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1/ A (very short hur) 22-tweets thread on the aftermath of nation-wide #hoarding & #hysteria in #CoronavirusSingapore.

Now, for a country that trumpets itself as disciplined, rational, and cohesive, the hoarding has been damning.
2/ Many have tried to make sense of the madness we saw.

Some folks, like @warriorzataree, @waresinfoshop, and @kixes, have correctly diagnosed the hoarding as produced by S’pore’s crisis ideology and capitalist & hyper-individualistic systems.
3/ Since independence, the PAP has aimed to engineer a (disempowered) citizenry that is dependent & loyal to the party, but desperate enough to compete in its dog-eat-dog arena.

This is unsustainable…
4/ You can’t demand citizens to be patriotic, cooperative, and disciplined—while conditioning them to be self-interested or cut-throat.

We’ve seen this paradox unravel in debates on the relevance of National Service or the spike in citizenship renunciation in the 2000s.
5/ Without absolving them, the hoarders were simply the natural endgame of national ideologies & governance.

Sure, hoarding is immoral & stupid. But it's a homecoming of the state’s social conditioning.
6/ In relation, as economist Donald Low suggests, the hoarding has tacitly revealed the bankruptcy & incompetence of paternalistic, authoritarian rule.

For all its virtue-signalling & institutional control, the PAP has a “trust deficit” & a “serious crisis comms problem”.
7/ But will the PAP address such problems? Not really. History shows a party (and its functionaries) that is incapable & unwilling of substantial reform or reflection.

It's why, for instance, S’poreans routinely joke about the PAPs pre-election apologies & promises as wayang.
8/ Now, let’s move to the R-words. Since the 80s, PAP rule has been of “Chinese entho-nationalism” & “Sinicization”. (Barr, 2008; Nasir and Turner, 2014)

As such, negative racial stereotypes are often one-directional. In health, many ills have been made “Indian” or “Malay”.
9/ But this pandemic flips that racial pattern. Here, we have a so-called "Wuhan virus". It comes to us through the failures of CCP autocracy & censorship.

It also arrives with xenophobic tropes of PRC impurity, diet, and barbarity.
10/ Because Chinese-SGs share ethnic & cultural histories with Chinese mainlanders, the virus stains them with its attached racial & foreign tones.

This is a problem since the PAP has presented Chinese-SGs as national paragons, with little pushback.
11/ Chinese-SGs have thus tried to divorce themselves from PRCs via xenophobia & nativism & racial-blindness.

We see such sentiments across social & state media. But they've been here since the 90s, when PRC migration was encouraged to offset rising minority births.
12/ Yet, the PAP’s response to pandemic-related anti-PRC xenophobia has been regrettably shallow.

On FB, K. Shanmugam zeroed in on an obscure Muslim teacher’s xenophobia. He then praised his gov for prosecuting anti-Malay vandalism in 2019. He also does a drive-by on PreetiPls.
13/ Unable to let go of the CMIO formula, Shanmugam avoids addressing Chinese-SGs’ specific culpability & suggests a false equivalence between the acts he’s described.

But S’pore’s (Brown) minorities can see through that—especially when it comes to the hoarding.
14/ Across social media, Brown folks & their Chinese friends/allies have noticed that hoarders were predominantly & ostensibly local Chinese.

And they’ve highlighted that pattern through satire, comedy, critique, and commentary.
15/ In all these viral posts, a pattern emerges. They broadly juxtapose Chinese-SG hoarders (and other harmful actors) against the powerful idea of Chinese supremacy, benevolence, and discipline.

The irony is revealing, as minorities are usually racialized as unruly & primitive.
16/ It’s impt to note that the Brown critique of hoarding (or other harmful acts) isn’t really about hoarding as inherently Chinese or racial.

Instead, it’s on how hoarding further cements the hypocrisy of constructed Chinese supremacy & the absurdity of S’pore’s racial order.
17/ Yet, Chinese-SG reactions to Brown critique of hoarding reveals another familiar problem: a fragility & defensiveness to racial accountability.

If we borrow Robin DiAngelo’s "White Fragility" theory, this pandemic may hve exposed Chinese-SGs to rare "race-based stress".
18/ In viral Brown posts on hoarding, some ostensibly Chinese-SG users (and their Brown lumpen-enablers) hve reacted with deflection, indignation, pettifogging, false equivalencies, and other mental gymnastics.

We see this in our own post on hoarders & LKY’s Chinese supremacism.
19/ Chinese-SGs’ racial fragility has surfaced consistently. Recently, it’s been most visible in Brownface debates.

They typically yell, “SJWs!”, “out of context!”, “reverse racism!”, “we dont see race!”, “sedition!”, “so sensitive!”, and racist slurs.
20/ Why is Chinese fragility & PAP partisanship relevant in a pandemic? Because major events can reinforce or change a status quo.

Once the virus passes, the regular racial & political program will likely resume.

Histories & memories will also be whitewashed or co-opted…
21/ … but we shldn’t allow that. Already, people have justified hoarding as “survival”. Others try to romanticize it as folksy, everybody-does-it community-building.

Reports now show S’porean hoarding in JB, thus proving ourselves (again) the region’s beggar-thy-neighbour.
22/ So how? Clearly, the virus has unmasked S'pore's xenophobia, racialism, civic & empathy deficit, and poor political priorities.

Without a paradigm shift, little will change. But we can at least keep the receipts for historical integrity, and perhaps, actual social change.
Oh, if you know them, tell the hoarders to donate the excess supplies to places of worship, food charities, halfway houses, migrant & LGBT shelters, orphanages, and folks that work with the poor & homeless.

But don't donate near the expiry date!

/THE LIFT REACHED THE FIRST FLOOR, we all went out and he said,"U nurses always walk around with virus on u and always spread to people. Malays always. So stupid."/

Re: Whitewashing.

The first of incoming bad takes, writer extols hoarding as preparedness & generosity, and uses the elderly as a shield—as if the young didn't hoard as well.

Butchering its indigenous meaning, she also calls it the "kampong spirit". (So suddenly it's kampong?)
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