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I've made an attempt to gather as many Q -related photographs from around the world as I can. Anons with signs, signs standing alone, all with identifiable landscape/architecture/location. This is not about Trump rallies. That's a different thread.
VP Mike Pence posted this photo (the arrow was added later) on his Twitter a couple of years ago before it was later removed.
This is an anon from India during Potus' very successful trip there.
Billiard Palace Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium
A sign in Barcelona, Spain
Anons with signs in Cairo, Egypt
A group of students form a Q+ on the CalPoly university campus
A sweet lady anon from Chicago posts this sign on a bridge there regularly (Tag her if you have her @!)
Another photo of her signs in Chicago
"Poliisi" (on the vehicle to the left) means "Police" in Finnish.
Here's a few anons standing in Guantanamo Bay with signs. I'm going to take a wild guess and say Gitmo is not open to the public? 😏
Another one from Gitmo in Cuba
Found this one on a tweet that claimed this was taken at the Hague in the Netherlands. The Yellow Vest movement has spread to several countries apart from France.
Q reposted this one from Iran. The Iranian people want and deserve to be free from their psychopathic, tyrannical oppressors.
Here's another from Iran. Patriots around the world stand together for freedom. We unite in love! #WWG1WGA
A Saudi Arabian man stands in front of the city sign of Jeddah with a Q sign covered in American stars and stripes. 🇺🇸
Patriots in Jersey City are making their mark on the bus stops. #WWG1WGA
A simple Qanon sign in front of a famous pair of skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From the Netherlands. The part not in English is Dutch and it means "The world is about to change."
Patriots in South Korea love Q! #QarmyCorea
Patriots with Q signs in South Korea. #QarmyCorea
From South Korea #ThankQ Patriots!
I see a Pepe! This South Korean patriot supports Q.
South Koreans appear to be attending a protest to support Q. #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
A Q sign makes another appearance in South Korea.
I believe this is the U.S. embassy in Seoul, South Korea. Love all the anons everywhere! #ThankQ #WWG1WGA
Someone at the South Pole supports Q. ✊🇺🇸
There are many anons in the UK! Anons everywhere unite! #WWG1WGA
I guess these are ItalianAnons who decided to troll the Aussie news in the UK, LOL! 😏 🇮🇪
I see Q people in the UK! 🇬🇧❤
In Washington, D.C., not a day goes by without a protest. Anons made an appearance at this one! I see you (and Q) too! 👋
This image is from the White House Young Black Leadership Summit in 2018.
Throughout Europe, the Yellow Vest movements have seen a number of Q signs and anons protesting globalism.
Please share your images of WORLDWIDE anons with me! Identifiable landscape/location/architecture and Q signs!
CORRECTION: This is the Irish flag! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
@BPayeux of Manchester, UK
A group of anons in Manchester, UK @BPayeux
A Qanon sign hanging from a bridge in Leicester, UK
An anon holds a Q sign in Parliament Square in the UK at a Brexit rally
SO MANY UK ANONS! This is from London! I see Q!
Finland ❤s Q! 🇫🇮
Ardmore, Oklahoma! Sauce is in the Ford dealership sign directly below.
An anon with a Q scarf pays respects to former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetary, Virginia.
Another anon stands at the enternal flame for JFK. JFK paid the ultimate price in this war, but we know how it ends. Nothing can stop what is coming.
Anons participate in a Yellow Vest protest in Berlin, Germany
An anon wearing a Q shirt with an eagle is caught in the background of a shot on Fox News. From Boca Raton, Florida!
Brexit Day was such a victory for the people of the UK, but also for the world, because #WWG1WGA. Here, anons make themselves heard at the Brexit Day celebration.
An anon waves a Q flag at Buckingham Palace in the UK.
Until now, I had no definitive Canadian photos to post. But here are some Yellow Vest anons from Canada! Love you, Patriots!
Here's a Qanon billboard from East Ridge, Tennessee. Truth is freedom. 👍
Another tourist anon in Cairo, Egypt! #WWG1WGA
I see Q in Hollywood! At the Emmy Awards of all things. 👀
I see Q in Sweden! My husband's Mormor (mother's mother) is 100% Swedish! Every time I wear blue and yellow (as Rainbow Fairies often do), she tells me I look Swedish. 😆😁🇸🇪❤️❤️❤️
Japan loves Q! And President Trump!
Here's a somewhat better angle on the Qanon sign at Leicester, UK.
That doesn't look like Pepe, except he's green! 😆 Some anon in Los Angeles, California designed to turn a green man into Pepe! 🐸💚
#WhoIsQ sign near the Crenshaw Blvd exit in Los Angeles, California
Here's an American flag with the stars rearranged into a Q, at an overpass in Los Angeles, California.
An anon with a lil' Q on her sign attended the Women's March in Los Angeles! Brave woman!
Q Peace and Q Love at the Women's March in Los Angeles, California!
Here, an anon holds a sign over a storm drain in Marrakesh, Morocco! 😮 Truly worldwide! Incredible! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
SO gorgeous! Another image from Morocco! ThanQ, anon, wherever you may be! ❤️
Two anons brave the cold at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica! 🥶🥶❤️👍 Patriots unite! #WWG1WGA
A BIG Q sign stands here near I-69 in Michigan
This statue of Hubert Humphrey supports Q 😏 in the Minneapolis City Hall in Minnesota!
Anons stand at a Yellow Vest protest in Ottawa, Canada. One of the signs is a Q drop!
Scottish Parliament was missing a Q, so an anon fixed it for them. You're welcome! 😆😁
All of these traffic signs in Sheffield in the UK remind people that WE'RE NOT GOING AWAY! We fight for one and for all! In the name of justice! And freedom! And love! #WWG1WGA
😁 Q sent this anon to Trenton, New Jersey! (Note the flag of New Jersey on the right.)
Two anons stand outside of Q+ International in Las Vegas, Nevada! 😁😁😁
This anon visited the White House wearing a small Q necklace!
The anons in Finland have met in person multiple times. Here they are again! Finland 💚's Q!
Italian anons gather to support Q! (I have it on good authority that this really is Italy, and not Ireland. 😬)
The epic July 4th last year drew a number of anons to D.C.! (Looking at you, @martingeddes) This anon holds a Q in front of the Lincoln Memorial. If this IS Martin, I'm going to LAUGH.
This anon stands with Scott Presler in Nashville, Tennessee, ready to provide disaster relief after tornadoes displaced families.
This anon drove all the way out here just to take a pic! This is the skyline of Perth, Australia! Anyone recognize it? It's teeny tiny! 🔎😁
The California State Capitol in Sacramento, California has this anon standing proudly with a #WhoIsQanon sign.
The Sydney Opera House in Australia is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. This Aussie follows Q proudly!
This anon stopped to take a photo at a rest stop on I-40, heading westbound through Texas (The Lone Star on the building stands out as a Texas icon). His shirt reads "Where We Go One, We Go All"!
Here's a better image of a Q sign from the Brexit Day countdown celebration!
Finally got some good pictures of France! Here, two anons stand with #DrainTheSwamp and #TheGreatAwakening signs in front of the Eiffel Tower. The French people have been massively protesting their globalist government for OVER A YEAR EVERY WEEKEND. Revolution is in their blood!
Sheep no more! This anon stands in Paris, France with a Q sign.
AussieAnon standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
This anon met @DonaldJTrumpJr at Trump Tower in Washington, D.C. while wearing a Q hat!
Victoria on the bus, plus a Sainsbury's across the street means this is a Yellow Vest anon in the city of Victoria, in Wales. 😎 I feel like an autist now.
A BIG Q in Damsquare in Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Italian Q makes an appearance at an event for Matteo Salvini!
Ok, so England....Wales...close enough right? Apparently, this is from the first Yellow Vest protest in Manchester. NOT WALES.
SO many Yellow Vests! Wow! Here's a Yellow Vest anon from Romania!
More Aussie anons! Different anons here than earlier. Set against the backdrop of Sydney, Australia. ❤️
This anon met @DineshDSouza at one of his events in Wisconsin while wearing her Q shirt!
An anon stands in front of the skyline of Bangkok, Thailand
An anon stands in Milan, Italy with the 17. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet and 17 has been considered our "lucky number" since Day 1!
The Milan Cathedral in Italy is a sight to behold, but the most beautiful part of this photo is a person who is free! Where we go one, we go all!
39th mile marker, going Northbound on NM26 between Hatch and Deming, New Mexico
The Daytona 500 was a HUGE day for positive POTUS optics. This anon was present on that historic day! Eyes opened! Minds changed! Nice Pepe green Q hat here.
Sejong-daero (on the sign) is a street that runs through Jongno-gu in downtown Seoul. This anon presents a dank meme - The Great Awakening.
The BRAVEST of patriots, fighting for freedom in Venezuela. You have my highest respect, sir.
Greek Peak Winter 5k Sprint in Greek Peak, New York. This anon sports the USA Q.
This Canadian anon in Ottawa wants us to know that Prime Minister Trudeau is a traitor.
Beco do Batman is a constantly-evolving street art gallery in São Paulo, Brazil. An anon has placed a sticker on a pole there that says #Qanon and #WWG1WGA.
Anons vote! And we vote for Q+! This Q hat has an "I voted" sticker from San Diego County, California.
NYC has recently become an epicenter of anti-Jewish hatred and violence. This anon attended the Jewish Solidarity March in NYC with a Qanon sign!
The sign marking the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is decorated with a Q "Follow the white rabbit" hat.
A Japanese patriot paid respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan wearing a Q sweatshirt.
An anon from Puerto Rico protests then governor Ricardo Rosello wearing a Q Yellow Vest. Yellow Vests are everywhere!
A vehicle sports the USA Q next to a sign for San Juan, Puerto Rico
A Detroit anon surrounds herself with Q signs and wears a WQKE shirt. The sign in the back is for Centaur Bar, a Detroit locality. Detroit suffered much under the yoke of Democrat policies for decades, but we are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
The royals at Buckingham Palace are not safe from the Great Awakening. Soon, they won't be able to walk down the street. #Qanon Sheep no more! Finally awake!
A FAB group of UKAnons helped me pinpoint this as the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, France. (Anons are the best people ever. 😍🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜) The French people love #Qanon!
This box for the LA Weekly newspaper has got a rhinestone Q on it. 😀 #FakeNews
One of Adam Schiff's three offices is in Burbank, CA, and someone has put a sticker with here! 😆
Anons live EVERYWHERE, including San Mateo, CA! #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
Here's a closeup of the sign outside Adam Schiff's office in Burbank, California. 😏 I spy with my little eye...something that makes Adam Schiff's eyes bug out like a weirdo. 😆
#WWG1WGA graffiti on a bulletin board for a 3 groschen theater in Germany. 3 groschen is sort of like 3 pennies.
In the La Defense business district of Paris, France, an anon holds a Q sign. #WWG1WGA
The beautiful Chicago skyline can be seen across the waters of Lake Michigan! An anon has place a Q flag against the railing. #ChicagQ #QAnon
In Chicago, Illinois, a group of anons gather in PERSON! I wish I knew some anons in real life. Some day soon, no doubt!😁 That big shiny lump is in TONS of Chicago pics. So funny!
I don't have a location on this one, but it is TOO COOL to keep to myself. This was pulled off of Facebook by an anon who says the child chose for himself to do his project on Q! Raise 'em right, and look what you get!
An anon from Melbourne, Australia named his bakery after Q! I have a feeling this business is going to get really, really popular in the future. 🙂
Here's another photo of a visitor anon to the White House! I think I can see Q+ from here! (Okay, almost)
Another shot of the Petronas Towers in Singapore, this time with two anons. 😁 #Q
I am so excited about this one! I'm getting more and more pics from South America, and THIS is an anon in Cartegena, Colombia! It's awesome to see the Q!
In Berlin, Germany, at the world-famous Brandenburg Gate, an anon holds a card and a bracelet that say #Qanon.
I'm sure that last year's July 4th in Washington, D.C. will end up being the first of MANY nationally televised celebrations. Here's another Q from a patriot in the crowd that day! #MAGA
Garden of the Gods is an absolutely gorgeous series of rock formations in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here, an anon stands in front of the sign with a Q "White Rabbit" shirt
Caylor Gap is a portion of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Here, an anon admires the landscape in a military-style Q cap.
In Italy, an anon donates blood with Matteo Salvini while wearing a #WWG1GWA #Q shirt! What a small world!
In Wellington, New Zealand, the Parliament building resembles a beehive, which is a very important Masonic symbol. This sign placed outside says "Q...Dark to light...A Plan to Save the World through WORLD PEACE...MILITARY PLANNING AT ITS FINEST".
In Free Derry, Ireland, it's a tradition for residents to add political messages to this wall. Today, the message is #WWG1WGA #SheepNoMore! 🇮🇪
An anon holds a #WWG1WGA #Q button. In the background, we see the unique architecture of the Frost Bank Tower in Austin, Texas.
These anons are standing in front of Iceland's national parliament building, known as the Althing. Founded in 930, this government body is the oldest surviving parliament in the world! It is just SO FUN exploring the world through the lens of #Q! 😎🇮🇸
In Dublin Hills Regional Park, outside Dublin City, Ireland, an anon stands with an Irish Q! Beautiful sign, beautiful country! Are the Irish the original Pepe? 💚💚💚🤔😝
Here, an Italiano anon stands at the city sign for Oristano, Italy with a #Q sign that has a tiny Italian flag and a #WWG1WGA! "Citta Della Ceramica" means "City of Ceramics".
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