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There's a deep irony in B*ck Ang*l going off on one about how He Personally died to reclaim the term queer when he is the epitome of the brand of weak respectability politics that queer was specifically geared to oppose (thread).
I would like to point out that
1. The account he's replying to is not a child - they're 23.
2. Nowhere do they mention the word queer either in the tweet, or in fact in their username, bio, pinned, or anywhere else prominent. So Buck is having a Normal One. Buck Angel replying to a tweet that reads
Queer was deliberately fashioned as a radically inclusive term, including ALL non-normative forms of gender and sexuality. The lack of specificity is intentional - it's broad and all-encompassing, doesn't categorise people into neat, easy to understand boxes, and defines+
Those who fall into it by their lack of conformity. Queer means unusual, different, strange. That's precisely why it makes such an effective rallying cry - it was snatched from the hands of our oppressors and turned into a banner that we could all unite behind. It was a direct+
Attack on assimilationist politics - "We're here, we're queer, get used to it." "Not gay as in happy, queer as in fuck you." It symbolises a refusal to crush oneself into a box that doesn't fit them for the comfort of cishets. Especially when the ones who don't or can't fit+
Those boxes are the most vulnerable among us. Middle class, white, gender conforming gays have been pulling the same shit since the beginning of the gay rights movement - they painted themselves as "just like you - all we want is to marry and live in the suburbs in a house with+
A white picket fence and 2.5 kids." They gentrified historically gay areas within cities, and centred the gay rights movement around marriage and the military - some of the most oppressive institutions in our culture. And they did all of that by treading the faces of more +
Marginalised queers into the mud. All they cared about is getting theirs - if that meant leaving everyone else behind, or even actively distancing themselves from these undesirable queers to make themselves look better to the cishets, then so be it. Everyone else - the poor and+
Working class, the gender non-conforming, the street sex workers, the trans women and transfems, the drag kings and queens, the butches, the homeless, the incarcerated, the disabled, the mentally ill, the neurodivergent, and especially the Black and Brown and Indigenous - can+
Go under the bus for all they care. The lack of intersectionality and progress being exclusive of and at the expense of the marginalised is a feature and not a bug. It was the kind of "activism" that asked trans women and drag queens not to attend protest marches, or made them+
Stand in the back, as though they weren't the ones who were persecuted the most by anti-gay legislation. It was the kind of "activism" that tried to prevent Sylvia Rivera, a trans woman of colour, from speaking at a gay rights protest, and tried to heckle her offstage+
When she was on the front lines advocating for the most vulnerable.
I highly recommend listening to her 1973 speech for anyone who hasn't - she's an incredibly moving orator.
(cw rape and bigoted violence, audio and transcript included)…
This was everything queerness as a movement was geared to combat. It centred liberation and dismantling the cisheteropatriarchy rather than just moulding yourself to fit within its confines.
So the complete lack of self-awareness embodied by Angel's unprovoked tirade about how+
He bled to reclaim queer would be hilarious if it wasn't deeply disturbing. He is respectability politics in human form - a white, gender conforming, wealthy man who has seemingly made it his goal recently to kiss the ass of every transphobe he meets, including Gl*nner who is+
The literal patron saint of TERFs and has made violent transmisogyny his actual day job. Angel is virulently anti-nonbinary, outed a trans woman for profit, victim blames trans women who are attacked by cis men, tells poor trans youths who have to fundraise to afford +
Medical transition that if they want to be a man, to man up and earn money like he did, then created a pyramid scheme to profit off trans people trying to fundraise for their medical treatment. He has body shamed people for their surgery results, defended transphobes, etc. +
His ultimate goal in life seems to be to make himself as palatable as possible to cis people, including people who are loudly and intentionally transphobic, by portraying himself as one of the "good transexuals" as opposed to the angry and hateful "transgenders", which is code+
For "people he doesn't see as trans enough because they don't seek medical transition/enough medical transition, and/or have an unorthodox/unpalatable trans narrative, and/or are nonbinary." it's code for "people who don't try as hard as I do to conform to the cisnormative+
Ideal of a trans person who slots themselves neatly into the gender binary without making cis people uncomfortable by forcing them to expand their narrow view of gender." His online presence over the past half a decade or so paints a clear picture of someone who advocates+
Not for trans rights and trans liberation, but for respectability politics, and setting others on fire to keep himself warm. In complete contrast to the view he seems to have of himself, which is a long-suffering trans pioneer who, back in HIS day, had to walk barefoot in the +
Snow uphill both ways to have his trans identity accepted. He's unable to look past his own persecution complex to see the privileges he has benefited from, and sees anyone who can't just buck up (no pun intended) and get on with it the way he did as weak and undeserving, no+
Matter the challenges they face. He embodies the Boomer™ stereotype of thinking only those of his era are capable of undergoing hardship, whilst simultaneously resenting anyone who may not face the same barriers he did in his transition. He seems to see himself as a martyr+
Who has suffered through the Great Ordeal that is being trans, and comes off as a bitter old coot mumbling about how in his day, they didn't have all these genders - we were either manly men or feminine women, and we liked it! Get off my lawn! As though the point of the queer+
Rights movement isn't to ensure future generations don't suffer the same bigotry as their ancestors. How anyone can see young trans people finally starting to have the space to express themselves and be angry about that is beyond me. He only wants acceptance for the "right" kind+
Of trans people, and everyone else can rot. His priorities are fucked. That is the antithesis of everything that the queer rights movement stands for, and the fact he sees himself as having spilled his own blood to reclaim that term despite having no idea what it actually stands+
For is emblematic of just how blinkered he is to just how far up cisnormativity's arse he has worked to insert himself.
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