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1/ NEW Q

askes us to take another look at



Note: there's an 'i' missing in HRC's definition.
2/ first Renegade USSS name for Barack Hussein Obama

very familiar - Standard definition - a TRAITOR.

we've been patiently awaiting the REVEAL to ALL.
HRC USSS code name

Yes, it's a tree that doesn't lose leaves, but
Q wants the NONstandard definition...

I found this.
a LEGAL definition
an AGREEMENT that automatically renews unless a party OFFICIALLY ends it...
4/ now the horrific part...

Q: "think depopulation"

IMO this involves an evil plan to come after US, We the People.

recall POTUS frequent words to Patriots?
They hate YOU (meaning US) even more than they hate ME.

Deplorables. Irredeemable.
5/ we thought we were waiting for "a DROP of HRC" video, depicting HRC's evil acts for all the world to watch...


What if Q drop 854 is the cabal's DEPOPULATION plan for us?

a "DROP of HRC" meaning ...poison?

how does this relate to EVERGREEN?
6/ HRC has a #doublemeaning.

HRC = hillary...also

HRC = Hyd R ogen C yanide,
a poisonous gas, aka Zyklon B, used to kill 6 million people in 1930s Germany

to DEPOPULATE an entire race of people.
7/ is this Cabal's Plan Z , to keep THEMSELVES 'EVERGREEN', aka Alive, while they DEPOPULATE us?

the FINAL SOLUTION they hold over Trump's head? Threatening us ALL?

Zyklon A was a Pesticide (still is)
Zyklon B was used to kill people THEY considered 'Deplorable'.
8/ I did a thread yesterday, on DROP 854, thinking it was the Cabal's plan to 'cy a nide' themselves when they see the [end] is near for them.

But is that ONLY AFTER THIS HORRIFIC 'depopulation' PLAN to get us FIRST, FAILS?

9/ I'm not normally a STRINGER Anon, but seeing Z (Zyklon?) and a Q, I cut and pasted Zw7301-&vQ-00-00-03 into google.

2 hits.

first was a huge list of airline flights under Air Chesse? Appears its an AIRLINE SIMULATION 'game'. The cabal is known to send #comms via games.
10/ the next hit was equally interesting.
it goes to an Indianapolis Star article from 9/29/1976

code those #'s?

9/11 and
1976 sums to 23 now comes the Pain
11/ recall I noted the 'i' was missing in Q's initial drop?

Q typed defintion instead of definItion

is the missing I, to confirm that the Indianapolis Star article date, derived from stringer, = black hat #comm?

...warning each other their 9/11 and PAIN is about to commence?
12/ Back to the HRC = drop of cy a nide POISON theory...

RENEGADE just tweeted out a need for an ....


"Citizenship is the Antidote", he says

Is he planning to 'depopulate' from the US & urging other Cabal members to do likewise?

13/ It will FAIL.
14/ as for EVERGREEN? Her [end] is also likely in view.

15/ POTUS and the DoD have the Country Walled/Q-uarantined off , per today's news.

Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?

(11 per this article plus GITMO=12?)

The WALL means more than we know.
16/ READ through the comments here... GREAT add-on's by some brilliant Anons.

Also? Indy Star article is page 64

the Obama's referenced numerous Beatles songs recently...

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm 64?

Still needing that Handler, Hussein?
17/ and re: DEPOPULATION?

it's what our Oligarchs apparently want for us...
18/ Anon found Q drop for AVOIDING Z!

HRC/HNC aka Zyklon poison ?

19/ found another possible definition of HRC, that is TOXIC
. HRC = Highway Route Controlled.

Sounds benign, but it's not. HRC laws cover the transportation over US highways, of RADIOACTIVE material.
20/ There'a a manual re specific highway routes to use, & how to PACKAGE HRC RADIOACTIVE material in a BOX, to withstand the most severe transportation accident, so radiation poison does not get released to the public.

here's the Packaging page from the manual...
21/ @JesseBWatters understands there was #doublemeaning for POTUS's BOX comment.

Jesse even asked, WOOD OR STEEL, directly matching the HRC manual?

CONNECT: What does Bloomberg know of the Dem Plans?

A plan for a "DROP of HRC" in a BOX to depopulate us?
@JesseBWatters 22/ finally, Q says IT WILL BE BIBLICAL.

Q drop 854 =Bible word #854, found in Strong's Concordance, in Greek.

854 =
aphanismos meaning VANISHING, to DISAPPEAR

what GASes do in the atmosphere when released.

Could it mean an air-borne poison or virus?
@JesseBWatters 23/ RECAP if "a drop of HRC" means radioactive materials on our nation's highways...

what if the vid in Q drop 854 could mean VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER instead of 'video' as we've believed...??
@JesseBWatters 24/ Here's the pieces of a VID aka VIN of a vehicle on America's roadways

might have some similarities to the coding in the q drop?
+++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). EX-rvid5774.


Q says We have it all.
@JesseBWatters 25/ h/t @CryptoCrab4 tacked on this National Guard tweet re Chemical Biological Radioactive and Nuclear Hazards...

@JesseBWatters @CryptoCrab4 26/ recall Q asked WHY IS THE NG CALLED UP ACROSS 12 CITIES!!

screenshot below of full article above re Quarantine now in effect over 11 cities (+gitmo?)

threat of chemical, bio, radiological nuclear hazards to the population...

"depopulation" concerns the NG is monitoring?
@JesseBWatters @CryptoCrab4 27/ re the HRC, hazardous RADIOACTIVE cargo?
we've seen these on our highways...
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