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1. The ***ish world domination scheme is based on brainwashing everyone with this belief in "human equality"

We all know that our societies today are not allowed to have real borders or stop immigration

2. Well because we've all been sold on this idea that all humans are "equal"

That there is no real difference between humans throughout the world

That "race is only skin color"
3. Not only this, we've been taught that denying this abstract concept of human equality is absolutely evil

The people who denied human equality did slavery and the holocaust
4. The reason you can't keep mestizos out of your country is not a lack of wall or border control

It's way deeper than that

It's that your society is not even allowed to acknowledge that there is any difference between you and the mestizo in the first place
5. If there is no difference between you and the mestizo (and you can't say there is or you're a Nazi) then why do you get to live in the country but he doesn't

You can't justify excluding him
6. As long as your entire society is brainwashed since childhood to associate separating humans on the basis of race or any other criteria with muh slavery and 6 trillion gassed just forget about asking for a homeland
7. The cool thing is that "human equality" is not just some random scheme they came up with recently

"Human equality" IS J**aism

It is the essence of J**aism (for the non-***s)
8. How is "human equality" J**aism

Well, the essence of J**aism is a belief that ***s are "chosen by God"

That is, they are divinely UNEQUAL to the rest of humanity
9. As a matter of fact, they are the ONLY GROUP that matters

God created the Earth and everything in it (including us) for them and only them

Every other group of people or identity on Earth except theirs is irrelevant (God says so)
10. So they get to discriminate against you in the ultimate way

Saying God created the Earth for them and you are just their property

You DO NOT get to discriminate against them however

And therefore you DO NOT get to have an exclusive identity
11. So the *** / non-*** relationship is asymmetrical

They get to discriminate against you but you DO NOT get to discriminate against them

Don't you dare, they are holy and the entire planet belongs to them (including your country)
12. They get the ULTIMATE identity

You get nothing

You do not get to belong to an exclusive group

You get "human equality"
13. So this is how the deep "human equality" brainwash that permeates your society fits in with J**aism and this is where it comes from

Do ***s truly believe that "discrimination" is the ultimate evil?

Yes they do, but only for non-***s
14. And this is why they want to make "discrimination" illegal

Their so-called "hate speech" laws

"Hate speech" laws are nothing but ***s enforcing J**aism
15. You see, "hate speech" laws won't make it illegal for ***s to discriminate against you by saying they are "chosen by God" and you aren't

"Hate speech" laws will only make discrimination illegal when it is done by the cattle
16. When they finally pass their "hate speech" laws it will literally be illegal for you to say things like "my people deserve an exclusive homeland" or "I don't want my race to go extinct"
17. Of course they don't even need those laws anyways

Your entire society is so deeply brainwashed with this abstract religious belief in "human equality" that it's importing men from China and Africa and Guatemala by the millions and giving them citizenship lol
18. Why?

Because your society is not allowed to even mentally acknowledge any kind of significant difference between Europeans and non-Europeans in the first place


Because ***s brainwashing you
19. Everything comes down to the ***ish "human equality" brainwash

And their world domination scheme depends on it

This is why they were so quick to take down AmRen's "racial differences in IQ" video from YouTube as soon as they started censoring
20. They understand the threat that any denial of "human equality" represents to them

The only way they can get to live in our countries and dispossess us of them is by having us believe that "all humans are equal" and "there is only one race the human race"
21. So the essence of J**aism can be summarized as the ultimate identity (the ultimate inequality) for the ***s

And equality (no identity) for the non-***s

They are the only people who get to exist as "a people"

No other group must exist on Earth to compete with them
22. So the next time some normietard tells you "discrimination is the ultimate evil" or "all humans are equal" or "there is only one race the human race" or "we all bleed red" or "diversity is our strength"

That's just J**aism you're looking at
23. So yea you can't justify asking for borders or a country or even the preservation of the European race if you don't first remove the notion that all humans are somehow fundamentally "equal" that ***s have deeply installed in our societies
24. If Juan is literally equal to you in every significant way then why is he forced to live in Guatemala while you get to live in the US

That's unfair

Let him in
25. How can you argue against race mixing if "all humans are equal" and "there is only one race the human race" and "race is only skin color" lol

It's fucking dumb

Why do you care about skin color so much bro
26. Everything they're doing (starting with something so basic as them getting to live in our countries) ultimately comes down to the "human equality" belief which is why they so desperately want to censor and ultimately outlaw any ideas that threaten it
27. Right now you're living in a "society" where one race is working to feed (and educate and cure etc) the children of other races who are displacing it from its territory

It doesn't make any fucking sense at all
28. Imagine watching some species of animal in the jungle hunting for food only to hand the food over to another competing species of animal and their offspring instead of their own

It doesn't happen because any species that did that would soon go extinct
29. It wouldn't make any sense for the Japanese people to use their taxes and wealth and hard work to feed and educate the children of the Filipinos

Anyone understands this

And they're both racially Asian
30. And yet Europeans in your country right now are working to pay taxes to feed and house and educate the children of Africans and Mestizos


Because you are living under mandatory ***ish equality
31. You don't get to say "hey i have an identity I belong to a group"

You don't even get to say that you belong to a distinct RACE

You don't even get to say the obvious. What everyone knows instantly by looking at you
32. Why?

Because you are living under ***ish EQUALITY

In other words because you are their slave

Soon your homeland and your culture and lastly your RACE (your genes) will be taken from you

You are not allowed to have any of those things
33. And once everyone is robbed of their identity

Once there are no more nations on the Earth (except them)

Once all the nations are replaced by identity-less race-less nation-less atomized individuals

Then they will have no competition

Then they will inherit the Earth
34. You don't even need to read their Satanic books to understand this

It's self-evident

Once they mix (destroy) all the nations of the Earth there will be no nations left to threaten their total hegemony

They will be the only nation left on the planet
35. This is what globalism/multiculturalism/communism/diversity/leftism comes down to

Call it what you want I'll just call it J**aism
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