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1/ Set the Stage
the BIGGEST of Stages
Is the Stage Set?

You are WATCHING a Movie

Red Carpet Rollout

The WORLD is watching

Enjoy the Show.

We are all-so-familiar with these Q drops...

Does it all point to TONIGHT?


GUESS WHO's Nominated?
2/ will B and M be 'crowned' King and Queen tonight?

For their LAST CHANCE at glory?

POTUS tweeted 'last chance' today, after 'clean up'.

Q told us the Stage had to be set AFTER the WH was CLEANed.
3/ POTUS also tweeted out MUNCHKIN, instead of Manchin. the WIZARD of OZ reference, of course.

What do we find out about the WIZARD in OZ, when we peek behind the STAGE CURTAIN? .... you ALL KNOW.... but wait for it.
4/ You find an ACTOR....a FRAUD.
5/ Q asks repeatedly

What makes a movie good?

GREAT Actors.
6/ why did Q all-cap GREAT?

GREAT = the Power of the office of POTUS.

NO ONE in the ENTIRE WORLD was GREATer than BHO from 2009-2017.

Was Hussein the "wizard" behind the curtain?

7/ do Barack and Michele actually DESERVE the OSCAR?

For being the GREATest "ACTORS" of all time?

for the FRAUD they perpetrated on the United States of America and upon the WHOLE WORLD ?

Their "MOVIE" lasted

What a Run.…
8/ Q also mentions "BAD ACTORS" 23 times, both Foreign and Domestic, as opposed to GOOD.

Here's the final 4 "bad actors" drops

Now C@mes THEP@in—-23!!!
9/ POTUS keeps tweeting about the Transcript.

Even now, when Ukraine impeachment & need to read the call Transcript is well behind us.


What do ACTORS use?
a script.


YOU decode "trans" part. I'll stick w SCRIPT
Tho capital T does signify...
10/ back to the OSCAR.

Winning it is the PINNACLE of an actor's career. Some would say it's a sham that the Obama's are even nominated for it.

but LOOK at it with Q Eyes....

it is a HEAD of GOLD
11/ a WHOLE BODY of gold, in fact.

Q addresses this:

Covered in gold
gold = skin of the gods
12/ Q also says IT WILL BE BIBLICAL

I have two things to say about that...
13/ FIRST? There's an actual OSCAR in the GODFATHER movie, included as a reference with "BIBLICAL" per Q drop 3565.

LOOK at the night stand, stage left. The golden god.
14/ Next?

It's gonna be BIBLICAL as in a TEMPLE, a HOUSE of a false god falling down?

Recall your Sunday School lessons about Samson?

He knocked down the TEMPLE/HOUSE of the pagan gods and destroyed them all.
15/ Q posted the BIBLICAL clip of bringing down...

"... the whole F*ing, Diseased Corrupt TEMPLE down on your head. It's gonna be BIBLICAL"

Q post 3858.

16/ will this BRING DOWN THE HOUSE?
17/ and since it's Sunday, a little more Bible Study is in order?

there's a GOLD-headed STATUE in Daniel 2.

That is CRUSHED by the ROCK in...wait for it....

verse 45.
18/ and HOW and WHEN did Nebuchadnezzar's great kingdom, the GOLDEN HEAD of the statue, fall?

When his Son Belshazzar was on the throne, blaspheming the True God at a PARTY, celebrating and drinking out of the holy items stolen from the Temple to the true God.
19/ Neb's son Belshazzar, was the one who "saw the hand writing on the wall" announcing his impending doom.


Again Daniel, interpreted the meaning correctly for Bel, just as he had for his father Neb.

The conquering troops were at the gate.
20/ the Medes and the Persians, the next Kingdom, are the Statue's arms and chest of SILVER.

SILVER destroyed the Kingdom of GOLD.

Gold = Rothschilds
Silver = ?

Think simple science.... wait for it....
21/ Silver chemical symbol = Ag

AG Barr, head of the DOJ, will BRING DOWN, through the Rule of Law, the Head of GOLD.


It will be BIBLICAL (and scientific)

note 107.9 digits sum to 17
47 = 11 marker.

NOTE the SILVER statue in background.
22/ today?

WHO and WHERE are the "Medes and the Persians"

The Statue's SILVER arms and chest?

The modern nation of IRAN.
23/ Q tells us IRAN is NEXT, but also says to focus [ ] on SHOWERS?

you are NOT GONNA BELIEVE this....
24/ " the Oscars are facing an unwelcome guest...RAIN".…

It will be BIBLICAL.
26/ right on Que.....

Pouring rain, the workers are trying to DRAIN the Stage! POTUS trolling?
27/ I'm not trying to say I know WHAT WILL or WILL NOT happen tonight? But do y'all feel something's HABBENING?

@rickygervais shocked Hollywood earlier at the Golden Globes...was that a warm-up for an even BIGGER 'OUTING' tonight?
@rickygervais 29/ another Anon has some additional Oscar-related info. remember today is also NATIONAL PIZZA DAY
@rickygervais 30/ well, they 'won' their golden statue tonight. They've hit their high water mark of prestige...

SO READY for them to see the hand writing on the wall so their reign of glory [end]s.

mene mene tekel upharsin

31/ their need for symbolism will be their DOWNFALL.
Symbolism= END

Just a few crumbs tonight... as POTUS so often says?

“We’ll see what HAPPENS”
32/ The Oscars are so yesterday, so it's time for the SWAMPIES to trudge down the muddy carpet to infamy, ignominy and disgrace...

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