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On the road again. #IACaucus
Spending a little time this evening in southwest Iowa. I love a good town square. #IACaucus
Hearing tonight in Red Oak from @DrBiden on behalf of @JoeBiden.
#IACaucus voters are huddling in a converted firehouse restaurant.
It’s a little like church at some of these events. The back fills up first.
If you're wondering about Iowa hospitality, someone sitting nearby has already offered me a cheese curd.

If the boss is asking, I declined.
Staffers say Jill Biden is doing about four events a day in Iowa this time. She is likely the most experienced candidate family surrogate campaigning in Iowa today.

Her husband, Joe, ran in 1988 and 2008, then became Barack Obama's vice presidential candidate and VP.
Field organizer making the pitch to the crowd that @JoeBiden will be ready on Day One. Mentions his work on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Education. He says he was a teacher for years. He's touting how Jill Biden still teaches at community college in northern Virginia.
She has arrived, @DrBiden.
One more:
Jill Biden: It's my last event of the day. I don't even know where I am, she jokes. Then she points to the poster on the wall she says staff put up to remind her. (Folks laughed.)
She is giving the crowd a little about her background.
Talking about her blind date with Joe Biden. He wore a perfect suit and leather loafers. Repeating that he proposed five times. She wanted a career.
Biden: She's relaying the story about the death of Joe Biden's first wife and daughter. She's talking about the importance of making sure their marriage lasted if she was going to say yes, because of his two sons already born. They also had a daughter.
Biden: Here we are 42 years later, and I never thought we'd be here. I've been an English teacher for more than 35 years, in high schools, a psychiatric hospital for young people, and at community college.
Biden: She's talking about the importance of stories to inspire people to kindness and community. "Our country is capable of beautiful and powerful things."
Biden: "We all feel it, the hate, the bigotry, the political rift." She's talking about white supremacists at rallies. But there is more to tell.
Biden: Joe and I were visiting a church. I'm not very public about my faith. It's always been something very important to me. Prayers are how I connect with people I love and people around me. After our son Beau did I felt abandoned by my faith. It was hard. I couldn't go.
Biden: A parishioner came up, put her hand on me and said Dr. Biden, I want to be your prayer partner. I had never heard of that. I don't know if she sensed how moved I'd been by the service that morning. Don't know if she could see the grief that hides behind my smile.
Biden: Her kindness opened up something inside of me. It was as if God were saying it's time to come home. Felt for the first time that I'd found a path back to my faith, and I found it on this campaign trail. "There is such power in kindness."
Biden: "We need a president who knows the power of kindness, who can heal this nation, and that's Joe Biden." He's seen his share of tragedies. It's never made him cynical or made him use his power for personal gain.
She is relaying his laundry list of legislative work. Biden: Many of the other candidates can tell you what they want to do. Joe can tell you what he's done.
Biden: She's telling the crowd to imagine a future in which the headlines don't involve the tweet of the day.
Biden: Build on the Affordable Care Act with a public option. When those cameras cut to the President of the United States, you won't turn the channel because you want them to hear what the president has to say.
Biden is recalling serving meals to asylum seekers. Biden: "It was just horrible to see the conditions they were living in." You have to think of who you want as a president. Someone who believes that our best days as Americans are ahead of us.
Biden: I know that some of you are still making up your minds. I want to give you three good reasons in case you don't know who you're caucusing for. No. 1 is independent voters. Any Dem has to appeal to them. People find that he's reasonable.
Biden: I've heard from farmers and Republicans who don't like what happened with trade. No. 2, swing states. Joe is beating Donald Trump in swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida.
Biden: We've got to win here in Iowa. It's really important to us that Joe wins Iowa. No. 3 is achievability. His plans are practical and pragmatic. He's not going to promise you free this and free that. He knows how he's going to pay for things and he has a plan.
Crowd has gotten a little bigger.
Biden: I want to thank you for taking this process so seriously. Listening to spouses and surrogates and the candidates themselves.
A retired teacher is asking her about the president's tariffs. He's worried about ag because it affects education. She says Joe's not for tariffs because they hurt farmers.
She's relaying a story about a farmer's wife who now lives alone on an Iowa farm that flooded twice. Her husband now lives in a home, Biden says. The woman asked Jill to have Joe help address climate change.
Biden: We have to build up Iowa and rural America again.
She calls her husband's Education Plan "teacher approved."
An Iowa woman is telling Biden her son has cancer and he couldn't get the pain medication he needed. She's saying people in pain can't get prescribed pain medication because of the opioid crisis.
Biden is saying Joe wants to try to bring down some of the regulation that keeps people from being able to get what they need but make sure people aren't creating pill mills, either.
A woman is asking about people coming across the border, she keeps thinking they would be paying into Social Security and building up communities. Woman: They keep talking about Social Security running out of money. Says she thinks America needs immigrants.
Biden agrees, talks about the economic impact of immigrants. "America welcomes immigrants. They're not people like Donald Trump has made them out to be." They aren't murderers and rapists. They're our grandparents who came here.
Iowa man is asking can Joe Biden, who's used to the old Senate where people got along, can deal with the new Senate that he says is much more hostile and partisan.
Voter: "The old way of crossing the aisle on substantive issues like healthcare is going to be met with stonewalling." Biden: Joe can work with both sides. We can't give up. You know yourselves. If we don't start to work together, nothing is going to get done.
Biden: We have to start beating some of these Republicans who won't work together.
Here’s the voter who was asking, near the bar.
Staffer is saying Joe remembers how to make Washington work again, and it starts with breaking bread together again once or twice a year. Biden: Isn't politics relationships? You have to have somebody who is going to build relationships.
Voter from Henderson, Nev., who moved to Iowa, asking what part will she play to make this work. Biden: If we're fortunate enough to get there, I'll work with military families. I'll continue that. Keep pushing free community college. Started trying to do it under Obama.
Biden: I truly believe in free community college and that's part of Joe's platform. She's also talking about Joe Biden's cancer moonshot. She says she and he had to find purpose after losing their son.
A mom of a veteran is thanking her for thinking of service members and working for them. Biden: I know what life was like for you, and thank you.
Another voter asks when is America going to stop putting the military in this position. Biden: We have to stop fighting these endless war.
A different Iowa voter asks about the Trump admin effort to roll back school lunch nutrition changes under Obama. Biden: That was terrible. It was on her birthday that he did that. Says her legacy will live on.
Another voter asks about the struggles of the elderly. She says people have worked their whole life and they're struggling. Says country cuts food stamps. Biden: Joe is from the middle class. He understands. If you're looking for a president who is empathetic, it's Joe.
She's wrapped up and is letting people come up, take pictures and ask personal questions.
Thanks for following along.
Hey you. Time to write.
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Here’s my little story from spending some time on the trail this weekend with @DrBiden for @OWHnews. We asked what it’s like for a family member in the #IACaucus.…
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