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I have not seen the answers this jury forewoman gave yet, but I strongly suspect at this point these four prosecutors suddenly bailing on this case might have something to do with this.

Remember, the defense moved to strike this person from the jury; the judge ruled she stayed.
Let me remind you all what happened since last November around this case:

1) Trump suddenly nominates US Attorney Jessie Liu to a top Treasury Dept. job, she accepts; Trump nominates Timothy O’Shea to replace her. She is the one who has been guiding the Stone case.
2) all 4 prosecutors suddenly agree amongst themselves they will brief the DOJ one sentencing recommendation, but then actually file a far more lengthy recommendation with the court.

With me so far?
There is only one reason these prosecutors would do this.

They expected to get COVER from both the US ATTORNEY overseeing the case and from THE JUDGE presiding over the case in court.

Despite DOJ complaints about the tactic, Liu & Judge Jackson have their backs.
As expected, when the DOJ sees what this prosecution team actually filed in Judge Jackson’s court, there is an objection.

This is when US Attorney Jessie Liu was supposed step in front of them and provide the necessary cover for the prosecutors and the Judge to proceed.
See, here’s the thing about being nominated but not confirmed yet.

Technically, Liu was still the US Attorney for the District of Columbia. O’Shea wasn’t supposed to REALLY REPLACE HER **until** she had been confirmed to the Treasury job.
Then all of these next two things happen in the span of two days:

3) the DOJ suddenly files a COUNTER to the prosecution teams own absurd filing. This was not supposed to happen. DOJ would have informed Liu first they were doing this, then she’d have warned them.
4) when the prosecution team russhes to contact the US Attorney’s Office in DC for an explanation, what they discover so surprises them that ALL FOUR TEAM MEMBERS resign within hours of each other.

What did these prosecutors discover BEFORE anybody else did?

Only this:
5) the Stone prosecution team discovers TWO things:

a) Trump had just WITHDRAWN Lin’s nomination to that cool new Treasury job and...

b) Attorney General William Barr had just told Liu that O’Shea was replacing her IMMEDIATELY.
They don’t have any cover. They’ve been BURNED.

So, what happens the very next day?

Stuff that started to come out more than two months ago but DIDN’T get any really attention suddenly bursts to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored.
A juror so biased any attempt whatsoever at voire dire would have caught her and excluded her instantly not only ended up on the Stone jury in Judge Jackson’s court, this female juror ended up being the FOREWOMAN of the jury that convicted Roger Stone.

I’ll say this clearly:
That could only happen if the JUDGE was either corrupt or incompetent.

Looking into this issue, several facts emerge.

Stone’s defense team moved to strike this juror from the pool; Judge Jackson refused.

This juror filled out a questionarre about social media/elections.
The juror has both a social media history of pronounced bias against Trump and his associates and a political history of having run for office as a Democrat that should have INSTANTLY disqualified her from the jury pool.
How this jury forewoman Tomeka Hart answered THESE TWO PARTICULAR QUESTIONS on the jury pool questionnaire is going to be of intense interest to all real journalists everywhere:
How much detail, if any, did Ms. Hart go into for the court about her extensive anti-Trump social media postings?

How much information did she provide the court concerning her run for Congress as a Democrat in 2012?
With the full revelation of this absolute farce that ended up playing out in her courtroom during this Stone trial, all eyes will now turn to Judge Amy Bergman Jackson for an accounting.…
EDIT NOTE: Autocorrect changed “Berman” to “Bergman” in the previous tweet.
Now, as I said, there's only two explanations for how this juror ended up as the forewoman of the jury when a LAWYER or a JUDGE doing any due diligence at all would have quickly discovered this juror's disqualifications for jury service.

Corruption or incompetence.
IF anybody involved with this prosecution team was aware of Ms. Hart's bias issues and didn't say anything, that's bad enough.

If it turns out the JUDGE knew, this just became a glaring case of official corruption.

What's the alternative?

Abject incompetence!
So the BEST CASE SCENARIO for Judge Jackson right now would be it turning out she was just asleep at the wheel here and that's the explanation as to why Ms. Hart ended up leading this jury in a trial being heard in her courtroom.
Whether the answer turns out to be corruption or incompetence, one thing is clear to me at this point:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson needs to be RECUSED from this case.

I look for that to happen soon.


After the way Trump/Barr lured these Mueller goons in and then swung the trap shut behind them these past few days, I guess all the people endlessly wringing their hands about whether Trump/Barr were EVEN PAYING ATTENTION to the Stone case now have their answer, eh?
Does Trump need to pardon Roger Stone if the ENTIRE CASE is about to get tossed due to epic prosecutor & judge misconduct?

It's a valid question at this point.


[crashes through wall into my thread!]

This story gets EVEN BETTER if you can believe that.

There is a TRANSCRIPT of stuff this juror said.

And @ChuckRossDC has it!…
@ChuckRossDC "Tomeka Hart said during the jury selection process that she did not “pay that close attention” to developments in the Russia investigation. She also said that Stone’s links to President Donald Trump would “absolutely not” affect her views at trial. "
@ChuckRossDC “You’ve also indicated a fair amount of paying attention to news and social media including about political things?” Judge Amy Berman Jackson asked Hart.

“Yes,” she replied.
@ChuckRossDC “And when we asked what you read or heard about the defendant, you do understand that he was involved in Mr. Trump’s campaign in some way?” Jackson asked.

“Yes,” she said.
@ChuckRossDC “Is there anything about that that affects your ability to judge him fairly and impartially sitting here right now in this courtroom?” Jackson queried.

“Absolutely not,” Hart answered.
@ChuckRossDC “What is it that you have read or heard about him?” asked Jackson.

“So nothing that I can recall specifically,” Hart replied. “I do watch sometimes paying attention but sometimes in the background CNN.”
@ChuckRossDC “So I recall just hearing about him being part of the campaign and some belief or reporting around interaction with the Russian probe and interaction with him and people in the country, but I don’t have a whole lot of details. I don’t pay that close attention or watch C-SPAN,”
@ChuckRossDC “Can you kind of wipe the slate clean and learn what you need to learn in this case from the evidence presented in the courtroom and no other source?” Jackson asked, to which Hart responded, “Yes.”

@ChuckRossDC That's all I"m gonna quote. Go read the article.
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