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AllSocial--a new social media platform with over 1 MILLION users--has a secret.

On the surface, AllSocial champions the free speech & privacy of its users.

Underneath, the leaders of AllSocial are Seven Mountains Dominionists who aim to take over America. /1
I discovered AllSocial in the inverse order many others would.

After exploring 7-M Dominionist Ken Eldred's role in using several orgs to shape the US electorate in #PartIX, @brazencapital showed me Eldred & his associate are also behind AllSocial! /2
Eldred's associate is Mark Weimer.

Both Stanford grads, Eldred & Weimer also lead Strategic Media 21, a targeted advertising firm utilized by the Eldred-funded, pro-Trump "Our Future in America" PAC that uses foreign firms to survey its FB followers!/3
There are reasons to believe Weimer is part of the 7-M crowd.

Weimer is also President of Alleluu, an Eldred-funded nonprofit that has 2.4M people nationally and 12.5M globally "involved in prayer via social media" and whose "overall goal" is "to see our country turn to God." /4
From 2004-2012, "self-described techie evangelist" Weimer was CEO of Global Media Outreach, "the technology arm of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI), which hosts 91 websites in 11 languages to spead the 'good news.' "

Weimer: "We don't want to deceive anyone." /5
Weimer was a Missions Pastor for South Hills Community Church in San Jose, CA from 1991-2000 where he reminded his members to "give yourself away for advancement of the kingdom."

Weimer's also the author of 2006's "6 Reasons for Faith." /6
The most convincing reason to believe Weimer has achieved Seven Mountains status:

Weimer is a "trustee" of Eldred's Living Stones Foundation, the vehicle funding UiP Education & the pro-Trump Our Future in America PAC that paid Eldred's/Weimer's SM21. /7
Anyone tied this much to Ken Eldred personally, financially, and strategically has good cause for being a suspected Seven Mountains Dominionist.

Weimer is also the registrant of the domain allsocial[.]us (currently offline), bringing everything back full circle to AllSocial. /8
Incorporated in Idaho, AllSocial raised $11M in capital in the final four months of 2019.

In addition to Eldred & Weimer, a few others are at the helm of AllSocial. SEC filings show that AllSocial is also led by William Brock (executive) and Donna Ecton (director). /9
AllSocial's Donna Ecton isn't new to me. Ecton is also a director of USATransform, which is chaired by Ken Eldred and whose mission is virtually identical to Eldred's United in Purpose.

They're all connected.

And my 7-M radar is going off again. /10
In this Jun 2019 interview, AllSocial consultant Rolfe Carawan explains that, between Alleluu & SM21 (both led and/or funded by Weimer & Eldred), they have "30M people worldwide."

Although AllSocial is at 1M+ users, the idea is AllSocial wants to tap into this 30M and grow. /11
Pay attention to when Carawan says that AllSocial wants "to reach all of America and to be able to have a conversation with America so that OUR views and OUR ideas and OUR beliefs could be in the social media realm."

Is the "our" in this statement that of 7-M Dominionists? /12
Carawan explains AllSocial is using the same content-filtering company as Disney's and has a "back-up company that has about, at any given time, about 20,000 eyes to see the content and to flag."

Is that 10,000 people, then? What company? Are they American? /13
Carawan assures that, with AllSocial, "there will be no selling of anyone's data."

AllSocial's revenue model, per Carawan, would be to introduce advertisements "about every sixth or seventh post in someone's stream." /14
🚨 Red Alert: The Heritage Foundation (a conservative think tank) and its publication The Daily Signal are "early adopters" of AllSocial's platform.

Carawan even goes so far as to say "we have a revenue share program the we want to use to help" these orgs! /15
Finally, important detail:

As Carawan describes how to add friends on AllSocial, he advises where to click and adds "you can just go in there and if you give access to your friends..."

This is key.

AllSocial not only has 1M+ followers, but also "access" to their contacts! /16
Now consider how AllSocial might sound to you had you never encountered my thread.

AllSocial promises 100% of the content you share will be seen by all your friends (no algorithms), and that they will never sell your data.

Appealing, right? /17
But, now that you know AllSocial is led by 7-M Dominionists who believe they must bring about the return of Christ, do you read something like this a bit differently?

AllSocial's CIO Logan Kimball: "The goal of AllSocial is to connect the entire world in one main social hub."/18
AllSocial hasn't *completely* hidden their support for Christianity.

They sponsored a National Religious Broadcasters' business meeting in Mar 2019.

But they have also grown quietly by "word of mouth" and their PR avoids discussing their Seven Mountains roots and true aim. /19
AllSocial's "true aim" is 100% clear to me after understanding the motivations and histories of two of its primary leaders, Eldred & Weimer.

AllSocial is yet another tool for them to manipulate--sorry, "transform"--the American electorate to advance their biblical worldview. /20
Proof of AllSocial's "true aim" is everywhere.

It's in the fact that the domain joinallsocial[.]com was registered by Strategic Media 21, Eldred's & Weimer's targeted advertising firm that served the Eldred-funded, pro-Trump Our Future in America PAC. /21
AllSocial may have promised they won't sell your data, but they didn't promise they won't sell and run political advertising.

In fact, since its leaders are also behind SM21, there's reason to believe they have ideas to target you with political messaging of their own. /22
I'm not saying AllSocial's promises of algorithm-less content & data privacy aren't enticing.

But I believe it's a pretense to extract your data for their own ends, similar to Eldred's UiP which leaked 191M voter records discovered by @VickerySec. /23
FB emails detailed concern that Eldred's/Weimer's SM21 was exploiting NationBuilder's "Social Matching" feature to link email addresses to FB profiles.

SM21 was "exerting a good deal of pressure" on an FB client "to take advantage of this appending." /24
Does this give you any confidence AllSocial will actually protect your data and won't misuse it for their own political and religious ends?

AllSocial's leaders are already on the record for aggressively exploiting user data to enhance voter profiles! /25
As far as I'm concerned, AllSocial can take Ken Eldred, its all-star "influencer" sincerelyxoemily (with 313k followers), its trite reference to "grandma" using AllSocial, and Mark Weimer (nice "mountains" profile pic, btw!) and shove it.

This is a scheme and a scam. /26
Re: AllSocial's Privacy Policy, note it allows AllSocial to use your data for another "reason compatible w/ the original purpose," that they generally "do not rely on consent for processing your personal data," and that your data is shared w/ "internal" &  "external" parties. /27
As AllSocial grows, consider this...

Imagine the type of leverage AllSocial could give Trump over Zuckerberg to say, "If you don't allow me to campaign with lies and propaganda in 2020, then I'm going to tweet to all my followers they should join AllSocial and drop Facebook."/28
For this and many reasons, I will never support AllSocial and strongly warn against it.

But don't just take my word for it.

Take a look at some of the reviews out there by others who have taken the Seven Mountains gamble. /29x
@threader_app - please compile what may be my best thread ever of all time forever. Thank you :)
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