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🔥 Kick Ass Thread about China, the Social Credit System, Discourse Power, NBA, Hollywood, Culture, Human Rights, "the virus" and South Park. You’ll know so much, it'll make you high. Let’s begin...
Chapter 1: The Social Credit System

The Chinese govt has developed a Social Credit System (shehui xinyong tixi)...
It is the instrumentalization of humans using data'fication to set behavioral standards according to policy priorities.
SCS rewards/punishes as feedback to citizens, based not just on lawfulness, but also morality of their actions, covering economic, social and political conduct.
The SCS supports the CCP’s everyday economic development and social management processes and ideally contributes to problem solving...it means that the threats that this new system creates are masked through ambiguity” - Dr Samantha Hoffman
“...sincerity culture, and promoting honesty and traditional virtues, it uses encouragement for trustworthiness and constraints against untrustworthiness as incentive mechanisms, and its objective is raising the sincerity consciousness and credit levels"
We have to deconstruct what this means. China is a different People Operating System.
“Credit” (xinyong) does not have an English equivalent. The Mandarin word is not only notion of financial ability to service debt but also characteristics for sincerity, honesty, and integrity.
"Virtue" in Western usage means standing out by distinguishing oneself.

"Virtue" in the SCS, is subjecting ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actions to upfront categorizations based on what can be expected and measured.
In doing so, SCS promotes conformity.
In SCS speak, virtue is NOT distinguishing oneself.
One way this expresses itself is any notion of feminist emancipation in China as such a system must reproduce the dominant/historically & culturally "true" forms of valuing the women's societal role rather than promoting change.
"Trustworthiness" substitutes autonomous norms for state standards of assessment. It is not a specific quality of financial credibility (xinyong), promise-keeping ability (shouxin) or integrity (chengxin) that is voluntarily evaluated by the relevant industry/communities
SCS links heterogeneous activities such as jaywalking to having access to train tickets. ‘Who someone is’ is an entity that persists through time rather than in an instance. For example in the U.S an Uber score does not affect your ability to eat at a good restaurant.
In the West “surveillance capitalism” is a thing of Google, Facebook and Amazon that use fragmented modeling to examine “individuals”.
Each system focusing on particulars of consumer, debtor, student, etc.,
An individual is distinguished.s
Facebook’s knowledge of its users is its goldmine; Google’s tracks users as they interact with websites. This is Capitalism, each has its profit motive to preserve its data and an inherent protection against the severity of machine learning algos.
Americans disagree about what good citizenship is. Some ideological expressions focus on rights, others emphasize a shared history.
Any "Good American" algorithm would be stuck dealing with this pluralism, computing a minimalistic and toothless version of "good citizenship" algo
To complexify it further, if you've calculated what "good citizenship" is, you must then establish what citizens should be required to do, believe, or express following such conception.
SCS is constructed upon the tyranny of the past, algorithms are used to assign risks based on past behaviors, locking people into patterned categories.

And the tyranny of the similar, Algos calc'd on data about other individuals who are deemed similar in some statistical way
SCS is keyed to machine learning, its volume, completeness, and variety, data channeled learns on a different data diet then that in Western systems.

The Chinese political structure offers avenues for combining datasets that western countries do not.
It aggregates to provide a set of prescriptive algorithms for “good citizenship” that is backed by state coercion.

Implementation: In 2016, CCP bodies, govt depts and judicial institutions enacted a Joint Punishment System. The blacklisted are barred from…
...senior positions in State Owned Enterprises, financial sector, social orgs, civil service, purchasing RE. And barred from conspicuous consumption, traveling, hotels, luxury restaurants, resorts, nightclubs, etc. Restricted from work in many industries such as food, drugs, etc
SCS also draws upon other market mechanisms and self-regulatory regimes in various sectors that are encouraged to institute further punishments. For example:
Individuals placing calls are notified that “the person you are calling is on the central credit blacklist”
This is not Confucianism, which prioritizes moral education. Rather, the rival Legalism, a philosophy that the ruler should wield punishments should be harsh and numerous due to humans wicked nature and to deter audacious and calculating men from committing less serious offenses
As of Jan ‘18, every entity with a biz licence in China is required to have an 18-digit unified social credit code (tongyi shehui xinyong daima)

An example of that in action:...
The Japanese retailer Muji’s was fined 200,000 yuan over packaging that listed Taiwan as a country, violating laws which sanctions any activity ‘damaging the dignity or interests of the state or divulging any state secret’.
In April 2018, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration accused United Airlines, et al of ‘serious dishonesty’ for violating Chinese LAWs in how they listed Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau on their websites.
And it’s not just companies, it’s the worlds elites. China has a lot of pee tapes

Mike Bloomberg likes Xi, says he’s no dictator
“…shockwaves through many companies operating in China, where many feel they have no option but to comply with demands for bribes to get access to a key growth market” bit.ly/3aNFdt7
What deal are these people cutting. Who’s citizenry, laws, culture and money do they report to?
Can Americans find out if our companies have made concessions or changed their behavior as a result of CCP demands?

End of Chapter 1

🚨But wait, there's more. A doggie romcom
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