very worthy charity.
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Apr 22
@Willard1951 @MarcEHJones @GillesnFio @AGW_is_bad @Devonian1342 @Rabs1958 @Anvndarnamn5 @jpgcrowley @mikeshearn49 @Anymous84861064 @ItsTheAtmospher @navigator087 @GAJAJW @BenKoby1911 @Jaisans @bulkbiker @Climatehope2 @DenisDaly @S_D_Mannix @Data79504085 @Mark_A_Lunn @Hji45519156 @waxliberty @priscian @SuperFoxyLoxy @ChrisBBacon3 @JaapTitulaer @wjack76995 @Rocky35418823 @NobaconEgbert @balls95652097 @BointonGiles @AristotleMrs @ammocrypta @SeekerTheGreat1 @ubique60 @EthonRaptor @RMcgillss @paligap17 @TheDisproof @MaggieL @Willy1000 @AuroriaTwittori @MartinJBern @gstrandberg1 @Jakegsm @EricWil06256732 1/7. That's nonsense, Willard. We've discussed this topic and that graph before, have you forgotten?
2/7. The improvement in agricultural productivity in Africa is not "very, very modest." It is real, and it is spectacular.
@Willard1951 @MarcEHJones @GillesnFio @AGW_is_bad @Devonian1342 @Rabs1958 @Anvndarnamn5 @jpgcrowley @mikeshearn49 @Anymous84861064 @ItsTheAtmospher @navigator087 @GAJAJW @BenKoby1911 @Jaisans @bulkbiker @Climatehope2 @DenisDaly @S_D_Mannix @Data79504085 @Mark_A_Lunn @Hji45519156 @waxliberty @priscian @SuperFoxyLoxy @ChrisBBacon3 @JaapTitulaer @wjack76995 @Rocky35418823 @NobaconEgbert @balls95652097 @BointonGiles @AristotleMrs @ammocrypta @SeekerTheGreat1 @ubique60 @EthonRaptor @RMcgillss @paligap17 @TheDisproof @MaggieL @Willy1000 @AuroriaTwittori @MartinJBern @gstrandberg1 @Jakegsm @EricWil06256732 3/7. Even in West Africa, crop yields have doubled since 1961 (104 ppmv ago).
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