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I witnessed the decline of nightlife and the poison of online dating FIRSTHAND over the past 10+ years while living in NYC and adapted with the changes in the dating market.

Its been a revolution.

Here’s an overview of what I've seen…

2008. I get a 2 bedroom apartment in the hippest neighborhood in Brooklyn, which was peaking then--a destination for international travelers looking for excitement, great nightlife, a creative art scene, and FUN—I’m 26 and want to experience it all and get LAID.
But don’t know how to approach, I end up getting a pretty girlfriend I don’t like much, but regular sex keeps me around. Then I start hosting couchsurfers and get access to awesome girls from around the world...delivered right to my home. Break up with the girlfriend and indulge.

While on a road trip through Santa Fe, I have sex with a MASSIVE fat girl while couchsurfing, the resulting depression and disgust causes me to Google ‘how to pick up girls’, and I come across ‘The Game’…if those nerds can figure out how to approach, so can I. And I did.

I go on a rampage in NYC because now I know how to approach (mostly using my own ‘5 Oceans’ opener), and I’m out 5-6 nights a week for those 2 years. Most girls weren’t doing online dating and were actively looking for guys to hook up with...and it was GLORIOUS.
If you could successfully open, knew how to sexually escalate, and had good logistics, there was a VERY good chance a girl would come home with you that night.

This was the golden age for guys with game, the sexual market was highly in your favor and girls were easy pickings.
Pick up ‘routines’ worked…out of all the PUA material I read, I found ‘The Cube’ worked most effectively and MAN did it get deep into girls heads…there are still a few girls from that time who are still in touch (with kids now), because of how affected they were by it.
Still highly recommend reading "The Cube" if you haven't yet. Its the perfect game to play with a date. Gets deep in their heads and you get to see what makes them really its sexy as hell.
During this time I wanted variety more than anything, and got it…because i was GOOD. 30-40% success rate going out solo and 80% success with was common for me to have sex with more girls in 1 month than the average guy would have in a lifetime, and it was FUN.
American girls bored me and I was captivated by the class of European women--I developed large social circles I was the center of—groups of French girls, German girls, Dutch girls, etc.. who would come to rooftop parties I threw at my place.

Lots of time/energy though.
In the French circle, a 20 year old model from Paris made her way of the most beautiful/mature girls I had ever seen...she had a rare innocence, spoke terrible English, was highly guarded around guys.

I observed her for months and liked what I saw.

I took her on a trip around California for a month where we bonded deeply and became inseparable over the next 2 years. She was exactly what I wanted in a relationship and I was exactly what she needed, it really was a wonderful time of growth and maturation.

I break up with her because we are living together like a married couple, we both don’t want children yet, and I’m stifled.

I return to the dating market and Tinder has taken over—and what I see is disgusting.
Nightlife has changed from people who went out with the goal to be social to everyone having plans all the time and scheduling their dates.

People have become lazy and uninterested in making real connections, captivated by the flash and excitement of choosing dates from a screen
I’m hearing girls talk about Tinder sex being a gross exchange and how it has turned sex into a commodity instead of an explosion of passion.

They hate it, yet can't help themselves from doing it because everyone around them is, its become the NORM.
I’m more interested in daygame now but hate the idea of going out with the sole reason to approach girls—so I come up with Camera Game—using street photography to meet girls and arrange dates…and it works brilliantly.

And the girls love the novelty as well.

My sex life and tactics are extremely well documented on my blog and in my books, nightlife has changed from using openers and routines to authentic expression, hyper-aggressive sexuality, and a standing out from the crowd.

Finally, honesty seems to pay off.
During this time I also perfected the art of spotting girls waiting for the subway coming from a terrible Tinder date…a little drunk, despondent looks, bored…I was more successful meeting girls on the subway platform from 11pm—1am than at bars (taking speed into consideration)
ALWAYS making fun of online dating when meeting those girls, stating the lack of connection, how it was a wimpy way to meet people, and was highly unnatural.

I can't count how many girls came back to my place directly from those subway interactions
High end restaurants are where I would find girls I would actually date—8+ foreign women who had just arrived in the city, didn't like going out to bars alone, and weren’t using apps--yet frustrated at the lack of men who approached in the city.

The #metoo movement spirals out of control and places most dating power into the hands of females (online especially). Guys are afraid to approach, scared to be sexual, waiting for ‘consent’, and don’t know how to make a connection through proper flirting.
The hottest girls in NYC are NOT online and it is looked down upon by those who are at the top of the sexual market, which is great for and outsider who uses meta-conversation as a major way to get to know how someone really ticks.

There are levels to this.

I use online dating for the first time as an experiment and its a rats nest. Girls who seem to be free spirited and open minded in their profile end up being militant feminists…who are the weakest & most easily manipulated women on Earth.
MOST of the girls I met online were feminists with terrible personalities, mental disorders, and a forced arrogance which made them seem pathetic.

The sex was without passion, and they were using me for a fuck—one way to guarantee I’ll never want to see them again.

I’ve been on the road for the past 7 months and am having no trouble meeting girls through a simple ‘hey, whats up?” and honest expression of what I’m doing and what I’m looking for.

*and am always bring up the pitfalls of online dating with them...and they LOVE it
People are having less sex than ever these days, which is insane to me, and EVERYONE except the complete whores looking for handouts, is SICK of online.

The girls are pining for men to step up to approach, and they despise those who act ‘like boys’ and won't do it in person.
I’m also noticing a lot more girls are taking the initiative to approach themselves, which is a turnoff, but a clear symptom of the times.

APPEARANCE as a man is more important than ever since girls have been conditioned over the past decade to respond to physical presence.
Loading the conversation with how people don’t put in the effort to approach and make a real connection anymore is KEY, as is talking about how the only real way to meet is face-to-face, so you can vibe, act on real attraction, and sink into the moment, THIS moment, darling.
Online dating is still going to be popular for the masses of since most are socially inept and don’t know how to make a cold approach, build sexual attraction through conversation, flirt, and put themselves out there—mostly because their fragile egos are terrified of rejection.
But for those who put in the effort and have the balls to bend their environment to their own advantage, the reward of taking control of their sex life is there for the taking.

After that comes true freedom.

Viva la true sexual revolución!
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