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2. Roads in and out of #Wuhan (even small side roads) being barricaded with piles of dirt/rocks to block all traffic in or out.
3. "Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times. Ye shall not .. print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom"..."…
4. "These animals are unclean for you."…
5. There are still some cars on the road.
6. More than 80 people who had contact with the infected traveler have been identified and are being tracked by health authorities. One dance club employee who reported symptoms including a cough has been quarantined.…
7. At #Wuhan Union Hospital, a staff member said that the amount of protective gear at the hospital would only last another 3-5 days. People line up outside a drugstore to buy masks in Shanghai.
8. "More than 100,000 infected. The government provides no medical supplies...People are dying right in front of our eyes... We are on our own."
9. "No one gets out"
10. "We have confirmed Collapse of the hospitals in the city of #Wuhan."
11. "#Beijing just declared a first level emergency response. All interstate transportation services going in and out of Beijing are suspended beginning tomorrow."
12. Doctor now dead from #coronavirus - "Liang Wudong, a senior doctor at a hospital in #Wuhan, died on January 25 after failing treatment for the new pneumonia at the age of 62" from #WuhanCoronavirus.
13. Despite internet censorship by the Communists, reports emerge that all gas stations have closed, and hospitals system has collapsed.
14. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband, Keding Cheng, were escorted from the National Microbiology Lab after their security clearance was revoked.…
15. Flights still coming in from China:

•∙ TEXAS Student at A&M University has a suspected case
• CHICAGO woman diagnosed
• SEATTLE man confirmed
• RALEIGH-DURHAM arrival passed thru Wuhan and arrived at Duke with symptoms…
16. Flights still coming in from China to infect the US, add 2 new cases in California:…
•∙ TEXAS Student suspected case
• CHICAGO woman dx'ed
• SEATTLE man confirmed
• LA COUNTY “returning” from Wuhan
• ORANGE CO came frm Wuhan
17. Snakes — the Chinese krait & Chinese cobra may be the orig source that Chinese brought into the human population to now highly infectious human to human transmission, infections now being flown in & seeded all around the US. #Wuhan #coronarvirus
18. The #Coronavirus is HIGHLY infectious. In China every 1 infects 14 others. There is <2 wk time period for incubation, during which time asymptomatic people may infect others. The fatality rate may be 10%. There is no effective treatment or cure for this "#wuhanpnemonia".
19. The only cure is time, time for ppl do dev their own immunity, if surviving. A vaccine should soon be available, but probably not before the epidemic has run its course. Travel has been shut down in China. But China travel to US continues, expert officials say "not worried".
20. Well, not all officials lack worry.
21. #CoronaOutbreak report from Dr. Jinnhui, "I am currently at the infected Hankou District in #Wuhan.. infected by #Coronavirus...without immediate quarantine or effective treatment, one infected person can pass the virus to 14 more nearby. The infection rate's extremely high."
22. With gas stations closed and all travel restricted, videos of deserted #Wuhan streets emerges. Such severe quarantine of populace contact should be more effective containment than mobs in paper face masks. #WuhanCoronavirus #wuhanpnemonia
23. Not sure if this represents >300 new cases/hr reported.
24. But, the number of #coronarvirus cases considered in critical condition has risen to 461, according to The Japan Times.…
23. If we are flying in US travelers from having been in #Wuhan (we are), and if ✤asymptomatic✤ people can transmit virus (I haven't seen this contested (maybe up to 14 days)), and if we are only quarantining ✤symptomatic✤ travelers from Wuhan, what would this tell you?
24. 2,360 military and civilian doctors and nurses have been sent to Wuhan according to the SCMP.…
25. Flights bring #coronarvirus into US: Now a 7th case thought here (see 15-16, above).
•∙TEXAS suspected
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
• LA COUNTY “returning” from Wuhan
• ORANGE CO came frm Wuhan…
26. CDC has confirmed 5 of the 7 cases (AZ, CA, IL, WA) as of today.…
27. MicroRNAs regulate autophagy until the virus-driven degradation of mRNA overwhelms the immune system.…
28. Another #Wuhan doctor suddenly falls to the ground, he after 36 hours of continuous work on #CoronaOutbreak, but returned again.
27. France expects to fly in few hndrd of its 800 citizens living in #Wuhan midweek. "Evacuees will have to spend 14 days in quarantine...temperature screening of air travelers from China.. serves no purpose.. sxs can emerge later & aspirin can" disguise.…
29. France expects to fly in few hndrd of its 800 citizens living in #Wuhan midweek. "Evacuees will have to spend 14 days in quarantine...temperature screening of air travelers from China.. serves no purpose.. sxs can emerge later & aspirin can"…
30. BAD NEWS: #Wuhan seafood is infected with #CoronavirusOutbreak.
31. #Coronavirus confirmations can only be made in a fraction of select cases, and even though there are only 2,744 "confirmed" cases so far, experts, eg, Prof Neil Ferguson, Public Health at Imperial College estimates 100,000 affected by the virus today.…
32. Shops close by order of the Chinese government in #Wuhan with quarantine. #Coronavirus infection of the food supply, Chinese seafood supply (30., above), is not good news.
33. Flying #coronarvirus into US: 10th case thought here (see 15-16, above).
•∙VA 3 poss
•∙TEXAS suspected
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
• LA COUNTY “returning” from Wuhan
• ORANGE CO came frm Wuhan…
34. Word is Texas A&M student has been cleared of #CoronaOutbreak.
Flying #coronarvirus into US updated: 9th case thought here (see 15-16, 33. above).
•∙VA 3 poss
• CHICAGO f dx'ed
• SEATTLE confirmed
35. Infected still flying in: Possible US #Coronavirus cases skyrocket to 110 Persons Under Investigation (PUI) now in 26 US undisclosed states. 32/110 have tested negative leaving 73 cases unknown after 5 positive US cases.…… #Wuhan
36. Suggesting it might have been genetically engineered as a researched bioweapon, Indian researchers are baffled by non SARS segments of #coronavirus's RNA closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications.……
38. #Jinping #China Reportedly Showing Chinese Police Officers Reloading Their Sidearms & Rifles After Putting On Protective #coronavirus Gloves, Masks, & Gowns.
39. National Health Commission in China just announced that the bodies of #coronavirus victims should be cremated close by and immediately. Burials or transfer of the bodies not allowed. Funerals not allowed to avoid spread of the virus (Global Times)
41. Do you believe in coincidences? A #coronavirus deep dive: One of 4 Chinese laboratories engaged in bioweapons development was located in #Wuhan 8.6 miles from epicenter of the outbreak. The weapons lab was researching #SARS #corona funded by NIH & DOD
42. "Significant Increase" In #Coronavirus Cases This Weekend | "Up to 5 million people left #Wuhan"
43. Many say the #coronavirus deaths are being grossly under-reported. One source indicates 70-120 bodies a day - from one funeral home, #Wuhan Yi Funeral Home.
44. Communists touting their rapid #Coronarivus hosp construction in #Wuhan, but others suggest the #WuhanVirus quarantine system are jail cells where people'll brought to die under China's med military system. More being built now in other cites as well.…
45. The #WuhanCoronavirus has been taxing to medical staff, to say the least. "Doctors fall while operating on the coronavirus. Transmission is immediate."
46. People react to being involuntarily quarantined for #coronaviruschina
47. Taxi driver kicks out a coughing man from #Wuhan amid #coronavirus outbreak.
48. Man reportedly'd just returned from #Wuhan, the city where the epidemic has spread. When the police tried to return him to Wuhan, he refused so police killed him in cold blood.
49. Communists seal off a whole block until Feb 16 where someone who returned from #Wuhan has #corona.
50. In Shanghai, police remove a body from the subway.
51. Reports of Communists nailing infected people into their homes in #Wuhan.
52. #Coronavirus suspects or those in contact with confirmed cases in #Wuhan are being ordered into quarantine zones, forcibly as needed, as number of new cases rises sharply.
53. #Wuhan streets largely deserted save the occasional citizen, occasional Communist authorities, or the occasional corpse lying in the street.
54. Orders reportedly also go out to keep up with cleaning the #Wuhan streets of the #coronavirus-infected pet corpses as well.
55. I fully concur with this doctor. Fast forward to 39 min. #wuhanpnemonia #Coronarivus
56. First 99 patients treated in #Wuhan are reported in the week's Lancet. 3/4 got antiviral treatments, 11% died. Smoking, age, and co-morbid disease chronicity were identified as risk factors. One had tracheal perforation.…
57. EIGHTH US case of #WuhanOutbreak confirmed in Boston.…

FINALLY we started quarantining ALL US arrivals frm China for 2 wks!

CDC's website not updated since 1/31 misreports/under-reports there on the site as being only 6 cases.…
58. ELEVEN US cases confirmed by CDC as of Feb 3 2020, 82 possible cases pending under review.…
59. Newly built #WuhanHospital encampment has incarceration bars on the exterior windows as well as the interior corridor windows (above).
60. Dr. Anthony Fauci: “It’s very, very transmissible, and it almost certainly is going to be a pandemic."…
61. This morning's scene in #Wuhan - hundreds dressed in hazmat suits preparing to enter a tower block. #coronavirus #Hubei #CCP #ChinaCoronaVirus #PRC #WuhanPneumonia
62. Long trains of Communist medical military vehicles in procession move to carry people to their new destination at #WuhanHospital incarceration camp for #coronavirus detention.
63. In #Ningbo a detainment camp is assembled even more readily, looking much different than the press release pictures of the #Wuhan hospital for
64. Reports are that #Wuhan is also now converting public venues like the #Hongshan stadium & city international exhibition center for those with "mild symptoms" into group #Coronavirus settings. #WuhanCoronavirus #nCoV19 #China
65. Those with #coronavirus are being removed from #Wuhan's buildings by the hazmat army, dead and alive.
66. You can't go home but you can't stay here

#WuhanCoronavirus #coronaviruswuhan
67. Those fleeing from infected areas may find themselves unwelcome. #CoronaOutbreak
66. Frightening to realize this virus infection crosses species, since mutated for affinity to the angiotensin receptor,
67. One person calculated the global dimensions of the outbreak were the conditions in #Wuhan to become equally pandemic worldwide.
68. "Trevor Bedford" debunks the HIV insertion engineering theory. Still, it's odd that this #WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak was centered less than 10 miles from the Wuhan bioweapons virology lab where they were researching #coronavirus.…
69. It makes me wonder if the Communist bioweapons scientists ever watched Stephen King's movie, or listened to Blue Oyster Cult. I did. "Baby, I'm your man!" #CoronavirusOutbreak
70. Dr. Li, 34, expecting a 2nd child w wife, was summoned for a middle-of-the-night Communist reprimand for his candor in attempting to warn in Dec that the cluster of viral infections in #Wuhan could grow out of control. Another MD now dead from #Corona.…
71. China’s Communists Thursday accused Taiwan, which's self-governed, of trying to share its health information with the WHO. "The exclusion of Taiwanese medical experts from international meetings during SARS epidemic hampered its prevention efforts."…
72. Commenters on Weibo, a Twitter-like website, demanded an apology from the Communists to Dr. Li and his family. “I want freedom of speech” also emerged as one of the top trending topics on the site until Communist censors stopped the messages. #WuhanFlu #Corona #CoronaOutbreak
73. #Wuhan's told to round up #corona residents into mass camps. Sun Chunlan, a Communist vice premier said they must check each resident. "During these wartime conditions there must be no deserters or they will be nailed to the pillar of historical shame forever,” Ms. Sun said.
74. A widely shared Weibo post said “conditions were very poor” at an exhibition center converted to quarantine. Power failures're leaving the sick to “shiver in their sleep..doctors & nurses were not seen to be taking note of symptoms or dist meds, & O2's "seriously lacking.”
75. "With public anger simmering, the Communist Party has moved to stifle news organizations and social media platforms where criticism of the government’s initial response were for a time left uncensored online."…
76. The enforcement took on aspects of a military "people's war" as Ms. Sun ordered medical workers to mobilize into round-the-clock shifts to visit each home; anyone requiring treatment should be rounded up and forced into quarantine. “You must keep a close eye. Don’t miss it.”
77. 3,700 passengers are trapped on the Diamond Princess, anchored off Yokohama, after a man disembarked in Hong Kong Jan 25 tested+. Testing on board revealed 4 cases on ship, going to 20 yesterday, 40 today.…
78. Major brands have closed in China as the #Wuhan #coronavirus spreads. Several hundred McDonald’s restaurants in China have closed, Nike has shut about half its stores.…
79. The World Health Organization said on Friday that there was a chronic worldwide shortage of gowns, masks, gloves and other equipment to protect against the spread of the #Wuhan #coronavirus.
80. Now 34,842 known cases, 723 known deaths, & 2,063 recoveries. 12 confirmed cases in US. In China, 41% hosp presumed to've been infected in the hosp. Some, who appear only mildly ill at first, turn for the worse 5-8 days later.……
81. Families are being forcefully evacuated from their homes for shipment to the #Wuhan #coronavirus camps.
82. One report from the #Wuhan #coronavirus pandemic zone shows a young woman's neck being broken by the police during struggle.
83. A U.S. citizen in #Wuhan, China, has now died from the novel #coronavirus.…
84. Five Brits staying in the same Alps ski chalet in Haute-Savoie, have contracted #Wihan #coronavirus infections, including a child. They had been lodged in the same chalet with a British man believed to have contracted the virus in Singapore.
85. The Diamond Princess carrying 3700, docked in Yokohama's 60 more cases of #Wuhan #coronavirus, now bringing total known cases on ship to 130, quarantined due to a Brit #corona “super spreader”. The virus is far more contagious than had been admitted.…
86. A striking new production line from Foxconn, the main manufacturer of the iPhone: because of #Wuhan #coronavirus, the company will immediately start making mouth caps. By releasing employees, it hoped to prevent them from infecting each other.
87. Communists throw personal belongings out of windows
to turn apartments into quarantine space for #Wuhan #coronavirus detention space.
88. Chen Qiushi, the citizen journalist who dared report the truth about #coronavirus from Communist China, "disappears" in #Wuhan.…
89. Diary of a girl in #Wuhan as #coronavirus takes her and her family.
90. Nearly 100 people died from the coronavirus on Sunday, many of them in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the epidemic. It was the single deadliest day since the outbreak began.
91. More very bad #Wuhan #coronavirus news:

a.) Patients testing negative on multiple occasions may actually be positive:
b.) Incubation period may be 24 days, and we are only isolating for 14 days:
92. Buildings are reportedly being blocked in #Wuhan for Communist #coronavirus response.
93. Reports of a great din of #coronavirus terror recorded in #Wuhan last night.
94. Communist conversation is recorded as a family is chained inside their home "and barring up their windows so they are unable to leave".
95. The appearance of control: “Patients tested positive for the #coronavirus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed” cases.
96. The rate of the #Wuhan #COVID19 #coronavirus cases, and deaths has increased dramatically since yesterday. WHO has termed it "a grave threat to the world."
97. #Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) 64,447 cases w newly broadened inclusion criteria not limited to PCR confirmation. Exposure and clinical confirmation inclusive of pulmonary lobar infiltration sufficient for case inclusion.…
98. #WuhanPneumonia: China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, on "Face the Nation" DID NOT deny that #coronavirus could've stemmed from the Chinese military's biological warfare program; at Wuhan Virology Institute #corona RNA/protein sequences' are researched.
99. The 3,700 people stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off the coast of Japan, were placed under a mandatory 2-week quarantine, after 10 passengers tested positive for the fast-spreading #coronavirus. Now, 175 people are confirmed to have the virus.
100. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.… #Coronarivus #COVD19 #WuhanPneumonia
101. Then I looked and saw a pale horse. Its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed close behind. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill by sword, by famine, by plague, and by the beasts of the earth.…
102. Senator Tom Cotton, MD: "A global pandemic... Russia has closed its 2600 mile border with China".…
#Coronavirus #COVID19 #Coronaviruschina
#COVID19 #COVID2019 #Wuhan
#China #CoronavirusOutbreak
103. Another 70 on Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Japan have tested positive for #Coronavirus #COVIDー19, bringing the total to 355, including 40 Americans, who are being brought into Japanese hospital(s), the others put on a plane back to US.…
104. Pray Fauci correct in supporting flying people from the infected ship into the US, all breathing same air on 747 home? (103, above) 103 shows Communists control his tongue ("should not be talking", 2:49, cbs clip). Below, people nailed into homes:
105. Evidently Communist China is trying to contain within their country the spread of #Wuhan #coronavavirus #COVID19 from touching inanimate Chinese objects.…
106. 99 new #coronavirus cases aboard quarantined cruise ship in Japan climbing now to 454 cases from people aboard Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama testing positive for #COVID19.
#COVID #WuhanVirus #wuhan #冠状病毒
107. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dir Infectious Diseases NIH said, "Something went awry in the process of the quarantining. "The passengers were thought to be negative & put into the evacuation process. As they were on the bus getting ready to leave, tests came back positive.#coronavirus
108. In other words we are flying 14 infected Americans into the US, doubling the the new #corona #COVID19 cases in America to bring US total from 15 to 29.
109. Originally, no US ship passengers infected with #coronavirus were meant to leave Japan. When US gov announced plans on Saturday, February 15, to evacuate the roughly 400 Americans stuck on the cruise liner, it noted that sick passengers would stay in Japan for treatment.
110: Thrown together: As the over 300 Americans made their way on buses to the airport, US officials only then received the results of testing done 2-to-3 days earlier that determined that 14 of the evacuees mixed in were infected with #Wuhan #coronavirus.…
111. @mjswhitebread, an attorney on ship from Sacramento said, "We think the way they are handling this is not safe.. they want to throw them on buses together, then a plane.." Fauci said he wouldn't be surprised if the number of infected evacuees turned out to be higher than 14.
112. Let us pray that this hare-brained plan is not the end of US. #WuhanPneumonia #coronarvirues #ConfrontingHolocaustDenial #coronausa
113. 73,335 Total Confirmed Coronavirus #COVID19 Global Cases
1,873 Total Deaths from #coronavirus
12,803 Total Recovered…
114. Two #COVIT19 #coronavirus cruise ship passengers on #Diamond_Princess have now died due to the infection amongst now 531 confirmed cases been on ship from one original infected passenger on the ship. Will it seed the globe?
117. President Trump FURIOUS that 14 with #coronavirus were flown into US from Japan after being ASSURED that infected would remain quarantined overseas. But State Dept & "a top U.S. health official" flew them without staff informing the president first.…
118. "Oh No You Don't!" Costa Mesa Officials Address Growing Concerns over Possible Transfer of up to 50 #Coronavirus Patients to Their City!!…
119. #coronavirus continues to take a reported ~100-250 lives per day, approximately equivalent to one reported jet crashing each day.

2,461 reported Dead now
78,766 reported cases
23,125 total recovered.…… #WuhanCoronavius
120. Bannon suggests that 5,000 doctors and nurses may be infected with the #Wuhan #coronavirus
121. New information out of Thailand suggests that #WuhanCoronavirus may be contagious for 24 rather than 14 days, and that #coronavirus-recovered patients can get sick with the #COVID19 infection a second time.…
122. Due to repatriation of the infected #diamondprinces Americans flown into the US against President Trump's stipulations, the number of US #coronavirususa cases has increased from 35 to 53 #coronavirus cases overnight.…
123. Orange County given brief reprieve: US judge delays decision on moving #coronavirus-exposed Americans to Costa Mesa, Calif.…
124. #Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO: Exponential rise in cases breaking out of China (today's numbers incomplete).…
125. South Korea's #coronavirus cases have shot up to 893, 8 total known deaths.…
126. Coronavirus Tests Europe’s Open Borders as Italy Death Toll Rises: 229 known cases for Italy today with 7 reported #coronavirus deaths, with more than 50,000 people in 11 towns under quarantine today as authorities confirm seventh person has died.…
128. 24-year-old Korean Air attendant out of LAX has been diagnosed with #coronavirus. She'd worked flights between LAX and Seoul–Incheon Feb 19 and 20. She'd serviced a flight from Tel Aviv to Seoul on Feb 15 for a South Korean church group now w 30 diagnosed with #COVID19.
129. Who may she have given #coronavirus to now in Los Angeles?… #COVID19
130. One additional #coronavirus case in US today. #coronausa
131. China continues to accrue #coronavirus cases.
132. Another 159 #coronavirus deaths so far today.…
133. The second most, Iran, has had 26 #COVD19 deaths, Italy 17, South Korea 13, Japan 4 #coronavirus deaths.…
135. Thanks to @CatZimmerer asking for side by side comparisons of #flu virus and #coronavirus. Two major dimensions are important to understand, 'contagiousness' and lethality (mortality). #COVID19 is far more contagious, and substantially more lethal than flu on a case basis.
136. Contagiousness is measured by "R0", the basic reproduction number, which can be thought of as the expected number of cases directly generated by one case in a population (supposing all individuals susceptible). β = contacts & infectious period = 1/γ…
137. In ebola the R0 has been calculated at 2. One person on average w ebola would give it to 2 people. Were there no further containment factors, those 2 would pass it to 4, the 4 to 16, 16 to 256, and so forth, a simple X-squared exponential function.
138. So, in a simple model, we can understand different R0's as equivalent to the comparison of different exponential functions. Although the spanish flu of 1918 had an R0 of 2-3, most flu has an R0 of about 1.3.……
139. Initial estimates of the R0 of #COVD19 have varied wildly between 1.4–6.6 (as the NUMBER OF CONTACTS PER CASE of #coronavirus has changed), the number under current average conditions has settled close to an R0 for #Coronavid19 of 2.2-2.7.…
140. 1.3 vs 2.7, may seem trivial, but exponentially, they are drastically different. For a flu with an R0 of 1.3, 22 cycles of sick ppl passing to fully susceptible ppl would result in 2,775 cumulative #flu cases.
For #coronavirus at R0=2.7, 22 cycles would infect whole world.
141. The above (140.) illustrates why DRASTIC #coronavirus containment measures, quarantines, are absolutely critical!
142. The second thing is the lethality, i.e., the death rate, mortality. This year, this #flu season, about 0.05% have died of the flu, whereas, the death rate from #COVID2019 is said to be around 2.3% (?) in mainland China for #coronavirus.…
143. If the whole world had this season's #flu, we should expect 3,765,000 deaths (.05%). If the whole world had this season's #COVID2019, at 2.3% mortality we should expect 173,190,000 deaths, an additional 169,434,000 deaths from #coronavirus. Chances are 97% you survive w it.
Correction: 2 would pass it to 4, the 4 to 8 more, the 8 to 16 additional, and so forth.
144. So in sum, #coronavirus is probably at least twice as transmissible as #flu, and perhaps almost at least five times as fatal as this year's flu.
145. The death rate is highest in those over 50 and those under age 6. The most important transmissibility is, obviously, differences in early severe QUARANTINE provisions vs complacency.…
146. Community spread has now begun on West Coast. "A hs student in WA is the latest US resident to preliminarily test positive for the #coronavirus and is part of a growing group of victims that were diagnosed with #COVID19 due to community spread."…
147. Now it starts: First USA #Coronavid19 death in Seattle. She was in her 50s.… ….
148. President Trump holds new #coronavirus press conference now.
●Travel restrictions placed on Iran
●Travel advisories against going to Italy, South Korea
● Infected entrants will be screened out from departure from bringing back #COVID19

149. Hooray! Dr Fauci announces intent for aggressive DOMESTIC #COVID19 community health measures. Let us pray that mandatory #coronavirus quarantine is done very AGGRESSIVELY and competently!
150. The Seattle woman in her 50s who's died of #coronavirus is said NOT to have contracted #COVID19 overseas. Rather, she contracted it there in her Seattle community, and died.…
151. Seattle officials said there are new #COVID19 King County cases in addition to the 2 new cases confirmed Friday evening, the woman in her 50s who traveled to Daegu, South Korea, & is at home in isolation, & a teen w no travel hx from Mill Creek.…
152. Clarification: The #coronavirus death in Seattle's a man (not woman) in his 50s with "underlying conditions". WaPo uses the clarification to mock the President of the United States and promote division during our collective #COVID19 health emergency.…
153. Pope Francis cancels third day of events amid mysterious respiratory illness.…
154. #CoronaVirusUpdate LifeCare Center in Kirkland, WA employs an aide in her 40s who gave #COVD19 to a resident in her 70s, now in serious condition at EvergreenHealth Hosp. Neither'd traveled outside of the US. More than 50 others there are now ill!!…
155. #CoronaVirusUpdate Approximately 16 nursing students in the community were at Life Care Center of Kirkland late last week where 2 have tested positive for #Coronavirus and more than 50 are now ill.… #COVID2019
156. #CoronaVirusUpdate Now 6 cases of #coronavirus in WA:

Dead man
Snohomish Co man released Jan
Jackson HS student in Mill Creek (Everett)
Worker at LifeCare nursing facility in Kirkland.
A resident at LifeCare facility
A woman who returned from SK…
157. "#COVID19 on the human body is like a combination of SARS and AIDS as it damages both lungs & immune systems...the most important thing now is to protect patients' lungs from irreversible fibrosis..[else] other measures...not much use.."… #Covid19usa
159. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Chinese doctor who had 5 of his patients die in 1 night from #COVID19 says this virus has a higher death rate, mortality, than SARS - "DO NOT NEGLECT THIS DISEASE". Watch:
160. There has been a medium term decrease in new #COVID19 cases, and a short term increase.
161. #coronavirus imho @realDonaldTrump A massive, immediate, sweeping Draconian emergency response is required for Seattle's out-of-control #COVID19 nursing home situation, otherwise, we're all f'ed. @VP
162. Drive-thru #coronavirus testing centers open in South Korea, where 3,526 confirmed #COVID19 cases have been reported.
163. At the drive-thru #coronavirus testing centers in South Korea, entrants are tested without having to leave their cars, and instructed to quarantine themselves at home for 2 days until #COVID19 results arrive.
164. #CoronavirusUpdate How NOT to handle a #COVID19 patient and spread #coronavirus all throughout the city. #ShutDownSeattle 27 of the 108 residents and 25 of the 180 LCC nursing home staff have symptoms, some among them have pneumonia. Firefighters now quarantined. Not good.
165. #CoronavirusUpdate Schools and universities in Italy, which is experiencing Europe’s worst outbreak of the disease, will stay closed for a second consecutive week in three northern regions. The country has reported 1,128 #COVID19 cases and 29 #coronavirus deaths.
165. #CoronaVirusUpdate #COVID19 comes to New York from Iran: A woman in her late 30s contracted #coronavirus after traveling here from Iran. Her infection was confirmed in Albany, New York. Rhode Island has its first case from a patient is in his 40s who brought it from Europe
170. #CoronaVirusUpdate SEATTLE King Co has announced the 2nd US death from #coronavirus,w 4 additional confirmed cases of #COVID19 in King County residents, including the 2nd death. There are now TEN confirmed cases in King County, WA.…
171. #CoronaVirusUpdate Genetic similarities btwn WA's 1st case Jan 20 & a case announced Fri indicate the newer case probly descended from 1st known case in US, indicating already substantial outbreak in WA - not detected b/o narrow def & unsafe stmnts.
172. #CoronaVirusUpdate WA has 12 cases, 2 more diagnosed w #COVID19, both men in their 60s who are in critical condition; also 2 health care workers in CA. 50 more in nursing home are sick and 25 paramedics quarantined.…
173. The #COVID19 pandemic is FIVE TIMES as lethal as this year's flu, and TWICE as contagious. This #Coronavirus's more contagious than Spanish flu 1918 (R0=1.8) w similar mortality rate (2.5%). 1918 was one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.…
174. There is no evidence nutrients would protect you from getting #COVID19, but we know #Coronavid19 kills the weak. So stay strong by eating yellow foods (Carotenoids) and Catechins (green tea, berries, cocoa) and get your vitamin C, A, and D.
175. #CoronaVirusUpdate Coronavirus infections in Italy rose 50% Sunday to 1,694, a 50% jump from just 24 hours earlier. Five more have died from #COVID19, bringing the deaths in Italy to 34. Meanwhile, Pope cancels his Lent attendance due to cough.…
176. #CoronaVirusUpdate We now have the southeastern entry of #COVID19 into the USA as #Coronavirusflorida. Two cases in Tampa area: Hillsboro and Manatee Counties. The Hillsboro man flew in from Italy, bring US cases to 86, 2 of which are now dead.…
177. #CoronaVirusUpdate 9x as many new #COVI19 infections were recorded outside China as inside it over the past 24 hours. Four more people have died of the #coronavirus in WA USA, raising the death toll in the state & the nation to 6, 6%.…
178. #CoronaVirusUpdate Of the 4 new deaths reported Monday, 3 people were from King Co and 1 dead person was from Snohomish Co in his 40's. Overall, 5 deaths are King Co residents and 1 death is a Snohomish Co. Of the 12 other cases reported, 9 are King & 3 are Snohomish #COVID9
179. #CoronaVirusUpdate US #COVID19 cases now at 102 .
Arizona: 1
California: 20
Florida: 2
Illinois: 4
Massachusetts: 1
New York: 1
Oregon: 3
Rhode Island: 2
Washington state: 18, including 6 deaths
Wisconsin :1
New Hampshire: 1
180. #CoronaVirusUpdate: #Coronavirus arrives in Atlanta flown in from Italy: TWO new confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Fulton County in the same household, 1 in from Milan Italy", currently being kept inside home w family.…
181. A #Wuhan doctor, from the same department as whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang, died from #coronavirus on Tuesday.
182. #CoronaVirusUpdate A #COVID19 patient who had previously tested positive, and subsequently tested falsely negative, was released into the San Antonio community by incompetent CDC when a positive #coronavirus test result was still pending says mayor.
183. #CoronaVirusUpdate: New details about the first case of #WuhanPneumonia, #coronavirus, in the United States in a paper published Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine on #COVID19.…
184. 24 million lives on lockdown with #WuhanPneumonia in China.
185. #Florida national guard seen in Tallahassee, #FL on Monday. Showing what appears to be a CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense) response team. #Coronavirusflorida #COVID19 #Coronavirus
186. #CoronaOutbreak 106 US cases, 6 deaths.
187. Iran amid #coronavirus outbreak. Reminiscent of #COVID19 in China.
188. #CoronavirusUpdates President Trump meets with some of the world's best scientists on major progress fighting the very serious #COVID19 pandemic, while @VP is on the Hill securing funding for the battle.
189. #CoronavirusUpdate WA state said the death toll from the #Wuhan #coronavirus jumped to 9 this Tuesday afternoon, as they also announced 7 new cases in the state, bringing total number of WA cases to 21. US now has at least 118 cases = 7.6% dead.…
190. President @realDonaldTrump made a commitment to donate his salary while in office. Honoring that promise & to further protect the American people, he is donating his 2019 Q4 salary to @HHSGov to support efforts being undertaken to combat #Coronavirus.
191. #CoronaVirusUpdates Kirkland WA braces for #WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak conditions. #CoronaVirusSeattle
192. NINTH #coronavirus death reported w 125 US cases now as virus spreads to North Carolina. New Hampshire health officials announced a 2nd presumptive positive case of #COVID19: an adult male from Grafton Co who's ignored a directive to self-isolate.…
193. #CoronaVirusUpdate: The man in North Carolina w #coronavirus traveled the #COVID19 into his state from the infected nursing home in Seattle, Wash.
194. @VP Pence announced new CDC guidelines that all in US can be tested for #coronavirus with a doctor’s order, and that any clinician or health authority can administer the test.

Pence added that about 2,500 CDC-approved #COVID19 kits will be sent out by the end of the week.
195. South Korea announces 516 new #COVID_19 cases.
196. 9:51 p.m. Amazon says one of its employees contracted #coronavirus. Amazon has more than 50,000 employees in the Seattle region.… #COVID19
197. Infection control seems not necessarily common sense, even in 2020.
198. Singapore’s contained the #coronavirus:
● aggressive
● immediate travel restriction
● strict home quarantine
● extensive contact tracing
● loss of residency for false info rpting
● transmission mapping
● mobile web-location rpting to gov…
199. NIH has developed a candidate #coronavirus vaccine in record time, in just under 3 days under President Trump , but will take 1-1.5 years to complete testing says Fauci.
200. Phase I #Covid19 vaccine "trials in 30 healthy volunteers are expected to commence in April 2020 in US, followed by China, & South Korea & in parallel in China. Results due September 2020.….…
201. Vir Biotechnology, a clinical-stage immunology company, announced Feb 12 two monoclonal antibodies that can bind to #COVID19 virus targeting the spike (S) that enters cell thru the ACE2 receptor. The company partnered with WuXi Biologics on February 25th.
202. Clover successfully produced a subunit vaccine in a mammalian cell-culture based expression system Feb 10. The company also identified antigen-specific antibody in the serum of fully recovered patients who were previously infected by the virus.…
203. Regeneron's neutralising antibodies REGN3048 and REGN3051 will be studied against #coronavirus #COVID19 infection in 48 patients. Remdesivir, administered to a US coronavirus patient improved the clinical condition. A total of 30 therapies are planned to be tested.
204. The treatments would not prevent the spread. The vaccines would, but they are too late, at a year or more away.…
204. #CoronaVirusUpdate US #coronavirus cases jump up 27% in one day. US #COVI19 lethality rate presently at 7%.
205. #CoronaVirusUpdate At least 39 US #coronavirus cases in WA, 11 Santa Clara, 10 Westchester County, 7 Los Angeles, 4 Cook County, IL, and 3 #COVID19 in Orange County, CA. All other seeded areas have 1-2 known cases as of last tally (Johns Hopkins).…
206. #CoronaVirusUpdate Officials in New Jersey on Wed announced the state’s first infection, increasing the total to 17 states, a man in his 30s who had been hospitalized in Bergen County, just across the Hudson River from New York City, since Tuesday.…
207. #CoronaVirusUpdate Texas man who'd recently traveled abroad tests positive for coronavirus in Fort Bend County, the 12th #coronavirus case in Tx. The other cases all caught #COVID19 overseas quarantined at Lackland in San Antonio.…
208. #CoronaVirusUpdate More than 120 cruise passengers quarantined at Lackland released after fed judge shot down city's injunction against CDC who had released a person w positive #coronavirus test, finding 18 people who came into contact with her.…
209. #CoronaVirusUpdate A Facebook contractor in Seattle last in the office on Fri, Feb 21 tested positive for #coronavirus. FB, w 5,000 employees in the region, asked its Seattle-based employees to work from home until the end of March.…
210. #CoronaVirusUpdate A school district that serves more than 20,000 students in Seattle area just north of infected Kirkland nursing home will cancel classes & shutter buildings for at least next 2 wks after a volunteer tested positive for #coronavirus.…
211. CA cases shoot up to 54: Now ship #GrandPrincess not allowed to dock as California declares #coronavirus emergency. 21 passengers report #COVID19 symptoms after passenger just died in Placer County, CA from a ship-acquired case of #WuhanPneumonia.…
212. #CoronaVirusUpdate Scientists say they've identified 2 strains of #COVID19. 70% of strains are L type, more aggressive than the remaining 30% of #coronavirus strains, dubbed "S."…
214. The Senate today voted nearly unanimously to approve $8.3 billion in emergency spending for combating the #coronavirus outbreak, sending the measure to the White House for enactment. The vote was 96-1.…
215. 9 more in NY test + for #coronavirus, ballooning to 22 statewide, 8 of 9 connected to Lawrence Garbuz whose wife, son & daughter, friend, his wife, 3 of 4 kids, & neighbor who drove Garbuz to the hosp all +. Cuomo "perturbed about the daily angst”…
216. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Kent, WA neighbors not happy about having the highly infectious #COVID19 cases dumped on them as numbers skyrocket.
217. #CoronavirusUpdate: ‘Recovered’ patient dies as China reports discharged cases falling ill again - 36-y/o man dies of #WuhanPneumonia days after being discharged from hospital; most new infections continue to occur at #COVID19's #Wuhan epicenter.…
218. #WuhanPneumonia is 2x as contagious and 5x as lethal as this year's flu.

This year's flu R0 is 1.3
#COVID19's R0 is 2.7

This year's flu mortality 0.5%
#coronavirus mortality 2.7-3.4%, 5% US so far.
219. The #COVID19 is monstrous truly, and our President is doing a magnificent job with it. The problem is, the political will for the Draconian necessities only comes after it's too late.
220. #Coronavirus: "‘Now is the time to act,’ WHO chief says, 'This is not a drill.' But around the world, govs display paralysis, obfuscation & a desire to protect their own interests, even as death tolls mount & politicians themselves test positive."…
221. #CoronaVirusUpdates: By Friday morning 3/6, California, Maryland & Washington have declared #COVID19 emergencies. Worldwide, there are 98,704 cases identified with a global death rate of 3.4%, in other words, at least 3,383 w #coronavirus are no longer with us.
222. #CoronaVirusUpdate Since yesterday #COVID19 has turned up anew in Harris Co, TX (2 #coronavirus cases), San Francisco Co, CA (2), Bergen Co, NJ (2), Clark Co, NV (1), Fort Bend Co, TX (1), Grant Co, WA (1), Queens Co, NY (1), Santa Rosa Co, FL (1), & Williamson Co, TN (1).
223. #CoronaVirusUpdate: King County, WA #COVID19 cases jump up 65%, Santa Clara, CA 82%, Westchester County, NY 80%, Snohomish County, WA 125%, Los Angeles, CA up 57%, & Cook County, IL 25%. All others had no new cases found. 233 US cases, 12 deaths (5%).

US Cases up 47% in 1d
224. #CoronaVirusUpdate Meanwhile, #Coronavirus Fears Keep #GrandPrincess In Limbo Off Coast; San Bruno Senior Center Closed After Former Passengers Visit. #COVID19 test results pending, 35 symptomatic.…
225. Vatican City on Friday confirmed its first case of #coronavirus infection and closed several offices as a precaution against the disease's spread.…
226. #CoronaVirusChallenge US #COVID19 cases up 45% since yesterday. New York County quadruples from 4 to 16 cases.…
227. #CoronaVirusChallenge Loud Boom: A hotel in south-eastern #China used as a #coronavirus quarantine center has collapsed. People who came from other #COVID19 regions were required to stay there. More than 700 medics and rescuers have been mobilized.…
228. #CoronaVirusChallenge Placer County Health Officer Police-Enforced #COVID19 Quarantine Hits California Neighborhood – Residents Ordered to "Stay Inside!" Due to #Coronavirus.…
229. #CoronavirusUSA Two people in Florida have died of #COVID19 both in their 70s having traveled overseas, one in Santa Rosa County, in Florida’s Panhandle, and the other in Lee County, in the Fort Myers area. US #coronavirus death toll at 19, 16 in WA, and 1 in CA, >25 states.
230. #CoronaVirusUpdate Almost 50 people have died from #coronavirus in less than 24 hours in Iran, w 743 new cases confirmed over the same time period compared w Sat, bringing total number to 6,566 w 194 deaths, including newly elected deceased Parliamentarian Fatemeh Rahbar.
231. Nearly 10% of Iranian lawmakers are infected with #coronavirus, state media reports.…
232. #CoronaVirusGa 7 #COVID19 cases in 5 #Georgia counties: 1 Cobb recently from Italy, isolated at home, 3rd Fulton County resident, now hospitalized, source unclear, 2 others: 1 orig Italy, Polk County resident hosp'ed in Floyd now isolated, 1 Gwinnett + another Fulton presump
233. #CoronaVirusGa 3 additional patients at Redmond Regional Medical Center in Floyd County, Ga (Rome) are being tested for #COVID19. The original Floyd Medical Center case is a 46-year-old woman who’d recently flown in from Washington, D.C.…
234. #CoronaVirus hits Nation's Capital: A man in his 50s has tested positive for #COVID19 in Washington DC. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said Sat that the man exhibited sxs late Feb & was hospitalized Thurs. Another man, from Nigeria, who had passed through DC also positive in Md.
235. #CoronaVirusUSA 537 US #COVID19 cases identified with 21 deaths (3.9%) due to the #coronavirus. Cases in the United States have increased by 58% since yesterday.
236. #Coronavid19 Italy quarantines 16 million people "Sunday, a #coronavirus lockdown, European-style — a test of how the open-borders spirit of this continent might change." -WaPo- "Europe is unable to take its own action because.. rules allow movement across borders w/o cntrl.
237. "Other European countries have insisted that borders remain open. ..Data released by Italy Sun night show active #COVID19 cases jumped more than 1,300 in a single day to 6,387, and #coronavirus deaths jumped by 133 to 366.…
238. #CoronavirusOutbreak 564 US cases, 22 deaths (3.9%). Newly infected areas include Montgomery Co, PA (4 cases), Pierce Co, WA (4 cases), Fairfax Co, VA (2 cases), Rockingham Co, NH (2 cases), & Washington, DC (2 cases). 20 other areas each have one new #COVID19 seed case.
239. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Middlesex County, MA went from 1 case to 7 #COVID19 cases in last 24 hours, topping the list of 24hr increases, w areas ranging from sevenfold down to increases of 9% overnight. 44 areas have more than one case, Westchester & King each w 83. 33 w 1 case.
240. #CoronaVirusUpdates The United States is now the 8th largest repository of #COVID19 #coronavirus cases.…
241. #WuhanVirus is centered in #Hubei where #Wuhan is. Hubei pop is given as 59 million. As of now, 67,707 people in Hubei are reported with the #WuhanCoronavirus. That means it is known to have affected 0.1% of the pop, & killed 0.005% (3,008); u've 5 chances in 100K of dying
242. The head of the Port Authority Rick Cotton who has been visiting local airports has the #coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday, as the state’s infection toll rose by 37, to now 142 #COVID19 patients.…
243. #CoronaVirusUpdate "Let the one with understanding reckon the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666."
244. #CoronaVirusUpdate 2 caterers from Ramapo tested positive for #COVID19 after having served people at 2 gatherings in Monsey: Feb. 28-29 at 150 Remsen Ave., which houses a synagogue, & March 2 at the Atrium Ballroom, & funeral or bat mitzvah Feb 22-23…
245. #CoronavirusOutbreak If things became like Hubei Province in China, you would have 1 in a thousand chances of catching #COVID19, and 5 in 100,000 chances of dying from it. But, please don't spread #coronavirus, even so.
246. #Coronavirusupdates Ga has 2 new cases of #COVID2019 early today, bringing total #coronavirus cases in the state to 15. Of the 15, two got infected in Iran, 12 in Italy or had contact with travelers from Italy, one in contact with Italians in Spain.…
247. NY [D] Gov Cuomo Tues announced schools, places of worship & other gathering spots within a 1-mile zone of New Rochelle will close for 14 days w #COVID19, & National Guard will help deliver food & disinfect common areas inside the #coronavirus zone.…
248. #CoronaVirusUpdate An itinerant teacher who had "a lot of contact with students...5-6 courses per day, ~25 students per course..has tested positive for #COVID19 otherwise known as #coronavirus”. EMT's who helped the teacher after his collapse at school are now quarantined.
#CoronaVirus JUST IN:
All Fulton County Schools in Atlanta will be CLOSED Wednesday due to the #wuhanpneumonia #pandemic
250. #COVID19: A Georgia Waffle House employee has #coronavirus at 1849 Marietta Highway in Canton, Georgia. The location is now temporarily closed.…
251. #CoronaVirusUSA 959 cases 28 deaths (2.9%).
252. In Germany, the #COVID19 death rate is 0.13%, 2 deaths in 1565 cases.
In Italy, the same #coronavirus19 death rate is 6.23%, 631 deaths in 10149 cases.…
253. #CoronaVirusGeorgia reaches 22 cases in Georgia
Fulton: 3
Floyd: 1
Polk : 1
Cobb: 1

Presumptive Positive #COVID19 Cases (Total: 16)

Fulton: 3
Cobb: 6
Fayette: 1
DeKalb : 2
Gwinnett: 2
Cherokee : 1
Charlton: 1…
256. #CoronaVirusUpdate India cancels visas for travelers from Germany, France, & Spain. Merkel: "#Coronavirus will infect up to 70 percent of Germans".…
257. #CoronaVirusUpdate Things improving alot in Xi'an China where reportedly there have been no new #COVID19 cases in 2 weeks now, and #coronavirus restrictions starting to lift.
258. The #FlattenTheCurve graphic is gives strategy for each to do their part in riding out the #Covid_19 #COVID2019 #COVID19 #coronavirus.
259. When humidity levels were raised to 43%, just 14% of the flu virus particles had the ability to infect. Most of the flu particles became inactive 15 minutes after they were released into the humid air according to a 2013 study. True for #COVID19?…
260. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were tested positive for the #Coronavirus.
261. #CoronaVirusUpdate
1321 America cases, 38 deaths (2.9%),
2078 German cases, 3 deaths (0.1%).
49 Newly infected US counties,
6 Newly infected US states, No #COVID19 reported yet in Alaska, Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Va, or Wyoming, no #coronavirus.
262. #CoronavirusPandemic March 11 marks the date when President Trump announces suspension of #coronavirus air travel between the United States and Europe effective March 14, to mitigate #COVID19 transmission from across the Atlantic Ocean.
North Dakota since last data dump:…
263. 3 TSA Officers Going through Your Belongings Test Positive For #Coronavirus at Mineta San Jose Int’l Airport.…
264. Governor Kemp states, “Georgia has now had its first death" from #COVID19 a 67 y/o man w medical issues hospitalized at WellStar Kennestone in Cobb Co on Mar 7 for #coronavirus. Kemp calls action for daycares and schools across #Georgia to consider closing starting tomorrow.
265. Georgia has increased from 23 to 31 #COVID19 cases in last day including 3 in Bartow Co possibly associated with #coronavirus through a local church.
266. People saying #COVD19 test kits should've been readied in 2019. There was no RNA sequence in 2019. WHO only got report of #COVID19 illness 12/31/19 & no sequence was avail b4 Jan 12, only 1 day prior to #coronavirus illness even leaving China.
267. Good info on how to protect yourself, common sense type stuff, but some new. Even if not proven, none of these preventative measures will *harm* you. #CoronavirusPandemic #COVD19 #CoronaVirusUpdate #CancelEverything #CoronaOutbreak
268. Three weeks ago, on Feb 20, Italy had 3 cases of #coronavirus. Now it has 15,113 #COVID19 cases, with 1,016 deaths, a death rate of 6.7%.
269. In Iran, the #coronavirus burial pits are so vast they’re visible from space. Among the #COVID19 dead are members of parliament, a former diplomat, a sr adviser to the Supreme Leader; at least 24 other officials, & a VP have been infected. Qom:…
270. US at 1,701 #coronavirus cases and 40 #COVID19 deaths (2.4%), with New York showing a case increase of 49% over last 24 hrs.
271. #COVID19 #coronavirus

The #WuHanPneumonia has killed 40 in the US far

The Hong Kong Flu killed 34,000 in the US in 1968-69

The Asian Flu killed 70,000 in the US in 1957-58

272. #COVID19 #coronavirus
Germany with 3,059 cases has had 6 deaths (0.2%).

In France with 2,882 cases there're 61 deaths (2.1%).

Theories abound to explain Germany's low mortality rate, but reason not known.
273. The # of #coronavirus cases presumed #COVID19 & positive in #Georgia went up to 42 since last night.

Bartow (4)
Charlton (1)
Cherokee (2)
Cobb (8)
Coweta (1)
DeKalb (5)
Fayette (5)
Floyd (1)
Fulton (8)
Gordon (2)
Gwinnett (2)
Lee (1)
Lowndes (1)
Polk (1)
274: Bad #coronavirusnews: You can remain a #COVID19 carrier, testing positive for #coronavirus, for at least 37 DAYS after first spiking a fever with it.……
275. #CoronaVirusUpdates 2,174 US #COVID19 cases, 47 US #coronavirus deaths. Washington (568 cases), New York (421), California (282), and Massachusetts (123) top the list.
276. #CoronaVirusUpdates GA — Gov Kemp declares #coronavirus emergency as #ChinaVirus leaps 57% today.
Cobb 15 cases
Fulton 13
DeKalb 8
Bartow 7
Cherokee 5
Fayette 4
Floyd 3
Coweta 2
Gordon 2
Gwinnett 2
Lee 1
Henry 1
Loundes 1
Polk 1
Charlton 1…
277. #CoronavirusPandemic "Just Take it Nice and Easy. Just Relax," President Trump instructs "reporter" @KellyO acting like rabid hyena in today's #WuhanPneumonia briefing. #COVID19 #coronavirus defense…
278. #ChinaVirus Outbreak: Border Security Apprehend 1,657 Chinese Nationals Invading Southern Border since October. #COVID19 #WuhanPneumonia
279. #CoronaPandemic 10 pages of "influenza obituaries" in Italy, now at 21,157 cases 1,441 deaths (6.8% fatal).
281. #COVIDー19 “Quest Diagnostics is ramping up scale to combat #COVID19. We expect to be able to perform 10,000 tests a day by the end of next week and 20,000 tests a day by the end of the month” for the #ChinaVirus.
282. #CoronaVirusUpdate President Donald Trump has tested negative for the new China #coronavirus #COVID19.… #TrumpPressConference
283. #CoronavirusUpdate: #Wuhan soccer team leaving Spain to escape #WuhanPneumonia: The Chinese soccer team that was originally stuck in Spain because of the #coronavirus outbreak is going back home to try to avoid rapid #COVID19 spread in Europe.…
284. Escalating Quickly: Ravinder Bhalla, Democrat mayor of Hoboken New Jersey Announces City-Wide Enforced #Coronavirus Curfew – All Citizens Must Stay in Their Homes 10pm to 5am.…
285. #CoronaVirusUpdate 3,244 US cases, 62 #COVID19 deaths (1.9%). Washington, New York, California, & Colorado top the #coronavirus list.
286. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Georgia now has 99 #ChinaVirus cases with one death.
Bartow 9
Charlton 1
Cherokee 6
Clarke 2
Clayton 2
Cobb 19
Coweta 2
DeKalb 10
Dougherty 6
Fayette 5
Floyd 4
Fulton 20
Gordon 2
Gwinnett 4
Henry 1
Lee 2
Lowndes 2
Newton 1
Polk 1…
288. #Coronavirus: #Wuhan doctors celebrate closure of last temporary hospital after dramatic fall in #WuhanPneumonia cases in China.…
289. #CoronaVirusUpdate Conflicting reports out of #Wuhan contradict the official Chinese Communist version of the #ChinaVirus #WuhanPneumonia #COVID19 #coronavirus
291. #CoronaVirusUpdate for Mar 15:

3,499 US cases, 63 deaths ( 1.8%).

New York 729
Washington 642
California 406
Florida 115
Colorado 101
Georgia 99
Louisiana 91
New Jersey 74
Illinois 66
Texas 63
Pennsylvania 47
Va 45
Minnesota 35
#coronavirus #COVID19
283. Around 200 North Korean soldiers've died of #coronavirus #COVID19.
& ~3,700 soldiers are quarantined. Military corpses must be “thoroughly disinfected,” contrasting w NK gov order that all hospitals cremate all corpses.

“There’s just too many bodies"…
284. 121 #COVID19 cases in #Georgia, 1 death (0.83%).
Most #coronavirus under age 60.
286. #CoronaVirusUpdate Iranian officials've been blunt over regime’s failure in not quarantining the city of Qom where #CoronaOutbreak began.... This disease is not a joke.. quarantine for 15 days? If we did so on the 1st day, it would not have spread,”…
287. NEW: "Most important thing is if 1 in household became infected, whole household self-quarantined for 14d; it stops transmission 100% outside of the household..We're asking that sense of community come together & stand against #coronavirus..& we'll see dramatic difference!
288. ALSO NEW: "It's nobody's fault...unless you go to the original source.."

289. #CoronavirusUSA: 4,661 #ChinaVirus cases, 85 #coronavirus deaths (1.8%). NY, WA, CA, MA, NJ, CO, FL, LA, GA, IL, TX, PA, MN, MI, TN, and OH top the #COVID19 case list for this #WuhanPneumonia invading US.

"It's nobody's fault...unless you go to the original source.."
290. #CoronaVirusUpdates: The Radiological Society of North America has released a 3D image showing the pulmonary topography of the #coronavirus causing the #WuhanPneumonia in a #COVID19 #ChinaVirus sufferer.
291. #CoronaVirusUpdate Britons who refuse to self-isolate for #coronavirus face a £1,000 fine and time in prison if they don’t pay the #COVID19 penalty.…
293. #CoronaVirusUpdates 90% of the #COVID transmission in Seattle is from a single seeding in late Jan from China. The NY spread is from Iran and San Diego seed from Europe."
294. #CoronaVirusUpdate 146 GA cases 1 death (.7%)
295. The North and South Terminal checkpoints of the Atlanta Airport are closed. Passengers are being directed to the Main checkpoint until further notice.
#staywellATL #coronavirusupdate
296. Because "people feel their rights are being infringed, they want to exercise their Second Amendment right before any possible #coronavirus gun restrictions are put in place,”…
297. New York with 1700 #coronavirus cases and 12 deaths (0.7%) has NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warning residents on a “shelter in place”; he would not elaborate. Asked to explain, Mr. de Blasio said, “I don’t want to be the guy to define”.…
298. #CoronaVirusUSA #CoronaVirusUpdates New York (1706) now explosively surpasses WA (1076) in number of #CoronavirusOutbreak cases. There is now a total of 6,362 US #ChinaVirus cases, and 108 #COVID19 deaths (1.7%). #ChinaPneumonia now infects more outside of #China than China
299. Does [D] party alliance with Chinese Communists have the common goal of rebranding the #WuhanVirus as a #TrumpVirus while ChiComs continue to obscure precisely who is #PatientZero, at same time as expelling our journalists?…
300. Nearly 20 New York #ChinaVirus cases seeded around US have been linked to a psychotherapy conference in Manhattan. 19 attendees tested #COVID19 positive for #coronavirus from CA, Idaho, MA, Nebraska, TX, WA, DC, Britain, Canada, Iceland & Singapore.…
301. Hubei, the #WuhanCoronavirus epicenter, has 59 million people, and 67,800 cases of the #ChinaVirus. That means it infected 0.1% of the population! By contrast many of US rebel against doing their part, saying it doesn't matter, it will infect 50-100% of US = millions dead!
302. "I hope you’re seeing what’s happening. I don’t think for a moment that #FakeNewsCNN anchorbots are having a change of heart. No, this comes from the highest level. There’s something very drastic that is brewing for. Big. This is the correction."
303. California has >100,000 homeless who sleep on the streets. >900 hotels suitable for housing the homeless have been identified & are in the process of negotiating to convert some into temp quarters.…
304. #CoronaVirusUpdate Italy now has 31,506 #ChinaVirus cases with an 8% death rate of 2,503 Italians deceased from the #COVID19 #WuhanPneumonia. The Wuhan #coronavirus #patientzero remains obfuscated.
306. #CoronaVirusUpdate 197 Georgians diagnosed with the #COVID19 #ChinaVirus, 1 #coronavirus death (0.5%) to date amongst the 28 infected Georgia counties. All public K-12 schools, & colleges in Georgia are closed through end of March.
307. Our unstumpable President explains to a connumbded "reporter" The Chinese Virus: 💯
#chinesevirus #coronavirus #covid19 #epic #neologisms
308. Phoebe Hosp in Albany, Ga reports today 2 sw GA patients died of #coronavirus. The hospital also reports that of 14 results received this morning, 13 were positive, & >400 samples pending, including from dozens of seriously hospitalized patients.…
309. Misinformation abounds: Without any proven scientific evidence linking ibuprofen to the aggravation of #COVID19, the WHO's French Health Minister Veran & spox Christian Lindmeier rec'ed using rather tylenol than ibuprofen as a self-medication.…
310. The half-cocked warning's derived of Lancet theory containing ZERO ibuprofen data, but w high #COVID19 mortality data in diabetic/hypertensives. They often get ACE inhibitors or ARBs - so, it's thought those'd⬆︎ the #coronavirus ACE target in them.…
311. #CoronaVirusUpdate A Hydroxychloroquine study of Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus was touted on Tucker as 100% effective. It was, at best, 57% effective, if that, but the study was too problematic to know, There may a signal there given in vitro results.…
312. #coronavirusrussia Russia seems, by the numbers, to be doing quite well, in comparison, with its #CoronaVirusChallenge. #BDA
313. #CoronaVirusUSA 9,345 US cases, 150 deaths (1.6%), from the Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus hitting US so far.

New York tops the list, by far.
314. #CoronaVirusUpdate One theory behind Hydroxychloroquine treatment posits its action through the drug's Zn++ iontophore agonism increasing intracellular Zinc levels to inhibit RNA-dependent RNA polymerase needed for viral replication.
315. A much deeper discussion of the ACE inhibitor vs ARB antihypertensive therapy in the #COVID19 patient, mentioned above (310.), is given here:
316. At the start of March, there were 70 US cases most all tied to overseas travel. Since then, new cases've poured in by the thousands, including more than 2,500 over last day, spreading where it had not been id'ed.…
317. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Atlanta mayor orders all bars, gymnasiums, and restaurants closed (except for take-out) due to the Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic.…
318. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Like hydoxychloroquine, Remdesivir can also inhibit RNA-dependent RNA polymerase as a study Rx for #coronavirus. The 2 should not be taken together ordinarily because of combined cardiac electrical conduction delay (QT interval).
319. #CoronaVirusUpdate Georgia cases are up by half, with 287 #ChineseVirus #COVID19 cases now confirmed in the state. Deaths from #coronavirus have tripled, now at 10 (3.5%).
320. In the last 17 hours New York has had an additional 5 #ChinaVirus deaths, and an additional 1,663 cases, now at 4,158 state-wide, 11,274 nationwide, and 236,420 worldwide cases with 9,790 deaths worldwide, 3,405 in Italy.…
321. #CoronaVirusUpdate “There are ppl who think they are modern-day heroes by breaking rules while they are in fact idiots,” the Minister told a French radio station. Italy, w 902 deaths in 2 days, has cemeteries so overwhelmed, army called into cremate.…
322. The #coronavirus blues:…
323. Meanwhile, even more signs portend the social repercussions of distancing:
324. #CoronaVirusUpdate 14,250 in US confirmed with the #ChinaVirus, and 205 American citizens've died of it (1.4%). New York tops the list for the Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus cases having added today 2,870 cases, doubling to 5,365 cases, & 38 in NY dead from the #Chinesevirus.
326. #CoronaVirusUpdate Fielder, 34, tested positive for Chinese #coronavirus after being exposed to #COVID19 during a visit to her doctor’s office at WellStar Kennestone Hospital last week. #StaySafeStayHome…
327. #StayAtHome: Both fell ill with the #COVID19 #ChinaVirus, shortly after attending the #coronavirus-infected church in Bartow.…
328. Elizabeth Eugenia Wells was a member of the choir at the Church at Liberty Square. She has died from respiratory failure and complications from the disease caused by the Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus.…
329. #STAYHOME "as residents of New York and Boston pour in. Locals aren’t thrilled as they watch items selling out at the small market and fear that out-of-staters could be bringing the #Chinavirus with them.…
331. #CoronaVirusUpdate 420 #COVID19 #ChineseVirus cases in Georgia, 13 deaths (3.1%). #coronavirus
332. #CoronaVirusUpdate US Department of Homeland Security agents are getting sick from #TheChineseVirus trying to keep our borders safe.……
333. No more #IllegalAliens: "a serious danger to our front-line agents...medical strain.. and taking resources away from American citizens, tonight ..returning individuals without documentation immediately..w/o delay; as DHS's a # of front-line officers positive & quarantined"
334. #CoronaVirusUpdate: US now has 19,352 #ChinaVirus cases, 250 deaths (1.3%). New York alone has 8,310 cases, with 42 dead of #TheChineseVirus.
335. In NY, Cuomo moved Fri to sharply limit outdoor activity across the state, ordering nonessential businesses to keep all workers home. His wide-ranging EO takes effect on Sun at 8 pm as the number of known #ChinaVirus cases soars in across NY.…
336. #CoronaVirusUpdate Japan drug favipiravir effective against #TheChineseVirus, tho not so much after #ChinaVirus has already multiplied in more severe cases w #WuhanPneumonia.… #COVID19…
337. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Proinflammatory cytokine interleukin 6 receptor inhibitor may be effective in preventing the potentially fatal overreaction of the body’s immune system to #ChinaVirus a key hallmark of disease worsening known as cytokine storm.…
338. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Italy has 47,021 cases with 4,032 deaths (8.6%) as of this morning.…
339. #CoronaVirusUpdate: Pic emerges given as Parking Garage at Vanderbilt University Hospital #ChinaVirus prepping.
340. #ChinaVirusUpdate: Georgia #ChineseWuhanVirus positives now at 507 cases, with 14 (2.8%) dead from #WuhanPneumonia. Ga Senator Kirkpatrick's pos for #COVID19 & Senator Nikema Williams is sick and awaiting #coronavirus test results.
341 Dougherty Co leaders placed their Southwest Ga community of 90,000 on lockdown Fri night after 2 more #ChinaVirus deaths. Cases are linked to 2 large funerals, & 2, possibly 3, churches, as doctors brace for conditions to worsen.…
342. #CoronaVirusUpdate: 25,493 #ChinaVirus US cases, & 307 US deaths (1.2%), occurring from the Chinese #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic. New York tops list with 11,710 #coronavirus cases up 41% since yesterday, and 60 deaths so far, up 43% since yesterday.
343. Fifth Avenue at 4:30PM on Saturday looks abandoned.
345. #CoronaVirusUpdate

#Wuhan's Province, #Hubei, cases:
3/18/20: 67,800 cases
3/19/20: 67,800 cases
3/20/20: 67,800 cases
3/21/20: 67,800 cases

"Wuhan has stopped testing." => How to "flatten the curve".

346. #CoronaVirusUpdate Georgia now has 600 cases, 23 deaths (4%). 31% over age 60.…
357. A mother of 6 from Washington state, age 42, has died after battling the Chinese #COVID19 #coronavirus - lost to the #WuhanPneumonia.…
358. Today in #Wuhan
360. #CoronaVirusUSA: #TheChineseVirus has infected 33,276 Americans & caused 417 deaths (1.3%). Having conducted over quarter million tests, US is now 3rd amongst countries in numbers of identified infections, yesterday 6th in number of deaths. New York 15,793 cases, deaths 117.
361. Socialist death panels in northern Italy order not to allow #TheChineseVirus Italians over age 60 access to life-saving respiratory machines.…
362. As of Monday morning, at least 35,224 people across every state, plus Washington, D.C., and three U.S. territories, have tested positive for #TheChineseVirus, and at least 471 patients with the #COVID19 #coronavirus have died.…
363. In <3 weeks, #TheChineseVirus has overloaded health care all over northern Italy. Doctors are forced to not treat older patients, leaving them to die. In another town, patients with #WuhanPneumonia are sent home, yesterday 793 died, now 5,476 dead.…
364. #CoronaVirus Georgia 772 cases, 25 deaths (3.24%). A 30 year old Fulton county jail inmate has tested positive for #TheChineseVirus.……
365. #CoronavirusPandemic: New CDC data show that nearly 40% of patients sick enough to be hospitalized with #TheChineseVirus are age 20 to 54, and 48% admitted to an ICU are less than 65 years old.……… #COVID19
366. A letter was published in last wk's Nature Medicine stating that sequencing analyses of this #SARS_COV_2 virus "clearly show that it is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus."… But....
367. 610 US cumulative deaths from the #CCPVirus tonight.
368. Now 21,000,000 fewer cellphones in China? #COVID19
369. Chinese #CoronavirusPandemic Georgia: 1247 cases, 394 hospitalized (32%), 40 deaths (3.2%). Atlanta council member asks if Atlanta's airport can be closed.…
370. "Think how this power could be used against, literally, anybody. All the crudest weapons of despotism, curfew, presumption of guilt & power of arbitrary arrest in
UK.. They say this is temporary. They always do." #COVID19…
371. Of 473 hospitalized #COVID19 patients in Georgia, 10% (48) have died. Hospitalized cases represent 31% of the 1525 identified.…
372. #CoronaVirusUpdate Newt Gingrich "trapped with wife"…
373. Commensurate with widespread testing, the US now tops the list for the most identified #COVID19 cases, 82,404, since China has broadly stopped testing. The US mortality rate has now gone far down to 1.4% (Mortality China 4%, Italy 10.2%, Spain 7.4%)…
374. #TheChineseVirus is now found in 2 of every 1,000 New Yorkers, killing 2 of every 100,000 New Yorkers as refrigerated truck/tent morgues are set up outside the hospitals.
375. U.S. Approves Abbott Labs Five-Minute ‘Rapid’ Chinese #Coronavirus Test.

The ID NOW #COVID19 tests will be available next week with the ability to deliver 50,000 tests per day.…
376. Abbott Labs' #coronavirus test is said to be able to tell whether someone is infected in as little as 5 minutes, and is so small and portable it can be used in almost any health-care setting.
377. @AbbottNews Emergency use authorization from the FDA now allows Abbott Labs to send these portable testers to hospitals and labs. Test results in minutes may provide 50,000 #WuhanVirus tests to US per day.
378. New Orleans Leads Nation in #ChinaVirus Deaths Per Capita.
379. #TheChineseVirus: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Stockpile of Thousands of Unused Ventilators…
380. 776 Deaths in New York as Rhode Island and Florida check for New Yorkers fleeing #TheChineseVirus. Most West Coast cases were from that 1st id'ed in WA, On East Coast, from China to Europe and then to New York and other states.……
381. "Thankfully as a nation we reevaluate our priorities: faith, family, community and freedom…Journalists are less important than janitors. The true heroes are not celebrities, but rather healthcare workers, farmers, truck drivers, & market clerks" & LE…
393. #WuhanVirus treatment: FDA undercuts [D]'s attempts, & instead issued emergency use auth for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, already approved decades ago for malaria, now allowing for them into Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed!…
394. "God'd been taken out of our schools & lives; a nation'd turned its back on God. Use this time at home to get back in the Word, & spend time with our families..With all the great people in this country praying daily, we will get thru this stronger & safer than ever!" #Wuhan
395. Hundreds of Chinese #COVID19 diagnoses confirmed at correctional facilities — almost certainly an undercount, given a lack of testing and the #Chinavirus’s rapid spread —several staff members at shelters for migrant children had been diagnosed with #TheChineseVirus.
396. "This could be a hell of a bad 2 weeks. This is going to be a very bad 2 and maybe even 3 weeks. This is going 3 weeks like we haven't seen before." #ChinaVirus
397. "#Fredo": "<gasp>..Push people in power to make sure you have what you need..I'm just sorry you're in the position..<gasp>"

South Ga nurse: "I'm not..I was led here..this is what God wants me to do.."

"#Fredo": "I knew you were going to say that <gasp>.."

398. In Atlanta, all Fulton County residents are ordered to #StayAtHome or face jail/fines to curb the Chinese #COVID19 #WuhanPneumonia.
399. In LA, a man whose wife today said, "Eddie is not hurt physically but isn’t with us at this time", attempted to ram a "loco"-motive into our hospital ship, Mercy, believing "it had an 'alternate purpose' related to #COVID19 or a government takeover".
400. #Fredo tells US "What good is prayer?"
Compared to #TheChineseVirus? We know.
401. China's #Wuhan Seafood market false cover's exposed: The #COVID19 virus was being manipulated in the #WuhanCoronaVirus laboratory epicenter. But why are the [D]'s inve$ted in "debunking" it?
Media Matter$:…
Journal Publication:…
402. The Pentagon said Wed it'd send 540 additional troops to the Southwest border to counter the flow of migrants infected with #TheChinesevirus.

Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson of N Comm told reporters Wed that the deployment would be happening “very soon.”…
403. Shi Zhengli, a #Wuhan #coronavirus specialist described how they had isolated a coronavirus found in bats & made it infectious to humans by manipulating a key protein.…
404. #Fredo spiked a febrile hallucinosis last night and broke a tooth under its rigor. One can hear his inspiratory stridor. Are you taking President Trump's #ChinaVirus cure, hydroxychloroquine, Chris? Your color is good..
405. #Fredo's still sick with #TheChineseVirus. Evidently, he's not getting hydroxychloroquine. I think his brother's prohibited most New Yorkers from getting it in time? #cuomobrothers
406. Most of the #ChinaVirus shedding occurs early on when symptoms are mild. But, shedding of viral RNA in sputum outlasts the end of symptoms. Seroconversion (detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibody immunity) is NOT followed by a rapid decline in viral load!…
407. 1,562 #COVID19 deaths in NYC now, after 250 more died over night last night, now about half as many NYC deaths as occurred on 9/11, so far; 6,058 US deaths altogether.
408. Chinese #Coronavirus
#Fredo's still sick.
#Fredo's still not taking hydroxychloroquine.
#Fredo's still not very "smaht too, you know".

409. 305 died overnight from #TheChineseVirus in NYC last night, now at 1,867 Chinese #COVID19 deaths. NY State #ChinaVirus deaths have doubled in 3 days to at least 3,116 in the state now dead, 605 overnight from #WuhanPneumonia.……
410. Meanwhile [D]s stand outside their hosp workplace, using their PPE on sidewalk close to each other, bare-handedly sharing each other's signs while posing, as over 1200 NYC first responders now test positive for #TheChineseVirus, w NYC funeral homes and morgues overwhelmed.
411. Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug with 25 years experience "shown to be well tolerated" that is said to now show significant in vitro activity against #ChinaVirus SARS-CoV-2.…
412. Three of the first 4 #WuhanCoronaVirus cases, starting Dec 1, 2019, had no exposure to Hunan Seafood Market. Although extremely popular, the data do not support the market being the source of the infection.…
413. Over the last night 1,320 Americans lost their lives to the #ChinaVirus as the US death toll rises to 8,407 dead amongst 308,850 known #COVID cases (3% fatal).…
414. New York state deaths now top the 9/11 death toll at 3,565 gone from #TheChineseVirus, 2,624 in NYC alone.
415. The Prime Minister of Great Britain is now hospitalized with #TheChineseVirus, #COVID19.…
416. But is there any better spectator sport than watching our President play #FakeNews whack-a-mole?
417. Lord Bath, Viscount Weymouth, has died at age 87 after testing positive for the Chinese #coronavirus, as many of his 70 women, which he referred to as his 'wifelets', given homes to live in within the grounds of his sprawling Wiltshire estate, mourn.…
418. US online alcohol sales jump 243% during the Chinese #coronavirus pandemic.…
419. Tiger in the Bronx Zoo in New York City tests positive for the Chinese #coronavirus. Officials say 6 other tigers and lions are sick and suspect they were infected by a zoo employee. The first animal started showing signs of illness March 27.…
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