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However, it shifts the focus back to the old narrative that Kenyans are somehow responsible for the current insecurity, and that if we "got out of Somalia", the "Banditry" would stop. It also very subtly blames the 'Somali Muslim'.
#AlShabaab #AlshabaabAttacks #NorthernKenya
For over 56 years, those in the North Eastern Territories have been held hostage by the same idiotic thinking pushed by KEGovernment & Media (apologies @DennisOkari) that is OWNED by our political leaders..
It is insanity! In this thread, the historical background of #AlShabaab
@DennisOkari ..from where we last left off. Scroll down or search the other Threads by looking for [#AlShabba] and [#FireWalkers] .
But first, a recap....
"On Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, the UN Security Council rejected Kenya’s request to designate al-Shabaab a terror group under
@DennisOkari Resolution 1267, which currently includes groups like alQaeda, Taliban, and ISIL. Exactly 40 days later, on Monday, October 7th, National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi accused the #USA of involvement with the #alShabaab terror group and indicated
@DennisOkari that this was the reason behind the unrelenting and harsh lobbying by #American Lobby Groups to prevent the classification of al-Shabaab as a Terrorist Group. Justice Muturi added that #alShabaab was receiving #funding from undisclosed global superpowers
@DennisOkari disguised as “humanitarian groups." Is he right? Yes he is.

@Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @ShababWatch
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt #USA, the #CIA and #Somalia - the Links
Currently, the connection to CIA in Somalia is through Eric Prince, he of former #Blackwater. Prince has a brand new deal going on in Somalia. Formerly, to do business in Southern Somalia, one had to go through #KDF and #AlShabaab.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt Plot Twist - beginning 2018 though, business unusual is through Eric Prince & his band of merry mercenaries, the Chinese owned Frontier Services Group or the USA Army – but because they are the USA army, they prefer to be in the background...
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt Prince is the scandal-ridden former member of the Navy SEALs,founder of the now defunct private security company Blackwater. He is currently the CEO of the Hong Kong based private equity firm #FSG which in 2018 signed a lucrative contract deal with the South-West State of Somalia
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt itself within the highly contested, conflict-ridden region of southern Somalia.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Prince & #FSG are not strangers to "investing" (read #funding by the American Government) in #Africa or providing ‘security solutions’ to the continent. Prince’s Frontier Services Group has an office in our bustling capital city of Nairobi on 96 Riverside Drive..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust offering among other things; security, logistics, insurance and infrastructure (whatever that means for Kenya).
After negotiations with the South West State of Somalia’s President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, #FSG was given the contract of providing logistical support
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust to the Somali South West State’s Administration council’s Free Zone Investment Authority (FZIA), which is designed to attract "foreign investments" into the southern #Somalia region with the intent of 'creating jobs, re-animate the flaccid economy, and inject wealth
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust ... and prosperity "back into the war-torn south". All of which will need #Prince’s trademark “advanced protective services” to keep his Chinese and United Arab Emirates (#UAE) investors money secure.
Tuko Pamoja? Please keep up...😀
#FireWalkers #Africa
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust This is the exact area where #KDF operated.
The newly penned contract stipulates that over an undisclosed period of years, #FSG will assist in constructing a major seaport to deal with increased volume of import/export as well as expanding and modernizing an airport in the region
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust All of which will be solely run by #FSG’s patented integrated air-land-sea logistics capability package. The contract also has plans on "developing agricultural zones" within the Lower Shabelle. FSG partnered with First Hectares Capitol, #FHC
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust - a "self-described" agribusiness and forestry infrastructure investment company for guess whom? #African Governments! First Hectares Capitol has its main office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is full of board members with financial ties in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Fun fact – there is only one “East African” on the advisory board! In 2019 Prince also brought in his Chinese investor money in an attempt to capitalize on the impending “war” with #AlShabbab which the Somali President Farmaajo had promised and to position his Chinese investors
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust ... smack dab on top of several potentially lucrative natural resource ‘honey-holes’ that southern #Somalia - or #AlShabaab, together with #KDF had control over - the #AlShabaab justification for our Kenyan government, was a cover to put deep #mzizi into #Somalia for resources..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Wait - how is Eric Prince connected to #AlShabaab? - Funding via the US Government - From 1997 to 2010, #Blackwater was awarded $2 billion in Government Security contracts in the #USA, more than $1.6 billion of which were unclassified Federal Contracts and an unknown amount of
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust classified work. From 2001 to 2010, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) awarded up to $600 million in classified contracts to Blackwater and its affiliates, (like Xe) and Blackwater soon became the largest of the State Department's three private security companies,
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust providing 987 guards for embassies and bases abroad. Capitalizing on his connections in the White House, Eric Prince built a shooting range on his rural Virginia land to serve as a nearby training facility to CIA headquarters in Langley. As a CIA Agent, he provided the CIA with
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust links to the Afghan warlords who helped "topple the Taliban and drive alQaeda into hiding." – read - the oil fields were secured for The Four Horsemen.
#Somalia has oil - lots of it.
#oil #USA #Kenya #Power #Money #Wars
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Meanwhile:
The #Qatar government, through State-owned Qatar Petroleum, has acquired part of #Kenyan offshore oil and gas exploration areas in the Indian Ocean, near the fields that are subject to a maritime delimitation dispute between #Kenya and #Somalia.
#Oil #Kenya #Money
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust "This is part of the multinational’s strategy to strengthen its presence in #Africa" - Qatar Petroleum signed the #Kenyan deal with #Total - a French multinational oil & gas company and the Italian-rooted #Eni, to take over 25% of the stakes at offshore L11A, L11B and L12 blocks
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust gibberish? #waKenya - KNOW YOUR POLITRICKS!!
#Somalia filed a boundary delimitation dispute on August 28, 2014 - staking a claim on an estimated 62,000 square miles oil-rich triangle in the Indian Ocean and has been seeking to have the sea border extended along the land border...
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust If the plea is granted, it will limit #Kenya’s access to high seas on its Indian Ocean shore.
Study Maps. Is this why #AlShabaab are killing Southern Kenyans? Not quite. #Politricks is a filthy game especially when greed is involved - and our Elites and #Politicians are greedy.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust yes - there are highly emotional fights online & in bars across the country about 'seas' belonging to #waKenya - but these are carefully manipulated #narratives. Why isn't there the same energy about #LAND in the #North? Land which belongs to #Kenyans, not foreigners?
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Back to the Beginning.
What then does it mean, when the #USA, and the UN Security Council rejects Kenya’s request to designate #AlShabaab a terror group under Resolution 1267?
Answer: It means that they are NOT a terror group.
#AlShabaab is #not a TERRORIST group.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust It means that they can be, and shall be funded by ‘well-wishers’ and ‘humanitarian aid’. It is horror for the #Kenyan government. It means that anyone in #Kenya can claim to be #AlShabaab and they cannot be charged with joining an illegitimate group.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust ...did you notice in the video at the beginning of this thread, when @DennisOkari reported that "#AlShabaab joined members of the community for #Asr Prayers then left..." - did you not ask yourself, "why were they not arrested?" The Kenya government can no longer arrest
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust any individual, or groups of individuals who have ties, claim to be or are members of #AlShabaab, for currently, they are "not terrorists" and have the protection of the #USA.
Kind of puts a damper to your calls for protection from these 'bandits', right?
#Oil #War #Politricks
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust It also means that Kenya has no mandate whatsoever, to be in #Somalia. On the 13th of October 2011, two Spanish women who were working for Médecins Sans Frontières at the #Dadaab refugee camp were ‘kidnapped’ and according to Kenyan intelligencia, the abductions were
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust – and here is that nonsensical word that GoK and githeri media use without regard, a word that is used to detriment of the one named - allegedly carried out by #AlShabaab. But - and this is interesting - Médecins Sans Frontières swiftly issued a press statement
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust and completely disassociated itself from any armed activities and related declarations launched by the #Kenyan government following the abduction – in other words – “…guys, do what you want to do, but don’t use us, or the kidnapped women as a justification to create war..”
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust Operation #LindaNchi was launched. The Kenya Defense forces entered into southern Somalia on the 16th of October of 2011. It was undeniably an #invasion and was called as such by #Somalia's ambassador to #Kenya, Mohamed Ali Nur, who responded flatly that
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust "We cannot condone ANY COUNTRY crossing our border." The Independent. London. Archived from the original, on 18 October 2011. This was IGNORED by the #Kenyan Government because of greed by a few individuals, as we shall see further. In invading Southern #Somalia..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust the Kenyan government stated that it’s aim was to create a "buffer zone" between #AlShabaab - the ‘cause of instability’ in southern Somalia, and the Kenyan homeland!! What nonsense!! #KDF’s main objective though - was that #Kenya "desired to be seen as a “reliable partner”
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust in the U.S.-led #GWOT - global war on terrorism which was a mandate pronounced by President Bush on November 2011 exactly 16 days into the future. The two women had been kidnapped, on the 13th of October, 3 (three) days earlier...
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust According to @guardian, "several sources agree that the Kenyan invasion plan was discussed and decided as early as 2010, then finalized with input from various western partners, predominantly the #USA and to a lesser extent #France, with #Nairobi using the kidnappings
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian of the 2 Spanish women "as a pretext” to launch an #operation already ready, and waiting. The Kenyan government declared the operation completed in March 2012 stating they had successfully captured and ‘controlled’ the territories of Qoqani, Kolbio, Fafadun, Elade, Hosingo
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian and Badhadhe. #KDF then went ahead and joined #AMISOM in #Somalia. The mandate from the United Nations Security Council for #AMISON ends in May 2020.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian Kenyan Soldiers were used to kill humans and gain territories while being paid peanuts and living in miserable conditions - #KDF were the foot soldiers in a dirty #game. Meanwhile, after President Bush’s declaration, and the launch of #GWOT, The Global War On Terrorism
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian hundreds of #Muslim men were captured like animals across #Somalia, #Somaliland and #EastAfrica, and renditioned to Guantanamo Bay, #USA. Innocent men. Our own brothers in the skin and flesh. Fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandfathers...
#war #oil #power #greed
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian Before #GWOT 'rendition' meant a ‘piece of music’.
In 2011, #renditions became known as the practice of #WESTERN governments sending a #foreign "criminal or terrorist suspect", covertly and secretly - to be interrogated in a country – notably the #USA
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian Thousands of men disappeared overnight from their homes, kidnapped by the #CIA and by #GoK. The reason for these traumatic kidnappings was always ‘alleged’. The CIA was in Kenya, working overtime with the #Kenyan government to be seen as ‘friends of the #USA’.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian The #CIA station in Nairobi became among the largest in #Africa, and uncommon knowledge is that Kenya's former US ambassador to Kenya, Robert F. Godec, was formerly the USA’s State Department’s Deputy Co-ordinator for counter-terrorism. #GoK sold out their own people..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian ...and sold out their neighbours in the fear of ‘Somali identity’. The Kenyan Government has to date, failed entirely to distinguish between so called "Somali Islamists" and "Kenyan-Somalis". It has failed completely at national integration. Instead GoK continued to build up
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian from Jomo Kenyatta colonialism’s preference for divide-and-rule, where competing groups were played off against each other with a centralised state retaining all capacities for legitimate violence.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian “This is the nebulous, but potentially pervasive enemy that Kenya must confront: an enemy that is no longer confined to Somalia, or even to the Somali, but one that appeals directly to the #Ummah throughout East Africa, and especially in Kenya.” Anderson, D.M. and McKnight, J.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian From 2012, to be labelled ‘#AlShabaab’ was to be a terrorist – always guilty, never innocent. Thousands of humanitarian crimes were committed against men and women up and down the coast from #Mogadishu in #Somali, to the #Tanzanian coast.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian Men and women were brutalized, were kidnapped and secretly smuggled to either Nairobi’s ATPU, where very, very few were returned home. Others were transported to America’s Guantanamo Bay. Thousands of men and women of Somali origin from #NEP were
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian targeted as #extrajudicialkillings victims. Thousands more disappeared in what were dubbed as #extrajudicialdisappearances. The local press went ham, accusing anyone of #Somali blood of being connected to #AlShabaab and therefore a ‘terrorist’
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian All Muslims were viewed as "against the government". Mosques and Madrassas were demolished in Kenya, #Madrassas – EDUCATIONAL institutions were declared #illegal; What is the word for classroom in #Swahili, one of our #indigenous languages?
#GWOT #senseless #narratives
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu Operation #UsalamaWatch was put into effect! Thousands of Kenyan Somali’s were affected while the Government security forces raided homes, buildings, and shops; looted cell phones, money, and other goods; harassed and extorted residents; and detained thousands..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu – including journalists, Kenyan citizens, and international aid workers – without #charge, holding humans in appalling conditions for periods well beyond the 24-hour limit set by Kenyan law. Human Rights Watch (2014) ‘Kenya: End Abusive Round-ups’, 12 May.
#narratives #WhiteLies
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu HumanRightsActivists who worked ceaselessly round the clock to address and speak up on behalf of the humanitarian wrongs being endorsed and perpetuated by the government towards the #Somali community and the larger Muslim population were #outlawed. Bank accounts were closed.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu COLLATERAL DAMAGE - @alaminkimathi had almost single-handedly exposed the largest extraordinary-rendition episode in #Africa, in which #Kenyan authorities had secretly flown more than 100 terrorism suspects, including their-own-citizens, to "black site" interrogation centers..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi in Ethiopia. @alaminkimathi's investigation embarrassed the governments involved. It shamed the #USA, which collaborated closely in the #covert program. When we had met four years earlier, he was an invaluable source for #journalists working in the region...
#GWOT #USA #Terror
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi ".. I dialed his phone number, I tried for days, but he never picked up. Then one morning I opened a newspaper and there he was — locked up in a jail cell in #Uganda where he had been arrested on charges of #terrorism. It felt like a setup. "…
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi Shall we as #Kenyans, especially the Somali and larger Muslim community at the coast, will we ever know the real numbers of those who lost lives during these dark years of mass deaths and killings committed by #GoK and sponsored by the #USA?
#narratives #GWOT #terror?
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi waKenya, understand that there were those who had advocated for the invasion of Southern Somalia to advance their own #economic and #political interests. Among them are those who are still within the KDF; some key political elites within the Kenyan government (one whom ..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi .. was Minister for Internal Security George Saitoti) and several senior security chiefs. Source: "The Kenyan Military Intervention in Somalia" (PDF). International Crisis Group. 15 February 2012. Archived from the original (PDF) on 23 September 2015. Retrieved 10 June 2015.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi #AlShabaab are not a Terrorist Group, and now, fully equipped with firearms they can now cross in to North Kenyan Territories and play havoc on the #communities that have not been already ravaged by the #KDF and #GoK since 2012.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi It is easy to find maps of all the oil and mineral blocks that have been discovered in Northern Kenya as well as the enormous underground water aquifers. Any army (UK, USA, France) that comes into #Kenya is #funded, equipped with arms and drones – this is a whole new board-game.
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi #KDF cannot, and will not protect it’s citizens – it’s mandate has for a long while been to declare #Somali or #Muslim citizens persona non-grata and will not go to war over our Northern Territories - but blame them, managing a #narrative that southerners believe..
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi It means that #citizens are virtually defenseless because when it comes to #Oil interests, the #USA is a formidable enemy that will #fund any excuse to slaughter for oil.
Finally, through the stupidity and greed of individuals in the government..
#dirtyGames #PoliTRICKS
@DennisOkari @Citizen_Alert1 @ShababWatch @Africarevolt @Maskani254 @StephenCorrySvl @Survival @Abubakr254 @QulshTM @gabrieloguda @kavsmaina @kepaja_trust @guardian @MutemiWaKiama @VisionONEUNITE1 @IamMzilikazi @Olez @wmnjoya @CarolmNyaga @WanjeriNderu @alaminkimathi While this daft #GoK has been bludgeoning it’s own people to death, arresting and killing innocent girls for wanting to be ‘alShababies’ – #ForeignArmies have been playing strategic #chess and moving their armies. Did you think they're here for YOU?

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