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@ProlUnit so i think we might have different definitions on what lead means, but to me a leader implys followers. the only person you should be leading in any sense of the word, in my eyes, is yourself, because all other forms of leadership are incompatible with direct democracy. having
@ProlUnit classes of superiors and subordinates is inherently undemocratic, because in a true direct democracy all citizens of age would be equals. authority would still need to exist where absolutely necessary, as well as respect, and some degree of social prestige, but none of those
@ProlUnit necessitate leadership. we dont need gods or masters, all we need is reason and cooperation between ourselves. just like you may not have been a socialist at one point and were able to be reasoned with to become one, i think every human is able to be reasoned with as long as your
@ProlUnit position is truly incontrivertible. either youre right and you can prove it to anyone, or youre wrong and cant, period. id imagine we can both agree that the main beliefs holding capitalism together are the idea that resources are to scarce for everyone to live comfortably cuz
@ProlUnit our desires are infinite; the average persons lazy, greedy, and stupid; and theres no more efficient alternative to capitalism, and id hope we agree that all those are also lies, otherwise i cant imagine how youd even think socialism would be possible, let alone advocate for it.
@ProlUnit if we can convince the majority of the population of these things, just like we were convinced, we wouldnt need leaders to force anyone into socialism. as my homie said in the debate, leaders trying to force socialism on the masses would be like "trying to play a game of rugby
@ProlUnit with a team who doesnt know the rules". once someones fully convinced that actual socialism would be a more efficient alternative, theyll be willing to help establish it voluntarily. we wont need anyone to lead us for socialism to work, well all individually lead ourselves to do
@ProlUnit each of our parts in cooperation to make it a reality. were all rational beings, and all you need is rationality to become a socialist, so i dont think a fully conscious majority deciding not to establish socialism would even be possible, because thatd be completely irrational.
@ProlUnit we all "wouldnt wanna give a lead", cuz followers arent conscious and only someone whos conscious can genuinely be a socialist, but of course wed all wanna do our part to free ourselves from the irrationality of capitalism like you and i do once everyone understands how much
@ProlUnit better socialism will be, cuz thatd be the only rational option. we wouldnt even need the whole blueprint mapped out at first, our collective desire for a better world would be enough to draft it. the vanguard party strategies been tried and it failed and devolved into
@ProlUnit authoritarian state capitalism every time, itll only work if we do it together. so, to more clearly answer your question of why i doubt that would happen if i have all the relevant info and dont wanna give a lead and why would it be different once everyone has that info: i think
@ProlUnit socialism is the most rational economic system and that anyone can be reasoned with to see that and become willing to make it a reality; i dont wanna lead anyone but myself cuz if i can lead you to socialism then someone else can lead you away from it -- only you can lead
@ProlUnit yourself to truly believing itll work and doing your part to establish it; i think everyone, once fully informed, will have that same direct democracy mindset; and im not trying to establish it now cuz we cant successfully until we have a majority in support of it. right now we
@ProlUnit should be focused on educating the masses, thats it, but once we have the significant majority, then we can "give a lead" to ourselves and cooperate to make it happen
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