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#SayyedHassanNasrallah: On this day, we usually commemorate those 3 leaders, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas AlMousawi, and Haj Imad Moughnieh who were martyred in the past during those days. Today, the occasion added is also the martyrdom of Haj Qassem and Haj Abu Mahdi.
congratulating the Ummah on the birth of Sayyeda Fatima (a.s.) and congratulating Imam Khamenei and the Iranian people on the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: This revolution (of Iran) stood strong in the face of all kinds of obstacles and sanctions because of the active presence of its people.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The revolution was renewed with the historic funeral of the leaders and that sent a strong message to the enemy who was betting on the downfall of the Iranian government.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah congratulating the brave and persistent Bahraini people on 9 years since the beginning of their movements against the Bahraini government and demanding their basic rights led by Sheikh Issa Qassem
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The specialty of those leaders was their loyalty, sense of responsibility, trust in Allah, bravery, love for martyrdom and seeking it... People usually seek to live their lives in peace with their families, but those leaders strived for justice.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: I advise everyone to read Haj Qassem Soleimani's will. When one reads this will, we see that this man was a 'Aaref who sought Allah in everything he did. We also see a leader who cared for his people...
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Matters are similar when we watch and listen to the will of Haj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes. Those leaders are the men of Allah.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The funerals of those leaders were not political. People took to the streets when each of those leaders were martyred despite difficult weather conditions and they spent long hours walking out of their love for all those leaders.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: People were heartbroken during those funerals. Everyone cried for them with honesty. This is Allah's blessing for those men. It is Allah's promise for them in the Quran; that he would honor them, the men of Allah.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani and Haj Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes created a major turn of events for the situation in the region. The axis of Resistance and its people are facing a major challenge today facing those news conditions.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Trump's administration has committed 2 crimes recently. We've discussed the 1st&now we will discuss the 2nd: the so-called deal of the century. This is not a "deal" because it is only agreed upon from one side not both. The Palestinians refuse this command
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: All previous American administrations have failed to apply their schemes when the people of the world refused those schemes and actively stood against them.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: You will never find a Palestinian wing who would give up on Palestine or Quds or the sanctities.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Several nations including the UN and the Democrats in America refused Trump's plan.
Another important stance was the Lebanese one, where all leaders stood firm and unified against this "deal."
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Lebanon is directly affected by this deal where this "deal" has given away the Shebaa Farms to the Zionist entity.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: We fear that some people, in Lebanon and other Arab countries, will submit to American temptations and accept this "deal" in return for financial and materialistic rewards. This was always the policy of every American administration.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The people behind this scheme are ones who will anything and everything to get what they want. They will create strife and kill people and create wars in order to reach their goals.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Many people accuse Hezbollah of dragging Lebanon into battles it is not a part of. What those people overlook is the fact that America is the one waging war against all the people of this region!
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: When America publicly kills and claims the assassination of our leaders in this manner, it is proof that they are the ones waging the wars! They are the epitome of devilish acts. Look at the manner in which they speak to other nations -the arrogance!
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Look at how Trump humiliates his own allies and nations who pay him billions of dollars! He does not care for any international laws or limits. His only concern is money
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The only way for our people to defend their dignity, sanctities, resistance. I do not only mean armed resistance, but also educational resistance...
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: An international organization conducted a study on the companies in the West Bank and considered their work to be illegal. Pompeo in return threatened this organization and humiliated them.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: If the Palestinian authority wanted to report an israeli war-criminal to the international community, America stands in their war and threatens them, and this happens everyday.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: America is responsible for all the wars in the region. I will give 4 examples.
1. The presence of israel and their continuous support to it despite all the war crimes in Palestine, Qana, in 2006...
2. Supporting Saddam with chemical weapons to kill the Kurds and the Iranians. Oil wasn't even their first concern back then like it is now.
3. The war on Yemen today! America is responsible for this. Do you think Americans care about values and morals? Or about money and dollars and markets to sell their weapons to? This is why this war is ongoing.
4. ISIS. I will only speak about ISIS rather than going back in time all the way to what happened in Afghanistan... We all know about the filthiest crimes ISIS committed.. Trump himself has admitted America's responsibility for ISIS!
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: When America aims for a proxy war, they have the people for that. When they want to impose sanctions, they are more than ready for it...
How many people have died in those wars? How many were injured? How much destruction has been done?
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: The people of this region are not only required to carry their rifles and fight, but trust me, the people themselves will carry their rifles and fight!
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: I just received news that the Americans are threatening to impose sanctions on everyone related to the lawsuit of the agent Amer Fakhouri if anything was done against him! They are using the weapon of sanctions against everyone.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Why don't we boycott American products? There are other products we can benefit from. Sadly, some people start trembling upon hearing of sanctions. What is this life of humiliation?
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Boycotting American products will severely affect America because their entire being revolves around money.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: I want to speak to the people of Iraq. You all know Haj Abu Mahdi from a long time. This man has always "carried his blood" ready to spend it for Allah's sake. He was a truly loyal man who was a part of the operations fighting ISIS since the first days.
The wise religious authority in Najaf has labeled those two men, Haj Qassem and Haj Abu Mahdi, as the leaders of the victories. That is truly what they are.
Pledging loyalty to Haj Qassem and Haj Abu Mahdi is represented by defending the PMU and ensuring its continuity because America does not want this movement. We advise each other as brothers.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: This loyalty is also represented in kicking American forces out of the region...
Haj Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian man, was always concerned for Iraq and for ensuring Iraq's stability and strength.
Lebanese internal affairs:
-people's hard-earned money that they worked for their entire lives is trapped in banks and people are unable to reach them
-the condition of the Lebanese Lira (pound)
-the general economic situation and its idleness
-the economic situation which affects security...people's mental health issues are on a rise which is leading to a rise in the number of crimes being committed
Those are only some general headlines.
Every stance we have taken since the 17th of October was the result of our concern for the country. We did not strip ourselves of our past or present responsibilities, and we will not strip ourselves of our responsibilities in the future.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: What we care about is fulfilling our responsibilities. We do not care if people insult us or what history will say about us. When we stand before Allah on the day of judgment, He will ask us about our duties.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: We did not want the previous government to resign, but it did, and so we wanted a new one to be established fast. The current government deserves respect because they are facing major difficulties.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: We trust and support this government and will stand by it and help it in every way possible because this will directly affect the situation of the country.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Lebanon is facing a very very very difficult economic crisis. We need to leave our differences aside and pointing fingers at each other in the meantime.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Some want to convince the Lebanese people that there is no way out, that the crisis cannot be resolved, and that we should submit to foreign powers. Any pessimistic person who does this is only bringing harm to the country.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: This crisis threatens everyone, not just one sect or one party...
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: Calling this government "the government of Hezbollah" does not harm Hezbollah.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: If we condemn attacks on the Yemeni people, for example, some Lebanese officials will accuse us of harming Lebanese relations with other Arab countries, even though we are not doing anything illegal. On the contrary, this is a humanitarian stance.
#SayyedHassanNasrallah: If you are unable to fight America, then do not acknowledge its schemes and take part in them for "a stance is a weapon and a handshake an acknowledgment."

In the end, we renew our oath and pledge allegiance to the leaders again.
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