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1/So there was lots of talk at @AACNursing #AACNdoc20 re: #Nursing #PhD pipeline, getting folx esp prelicensure students ‘excited’ about #nursingscience & the #BStoPhD

I totally revamped our #nursingresearch & #innovation course @UMassAmherst last fall to do just that

Thread ⬇️
2/ I told the Asst Dean when I took it on that regardless of the learning objectives for the course I had only 1 GOAL:

That by the end of the semester, these students would be EXCITED!-or at very least, just a little bit CURIOUS-about a career in #nursingscience & #innovation
3/ A note about context: This was a course of ~85 Accel BS students, taught in an urban campus that is geographically ~40mins drive from main @UMassAmherst campus, in the . The classroom assigned had no windows. Class ran 8am-1030am Weds, before more courses. I say this b/c....
4/ Because the classroom location & context defined what I could do. *Usually* I like to take students on ‘field trips’ around the UMass campus, whether that’s to the tech institute or botanical gardens, & bring in guest faculty to share their work. But this time: not possible.
5/ So I worried, “What could I do in 2.5hrs/wk in a windowless classroom separated from the main academic campus(& therefore the primary #science, #arts & #innovation spaces, and ‘experts’)to get folx excited about #nursingresearch, #entrepreneurship & #innovation?”

Turns out...
6/There was a lot we could do to make #nursingresearch [#innovation & #entrepreneurship - I tagged those onto the course description] exciting for our prelicensure students, starting with the SYLLABUS

#AACNdoc20 @AACNursing
7/ I’m gonna share portions of the transformed syllabus in this thread, then link to an version you can use.

But 1st, I’ve got to take a break for a moment to spend quality time w/ family so stay tuned for the rest of this thread later today...I’ll BRB!

#AACNdoc20 @AACNursing
@AACNursing 8/ Here's how the syllabus started.

(I'll send out another Tweet when this thread is finished - it might take awhile).

#VisualSyllabi aren't always #accessible - so I want to note I can make an all-text version avail. It says: Header of syllabus -see text in next Tweet
@AACNursing At the top of this undergraduate/ACCEL #BSN syllabus it states: "This course prepares "#visionary thinkers,
#innovators, #entrepreneurs, #scientists, and
critical consumers of #nursing research"

@AACNursing #AACNdoc20
@AACNursing 10/ What is the purpose of this course?

(You'll note a reference to '#badassery' in #nursing scholarship - more on that in a moment)

#AACNdoc20 Research and innovation are essential for professional nursing practice, the expansion of<br />
knowledge to drive the discipline, and to address critical challenges related to health equity and<br />
social justice. As critical consumers of nursing research, nurses and learners in nursing must<br />
be able to define research problems, locate relevant evidence, critically analyze and interpret<br />
research, and effectively translate and
@AACNursing 12/ Here's a table linking course objectives (created by the UG Curriculum Committee yrs before);teaching & learning strategies;& evaluation strategies

We tossed the textbook which wasn't meeting our needs& decided to co-write our own, now being archived #openaccess

@AACNursing 13/ [P.S. Please feel free to use any portions of this content you might find helpful - its a work-in-progress & far from perfect - but I
d appreciate if you could give us & our students proper attribution if possible, and note when/if you adapted. Thx!]
@AACNursing Think this thread might have been broken? Here's the continuation.
@AACNursing 14/ Oops! Forgot the last course objective in the table!

#SciComm #Podcasts #Storytelling #NursingImpact

@AACNursing 15/ So what about the note on #badassery?
We have a guest speaker series on that. Here's why ⬇️

Again, work-in-progress. If you want to find a real #nursing expert on badassery in nursing scholarship, folx on the front lines like Dr. Monica McLemore are a good first stop.
@AACNursing 16/ The purpose of the #Badassery-in-Nursing Scholarship series was:
a.Showcase the work and impact of nurse leaders engaged in the generation, application, and
translation of nursing scholarship across clinical, community, policy, entrepreneurial and/or
educational settings
@AACNursing 17/
b. Provide concrete examples/stories from the front lines of nursing research/scholarship
c. Inspire curiosity and get nursing students excited about nursing scholarship and future career
possibilities related to nursing scholarship
@AACNursing 18/
d. PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of more traditional/textbook presentations of what nursing research and
scholarship looks like
e. Define and operationalize #badassery in nursing scholarship

@AACNursing 19/ Here were some of our guests from the #BNS series:
@AACNursing 20/ We kicked off our #Badassery in #NursingScholarship speaker series with the incredible Dr. @wrenethajulion from @RushUniversity, sharing her #BuildingBridges to Fatherhood project, joining us by ZOOM:

@AACNursing @wrenethajulion @RushUniversity 21/ Next week we had the #nurseinnovator-par-excellence Dr. @marionleary, founder of the @PennNursing StorySlam, podcast & designthinkingforhealth.org platform share vital research using #VR to address #bystanderism during cardiac arrest

@AACNursing @wrenethajulion @RushUniversity @marionleary @PennNursing 22/ Next in the series? Dr. Anna Paskausky,PhD,FNP, lead #NursePractitioner trainer in primary care for the local health system. Also? An incredible thinker, musician, & captivating storyteller. The non-intimidating title of her talk?
"#Philosophy,#theory, nursing bla bla blah"
@AACNursing @wrenethajulion @RushUniversity @marionleary @PennNursing 23/ We were also joined by Dr. @carrie_tudor of the @ICNurses, discussing advocacy & research to protect frontline healthcare workers around the globe

#populationhealth #TB #policy #occupationalhealth

@AACNursing @wrenethajulion @RushUniversity @marionleary @PennNursing @carrie_tudor @ICNurses 24/ More on group activities in class (& speakers) in a bit...
26/ Ethicist & #nurse Dr. Rabelais addressed #Decenteringwhiteness in #nursing & #nursingscholarship ; the response from learners in the class to this content was overwhelming (in the best way)
27/ And no one could forget the time #NurseJournalist, #thoughtdisruptor & #media expert @BGlickstein joined the class to share wisdom on #SciComm & #nursingactivism based on evidence & research

28/ We has #Psych #Mentalhealth NP Dr. Gabrielle Abelard, an award-winning #nurseenterpreneur, joined us to share possibilities for #nursingscholarship & #knowledgetranslation in counseling & the #community, as well as realities of life & care in #Haiti

29/ *had not has
30/ OK another pause - be back later today with class activities & more

Again, work-in-progress; just sharing some ideas we tried this fall ( I had a blast)
31/ In addition to folx who'd been in #nursing practice awhile, we hosted some new(er) #nurse innovators, like #nurseinventor, founder & CEO of #LactationInnovations, Brittany Molkenthin, BSN, RN, CPN, who invented the #ManoulaDevice as a #nursingstudent:
32/ And while we weren't able to host directly, we learned about the persistence & advocacy of #nurseleaders who've made #systemschanges to improve the lives of patients, like @OncologyNursing NP Richard Boyajian, who fought to est. Virtual PSA Monitoring:
@OncologyNursing 33/ So what was the structure of this 2.5 hr/wk class? Well it usually began with a few words from me, including spotlights of learners' knowledge: T/o the semester, learners spontaneously vol'd to share their expertise with the class, from their backgrounds in engineering to EMS
@OncologyNursing 34/ Then we'd have an hour for hands-on activities, like:

*Creating a #ComicCard of your #NurseAvatar, including your origin story, strengths & kryptonite (a way to get to know folx on the 1st day, incl names/pronouns where offered); then forming teams & picking a team name
@OncologyNursing 34/ Another week we did an hour of "#MISSION:Improbable" case studies where folx in each group had to find research evidence (w/ the help of our UMASS Librarian there in-room) to solve a real-world practice problem as a group or in pairs, using our libraries' databases
@OncologyNursing 35/There was a week the 1st hr activity was reading blog entries, #coding & discussing #qualitativedata, & what the words (which had been posted publicly) of an incredible family navigating hospice & EOL could teach us all about #nursingcare esp in the context of #LGBTQ+ families
@OncologyNursing 36/ Another week our 1st hr activity involved critiquing this ridiculous study (bmj.com/content/363/bm…) then hypothesizing what type of mini-parachute would work best if thrown from 2nd story,building #prototypes then tossing them off balcony & collecting data to test hypotheses
@OncologyNursing 37/ We spent a week where the 1st hr group activity involved developing #valuepropositions & discussing the #ethics of #sleep #sensors, from standpoint of every stakeholder involved in a #researchstudy on #dementia & #caregiving, including 'patients' surveilled in the study
@OncologyNursing 38/ There was a 1st hr group activity involving interpreting common #statistics, by having folx #DRAW what they meant &/or explain their definitions in #plainlanguage & when/why *not* to trust them (or to trust them less) - inspired by @benorlin's
@OncologyNursing @benorlin 39/ We also had weeks where the 1st hr hands-on activity involved writing pitches & headlines based on research evidence, practicing #storytelling & #SciComm, creating #betterposters from critiques of pub'd research; mind-mapping AND
@OncologyNursing @benorlin 40/ There was a week we spent the 1st hr in group #designthinking exercises, including creating #EmpathyMaps related to #planetaryhealth & #climatechange (@envirn) plus brainstorming #WorstIdeas for #nursings' response & why:
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN 41/ One week's grp activities were devoted to work coming from outside nursing about #designjustice, #algorithmicaccountability & #artificialintelligence, where #nursingstudents read works by folx like Dr. @ruha9 & listened to a @jvn podcast w/Dr. @merbroussard, then free-wrote
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard 42/ Here's the table of what I called '#burningquestions', topics & #badassery-in-#nursingscholarship speakers/activities from just the first 4 weeks of class (full semester was 13 weeks):
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard 43/ We collected virtual 'exit tickets' weekly via Blackboard during the last 10mins of class. Usually they were brief free-writes that asked folx to reflect on what they'd learned, were still curious/had questions about& anything else we should know

@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard 44/ And no, the exit tickets were not an 'attendance policy'. NO ONE lost points off their final grade for missing exit tickets, nor were they 'graded'. But almost everyone filled them out, every class. It was amazing.

The weekly feedback fundamentally shaped the course.
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard 45/ This is also where I should mention, I have a #parenting & #caregiving policy in my #syllabus, adapted from one I 1st saw pub'd by Melissa Cheyney at Oregon State. I modified it to be gender-inclusive & to include adult caregiving. Here it is:
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard 46/ I also have a statement on chosen names & #pronouns, especially as @UMassAmherst's online registration system gives our learners the power to update their pronouns/chosen names in the class rolls at any time. More info on that can be found here: umass.edu/stonewall/pron…
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 47/ Here is our statement on #diversity & #inclusion (& since my text character limits won't let me write it out in image, I will share TEXT version if you DM me):
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 48/ Deadlines, instructions & eval rubrics for graded assignments in the course were developed using Universal Design for Learning principles (#UDL) to take the burden of requesting accommodations off of learners by doing as much as we could (still learning!) to ⬆️#accessibility
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 49/ So what were those graded assignments?

Well for one, learners co-wrote a textbook. And by textbook I don't just mean*text*- but also graphic novel-style explanations, videos, podcasts, & websites like this one on phenomenology (shared w/permission):
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 50/ We're currently in process of downloading, archiving & making #openaccess all materials learners in the course gave permission to share with others (with attribution of course)

This includes ~85:
*entries for our textbook
*'better poster' assignments &
*#SciComm projects
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 51/ Over coming weeks, I'll be sharing some of this incredible #studentwork like #science #opeds, #cartoons, & videos (students had to 'opt-in' to share publicly & no grading whatsoever was impacted by these decisions, which graders were blinded to until finished)
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 52/ During last class, we bought snacks & had an all-volunteer show & tell('cause you know, forcing*every* learner-regardless of strengths/comfort-to face a large roomful of people& perform for a grade can be #ableist); folx were offered non-publicspeaking ways to share too
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 53/ At one point in the semester, the class *might* have also been subjected to bad karaoke about #nursing (by me), but that's another story

Let's just say She-Ra & the Princesses of Power were involved
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 54/ I'll be honest: I loved teaching this class. And there were times during the semester that it was *this* class, and these amazing BSN students who GAVE. ME. LIFE.

And I hope I get future opportunities to do it all over again, & again.
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 55/ I turned my syllabus & some of our content over to another rad faculty member for the 4-yr #nursingstudents on the main campus taking the same course this spring. She's a rockstar #nurseinnovator (Dr. Karen Giuliano) who's making it her own. I can't wait to see what happens.
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 56/ If any of this content seemed helpful, if you have questions, or if some of these Tweets weren't fully-accessible to you, pls feel free to reach out to my DMs.

I'm happy to share content and/or help (at least as far as my bandwidth permits!)

Thx for following this thread!
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 57/ Oh yeah, and I'm constantly learning/unlearning so...open to suggestions & your own lessons learned!
@OncologyNursing @benorlin @enviRN @ruha9 @jvn @merbroussard @UMassAmherst 58/ OMG & I can't believe I failed to mention our class visit from the one & only #RelentlessSchoolNurse & anti-gun-violence #nurse advocate, blogger, & force of nature, @RobinCogan (How could I possibly forget?)
@AACNursing @wrenethajulion @RushUniversity @marionleary @PennNursing @carrie_tudor @ICNurses I messed this order up - see later when I mention The Relentless School Nurse @RobinCogan
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