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Big day of speakers in the #NE02 House race.

Getting ready to hear @RepJayapal speak at a @karaforcongress rally.

Tonight @GOPLeader speaks to the @dcrponline on behalf of @RepDonBacon.

We @OWHnews are here. Let us know what you’d like to know.
Eastman is in a three-way Dem primary with @Gladys4Congress and @Ann_Ashford. But @karaforcongress has an edge in name ID. She was the @NebraskaDems’ nominee in 2018. She lost to @DonJBacon by about two percentage points, essentially in Sarpy County’s Republican-leaning firewall.
One question many have asked about @karaforcongress was whether she might bank more toward the center this time to try to appeal more to moderates in both major parties.

At least in the primary so far, the answer is no.…
@karaforcongress Bacon, in turn, has been clear with constituents that he intends to hew pretty closely to his party's strong support of President @realDonaldTrump. Here's an @OWHnews story from one of Bacon's recent #Omaha town halls. He faces no serious primary threat.…
About to get started here. Waiting on the last of the line to get through.
Kicking things off.
Fatima Flores-Lagunas, the field director for Eastman, is kicking things off with a little personal story about why she supports Eastman. She's a DACA recipient.
Jayapal: I came to the United States when I was 16-years old by myself. They believed the U.S. was a place I could have opportunity. To go from that place to now being a member of Congress taught me what it meant to save the American Dream.
Jayapal: We need to make sure every single American has opportunity. I'm chair (or co-chair) of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. When Kara Eastman is elected, she will join us. Will make sure work on climate change. We will make sure every American has health care.
Jayapal: "That is not radical. It is right on time." We will fight for good-paying jobs. Pays you what you need to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head. We passed a $15 minimum wage, and now we need to take the Senate so we can pass that into law.
Jayapal: I want you to think about what we deserve. Somehow we've been told in the U.S. that we don't deserve to be healthy, that we don't deserve to have a secure future, a planet that is not burning ...
Jayapal: ... that we don't deserve to make sure our young people can go to college without mountains of debt. I just say that is not right. You right here in Omaha have an opportunity, a golden opportunity.
Jayapal: Not just electing the most incredible representative for you and your district, but someone who has devoted her life to making kids' lives better. "We're not in Congress to fight for the things that are easy. We're in Congress to fight for the things that are hard."
Jayapal: We don't want an immigration system that separates kids from their parents. A public education system that lifts up kids and their futures. I'm expecting a lot here. We desperately need Kara Eastman in Congress.
Eastman starting.
Eastman: We deserve something different. Representatives who listen and make collective decisions for everybody. I've been running for Congress for what now seems like a really long time. I am originally from the Midwest, a Nebraskan by choice. My husband is a history professor.
Eastman: I've spent my career in non-profit work, doing things that I feel at the end of the day I did something good here. I'm a social worker. Master's degree in social work. I've done jobs like starting domestic violence programs. Ran a homeless shelter.
Eastman: For 13 years, I ran a nonprofit called Omaha Health Kids Alliance which focused on a green, safe healthy choice for every child in our community.
Eastman: I'm really proud of that work. In 2014, won for @mccomaha. Proud of service I gave to that board. Basically decided to run for Congress because of my mother's own health care problems. She was prescribed a $2,400 pill she couldn't afford.
Eastman: If the plan like Jayapal's had been passed, my mother would still be alive. I understand that people are concerned about how we get to where everybody has health care in this country. I appreciate that the Democratic Party is having this debate.
Eastman: I hear every day from people changing prescriptions and rationing medication. In the U.S. we deserve something better.
Eastman: We did not win last time. We lost by less than 2 percentage points. I'm proud of how we ran our campaign. Knocked on 2k doors. They told us their No. 1 issue was health care. We passed Medicaid expansion. "Apparently people do want universal health care."
Eastman: I decided to run again. People are excited. They're ignited. We're hearing some really great news about what people are thinking and feeling. Looking for someone who is going to be honest with them. Have integrity. And someone who is going to fight for them in DC.
Eastman: I believe that Nebraskans deserve a representative who will listen to them and respond in a timely manner and actually answer your questions. We have the primary May 12, general election Nov. 3. We could use your help.
Eastman: "We're tired of people telling us what Nebraska is. We can have something better."
First question from the crowd is from Zach on FB: What options do you want to see from health care that don't take a sweeping majority in the Senate?
Eastman: The issue I hear the most from people in our district is the issue of prescription drugs. They're tired, scared and there's no transparency. Drugs triple or more in cost month to month. There's no explanation.
Eastman: We need to lower prescription drugs in this country. That is something I would like to do in Congress. That's something I want to do in Congress. The government should have the ability to negotiate prices.
Jayapal: Democrats just passed our prescription drug negotiation bill on the 50 highest priced drugs. Also dealing with surprise medical billings. These are bipartisan issues. They should be low-hanging fruit. The Senate is the graveyard where all good things go to die.
Jayapal: Resistance from the status quo folks is about the same, regardless of the solution. The status quo system is producing a lot of benefits for a really tiny group of people. Our work has to take back the Senate, the presidency and the House.
Jayapal: I think it's important that all of these changes require taking on an infrastructure in health care that puts profit over patients.
Jayapal now relaying a story about a parent who faced a lien on her house after her child was hit in a crosswalk. People deserve better than that.
Jayapal: We don't suffer from scarcity in the U.S. We suffer from greed from a few.

Linda Parker is asking the next question from the crowd. Says she's been a Dem for decades.
Q: With the rise in premiums, the increase in co-pays on Medicare, we're sliding back. SS isn't increasing fast enough to cover that. Traditional Medicare does not cover vision or dental. Those things are important once you hit a certain age. What can society do for seniors?
Jayapal: On Medicare, Medicare for all expands the kind of coverage. We cover vision, dental, long-term care, hearing, the things you need. When you get to that beautiful, wise age of 72, you should get the care your body needs when it age. No co-pays or deductibles.
Jayapal: On SS, we have a bill that would adjust Social Security and allow for increases in SS based on cost of living adjustments and making sure you can afford to live. Raise the cap on the amount of income taxed.
Jayapal: Expanding SS is not a hard thing to do financially. It's about that cap. You're paying more of your income than people earning four and five times more.
Eastman: I agree with you that Democrats should be talking about this more. The way this gets twisted is there are not entitlements. These are earned benefits. I'm worried about what this admin will do to SS.
DJ via Twitter asking about environmental policy. Sunrise.

Jayapal: The urgency of this issue. It is about the health of our communities, our kids, black and brown communities, poor communities.
Jayapal: I'm also talking about workers who work in these fossil fuel industries but want something that pays as much. We need to take care of people who take their showers at the end of the day as much as those who take it at the beginning of the day. Need a bold Green New Deal.
Dustin, senior policy adviser for Janicek campaign: Help me flesh out some points on how single-payer will cut costs and tie into our amazing VA program in Nebraska. Help us understand that these aren't contrary that they work together.
Eastman: The facts right now, when it comes to the amount of money people spend on health care, we're just not getting our dollars' worth on this. To me, we need a plan that actually saves the federal government money. We need a plan that saves the government and people money.
Eastman: I believe, having read the bill Jayapal wrote, having a plan that saves what could be $2 trillion or more ... I believe in supporting something that will save the government money.
Jayapal: We will spend over the next decade $55 trillion on health care in the U.S. That is almost double what every other industrialized country spends. We have uninsured and more who cannot afford out-of-pocket costs and health care costs. Why is it other countries can do this?
Jayapal: We spend 30 percent of all our health care spending, government and employers and people, on administrative costs. Most countries with universal health care spend 7 to 11 percent. Medicare spends 3 percent on administration.
Jayapal: If you were to tell me you had the best health outcomes in the world, that would be one thing. We have highest infant mortality of any peer country and the lowest life expectancy of any peer country.
Jayapal: We'd have ways to bring down costs without having a bunch of people who aren't employed to fight claims.
Jayapal: I'm glad you asked about small businesses. These small businesses have gotten together and said this is totally anti-competitive.
Jayapal: Business in the U.S. is shouldering the costs of health care for their employees if they offer it, and competing with people in other countries who do not. This is the smartest, cost-effective, most competitive thing to do.
Jayapal: Overall it's a great thing for businesses and our community.

Eastman: We spent 40k a year in our nonprofit on health care. It puts nonprofits at a disadvantage as well. This idea of coupling health care with employment is past its prime.
Chase is next question about how you'll help labor.

Eastman: Nebraska is a right to work state, and the current rep just voted against right to organize bill. We need somebody who is going to fight on behalf of working people in this district.
Eastman: The reality is we have an unbalanced system. People can be fired for any reason. We need people who are going to look out for the interests of all the working people of this country, and that's one of the reasons I'm running.
Alex Garrison, metro CC candidate asks about voting rights. Expanding eligibility as can. How would you protect voting rights, both expanding access and addressing threats to election security?
Eastman: In Nebraska right now, we have a voting rights bill before the Legislature. It's a Voter ID bill. Our team testified against it. Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem. What we do have is voter suppression.
Eastman: We need to acknowledge it, acknowledge foreign interference in our election, and acknowledge how people of color have been disenfranchised.
Eastman: "One of the reasons I'm running is because I'd like to end corruption in politics." I don't take PAC money because I represent people not corporations.
Jayapal: The House is working to prevent suppression. There are lawsuits challenging voter suppression. Mentions that the Georgia governor's race was stolen with voter suppression. The old GOP wouldn't have done this.
Jayapal: Well the recent GOP.
Jayapal: We have to challenge Voter ID. We have to pass automatic registration laws. Pre-registration for 16 year olds so you automatically pre-register so you can vote when you're 18. More ballot boxes. Places for the homeless to vote. Those people should have the right as well.
Next Q is from Wendy K. submitted via Twitter: What is your strategy to combat and change the current admin?

Jayapal: We impeached the president of the United States. Nobody takes that lightly. It is not what I went to Congress to do.
Jayapal: It is not what she should regularly be in biz of. We are supposed to protect the Constitution.
Jayapal: I read the Mueller report three times. Most did not read it. And Bill Barr did everything he could to keep the Mueller report from the people.
Jayapal: (She's extplaining why she thought Trump invited foreign interference.) The Senate Republicans other than Romney refused to do their duty. They will have to live with that. People didn't have the political courage to do what is right and what they were supposed to do.
Eastman: For me this has never been about Donald Trump or Don Bacon. It's about representation and what this country could be like if we cared about people rather than profits.
Eastman: I have a tremendous amount of respect for the office of the presidency. I just wish the current occupant did as well.
A kid (potentially of an Eastman staffer) is asking about student debt:

Eastman: He's a remarkable kid and came up with that on his own. We have 10 million people in this country who are either defaulting one their student loans or about to.
Eastman: Nebraska is slightly under the national average when it comes to student loan defaults. Need to do something. It's an inhibitor to student success. Right now there are number of plans.
Eastman: I do believe in debt free tuition covered at community colleges, trade schools and 4-year colleges.
Eastman: In the U.S. you should be able to get the education you need.

Jayapal: That's my bill.
Jayapal: It's a pretty broad bill but it can be paid for by a half a percent tax on financial transactions.
Next question from JG about the deficit: How can Dems implement a bold agenda and address the deficit?

Jayapal: Don't pass tax cuts for the wealthiest. 85 percent of those tax cuts went to stock buybacks.
Jayapal: We should stop bailing out those people and start caring about Main Street. Many of these things we invest in are literally investments that return a lot of money in the future. $15 minimum wage didn't hurt us. It helped.
Jayapal: The Green New Deal and agenda will create new jobs and investment. What you want to do is invest wisely and pay back over time. Republicans took the deficit through the roof for all the wrong priorities. We'd reverse tax cuts and invest in infrastructure and grow.
Tyler Henningsen: Is AOC of Nebraska a term you'd embrace or is it an inaccurate? She's saying she didn't tell @OWHnews she wanted to be that. She's running as herself. She is proud to take money from AOC's PAC.
@OWHnews Last Q: Are people accurate in perceiving there are people on the left who are too restrictive on free speech or do you think this is inaccurate? Should Dems do more to encourage free speech?
Jayapal: We have to as Americans believe in respect and dignity for everyone. I have fought for free speech for a very long time. But if we are talking about respect and dignity it means recognizing that there are terms and rights people are fighting.
Jayapal: Says she wouldn't think words used about black Americans are OK. I'm a proud mom of a gender-non-conforming kid and if they want to be called they, I'm happy to call them they.
Jayapal: If you told me you wanted to be called a different name, that's fine. We've got room for everybody here.
Eastman: I think this also comes down to one of the biggest issues in America, which is the inability for us to have conversations anymore. We should be able to share our views and challenge the terms we use without feeling judged constantly.
Eastman: That's what's needed. People need to feel heard. (They're wrapping up. I'm going to go ask some question.)
Here’s the view from the floor of the crowd.
Thanks for following along.
Okay folks. We are at @CHICenterOmaha for @GOPLeader’s event with the @dcrponline and @RepDonBacon. They haven’t let us in yet. But @OWHnews will be here.

I’ll tweet as possible.
Just had a brief chat with @GOPLeader and @RepDonBacon before the @dcrponline’s annual dinner. More to come on @OWHnews.
They’re almost ready to start dinner @dcrponline. Ive got to write.
Mayor @Jean_Stothert is talking now. I’ll tweet when I get done writing. Says it is likely the presidential campaign will be active in Omaha.
Lt. Gov. Mike Foley introduces @SenSasse as one of the best-equipped senators in the country to discussed pro-life issues.
Nebraska @SenSasse goes after @karaforcongress and @AOC.
Now @RepDonBacon speaks. I’ll take a break to tweet.
@RepDonBacon Bacon: You all are the key to hold this district for Donald Trump. There are two different scenarios where this district is the tie breaking district. We're going to have to work to ensure that this district reelects Donald Trump and that we keep socialism out of the White House.
@RepDonBacon Bacon: This room will help us hold onto this district. We gotta win back the House. It starts by holding onto this seat. We need to be working hard in here up and down the ballot.
Bacon: It's gonna take this room knocking on doors, registering voters, but the good side of this is, we have the winning message. As Teresa said tonight, it's freedom versus socialism.
Bacon: We have the best economy in this country. People are getting paid more, low earners are increasing at the fastest rate. We have trade deals now with Mexico and Canada. The beginning phases of China, Japan, making progress to EU.
Bacon: We're a net exporter of energy. We've cut carbon more than the next countries combined. We have an environmental record.
Bacon: They want to takeover healthcare. They're going to raise your taxes. They want to get rid of the Electoral College. They want to pack the Supreme Court. They have a losing message. We have a winning message.
Bacon: We cannot afford two more years of Speaker Pelosi. I look forward to the next Speaker, @GOPLeader. This conference in the House is more unified than we have been in a decade. We're humming. We're purring.
@GOPLeader Bacon: McCarthy became the whip four years after he was elected. No one has been elected and made the majority leader faster than Kevin McCarthy. We need to work our hardest, because what we want to see on January 2021 is Kevin McCarthy behind that podium wielding the gavel.
@GOPLeader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-California, the minority leader is taking the stage.
McCarthy speaks.
@GOPLeader McCarthy: I remember two days after @RepDonBacon retired I met him. That year was not a good year for Republicans. I called him after and asked him to serve his country once more. Don asked me here.
McCarthy jokes that he'd written a speech but Nancy Pelosi ripped it up. McCarthy: It should not be a partisan issue that you defend life. Born alive is not abortion. It is a baby that was born alive. That is infanticide.
McCarthy: That's where it's gone too far, and we should never be afraid for standing up for life.
McCarthy: Adrian Smith is one of my best friends. Jeff Fortenberry. You may not be a big state, but Adrian is on Ways and Means. Fortenberry, that man is smart. I need a dictionary to talk to him. You've got a great opportunity here.
McCarthy: I met your mayor. I want her to serve another term, and then I want her in another office. Says Theresa Thibodeau should run for mayor after. (Now he's giving some bio.)
McCarthy is telling how he climbed from a $5k lottery win to opening a deli. He sits in the seat of the person who wouldn't hire him for a congressional intern's job.
McCarthy: This president calls me twice a day. I can tell how the day is going by how early he calls. This is a guy who never gets down. If they ever did what they've done to us, I don't know that we could stand it.
McCarthy: You cannot tell me God did not have a hand in that last election. Two Supreme Court justices. Record number of judges, helped by Sasse. If we get four more years, the 9th Circuit is going to be conservative.
McCarthy: There's times I worry about the election, but did you watch that Democratic debate.
McCarthy: "What are the policies of the Democratic Party?" If you ask AOC, she will not let you call her a Democrat. She's a socialist Democrat. This is just sad. This is what we are up against.
McCarthy: Trump told me we're going to win the House. Told him he wouldn't be impeached. (He said, I know. But these are the best numbers I've had.)
McCarthy: If you come to DC, and if we win, you're all invited. I want you to come to my office. I will put things on the wall that show it. I have two big portraits. One is Abraham Lincoln in black and white. The other is Ronald Reagan in color and smiling.
McCarthy: They brought me to this office. I sleep in my office. We think times are tough, but not compared to what those two guys faced. The greatest challenge ever to our country was the Civil War.
McCarthy: This man won the war and built the intercontinental railroad. Imagine what would've happened in our country had he not been assassinated. He believed in American exceptionalism. The Gettysburg Address. He knew we were more than a country, that we were an idea.
McCarthy: In China they check your social score before you buy an airline ticket. If you have someone running for president looking to the Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela for inspiration, they do not deserve to be president.
McCarthy: President Lincoln never blamed his predecessor. He would say do not put off hard decisions because you're politically scared.
McCarthy: In Venezuela, you get free health care and education, but would you want it? I wouldn't.
McCarthy: This idea that they're upset about Bernie Sanders is wrong. They want him to win.
McCarthy: Ronald Reagan would say if you believe your policies would bring people more freedom, be happy, don't be angry.
McCarthy: He'd say peace without freedom is meaningless.
McCarthy: We watched our last president go to Iran with billions of dollars, so what happened? Terrorism rose in the Middle East because of the money we provided.
McCarthy: This president, I sit down with him for dinner, I never order. He orders for me. We had meat loaf.
McCarthy shares he learned before he ate that dinner Soleimani had been killed. I told the president I didn't need to know what he was doing in the future. I wanted him dead because of what he had done in the past.
McCarthy is relaying a story about Reagan's negotiations with Gorbachev over Star Wars missile defense.
McCarthy: America is more than a country.
McCarthy: Look at the millions in Hong Kong standing for freedom. Why does everywhere else believe in our ideals, but in our country, another party looks another way?
McCarthy: We only need 18 seats to take the majority in the House. There are 30 Democrats sitting in seats today where Trump carried. The first 13 are ruby red. We're going win every single one of them. We have more women running. We have better candidates.
McCarthy is talking about other seats in other parts of the country. I need to peel off and write. Thank you guys for following along. I'm sorry I don't have time to keep going.
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Story coming from @OWHnews.
Here’s the story from today’s visits by @RepJayapal and @GOPLeader on behalf of @karaforcongress and @DonJBacon. #Omaha got a closer look at the nation’s political divide.

From @OWHnews:…
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