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On how a partisan PPP provincial govt hijacked our national effort to fight #coronavirusinpakistan by conducting a slick media campaign based on lies,
projecting #Sindh CM as active while throwing #Balochistan govt & #Pakistan’s fed govt under the bus as incapable.

CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah is patently lying here!

Listen to what he’s saying here & then go through this thread to see how false this statement is:

“Zaireen from Iran at Taftan were to be tested for #Corona at border”

He knew it’s a lie & telling it to make himself the hero!

In order to understand how PPP Jiyalas cleverly spun this issue of return of Zaireen from Iran possibly bringing #Coronavirus with them to Pakistan, let’s look at the facts:

After 18th amendment Health is a provincial subject & strictly a responsibility of provincial govts.

As #COVID19 began spreading in #China & #SouthKorea #Pakistan’s federal govt was quick to prevent an influx of #coronavirus infected people traveling to Pakistan by suspending travel from these countries.

Despite suffering criticism for not repatriating students from Wuhan.

Even PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto himself tried to embarrass Pakistan’s federal govt by calling these students to be brought back from Wuhan, in spite of the fact that they had long term student visas & #Chinese govt agreed to look after them & provide them with utmost care.

Then reports began coming in that #CoronaVirusOutbreak has spread across #Iran specifically in #Iranian cities with 1000s of pilgrims from across the world, including from #Pakistan.

Expecting returning infected Zaireen PM’s Health Adviser Zafar Mirza arrived in Balochistan.

Dr Zafar Mirza an ex WHO official visited #Pakistan’s Iran border crossing at Taftan & formulated a screening+quarantine facilities with Balochistan Govt Health dept.

Due to Expensive & limited no of testing kits, only HEALTH SCREENING was to be conducted for Zaireen.

Lack of testing kits can’t be considered a fault of #Pakistan’s federal govt with limited resources & all health related budgeting going to the provinces who are responsible for buying these kits on their own.

Even rich countries as US & UK has shortage of testing kits.

It’s imp:

With availability of only 12-17000 testing kits with fed govt available for all #coronavirus patients among 220mil people in Pakistan, just Balochistan’s Health dept couldn’t be expected to test all 8-16000 Zaireen at Taftan.

Thermo screening was the only option.

This is how Health Dept of Balochistan government themselves described facilities of the screening of the return Zaireen from Iran.

Note: no one claimed that #coronavirus testing was going to conducted on all returning Zaireen as falsely claimed by CM Sindh.

It was here that the role of #Iran’s govt badly hurt Pakistan’s excellent steps against #coronavirus, despite request to delay return of Pakistani Zaireen with temp visas until Taftan quarantine facilities were arranged, but Iran suddenly began pushing’em across the border.

All of a sudden 1000s of #Pakistanis were stranded b/w #Iran & Pakistan border at Taftan without Iranian visas & unfinished quarantine facilities on Pakistani side.
No one expected them to be shot on border by fed govt.

They had to be accepted in temp quarantine facilities.

Despite this heavy burden the govt of #Balochistan helped the whole of #Pakistan by restricting these suspected #coronavirus patients away from the rest of #Pakistan and got busy is finishing 14 day quarantine facilities for tens of thousands people at the border.

Despite limited resources, all borders, ports, airports & entire Pakistani population to look after and no health budget due to it being a provincial subject the federal govt did the best it could to assist Balochistan govt’s health dept establish quarantine at Taftan.

The federal govt provided additional help via PDMA to facilitate the quarantine of Zaireen returning from Iran at Taftan.

But a 14 day quarantine is difficult for any human being even at home & after a few days the Zaireen began complaining for lack of facilities at Taftan.

No matter what the facts of the facilities were at Taftan, eventually the quarantined people began getting restless & began protesting to be allowed to return to their respective home.

This was an extremely difficult position for resource constrained Balochistan government.

Then the quarantined Zaireen began protesting with demands to be allowed to return to their respective homes.

Despite this immense pressure #Balochistan govt maintained the quarantine.

It may be true that facilities at the quarantine were not of 5 star hotel quality & these returning Zaireen had to suffer hardships during the 14 days at Taftan,

Balochistan still deserves the credit for hosting thousands of #coronavirus suspects away from other cities.

In this difficult time on the 9th of March 2020, an #Iran hating #Pakistani journalist began spreading sinister rumors of 1000s of Zaireen being sent by buses across Pakistan into cities by federal govt due to sectarian reasons.

This news turned out to be utterly false.

Because the process of Zaireen’s repatriation only began on 13March, 14 days after Dr Zafar Mirza visited Taftan post on 28Feb.

But these Zaireen were NOT sent home, but handed to their respective provincial health depts for Coronavirus Testing, Quarantine & Isolation.
Note, Dr Zafar Mirza visited Taftan on 28Feb & provinces began receiving highly escorted Zaireen on 14March.

All respective provincial Health Depts began receiving these Zaireen in prepared Quarantine facilitates, testing them for #coronavirus & isolating infected patients.

This was done according to the agreed plans & strategies devised by federal government in consultations with all provincial governments, including all concerned institutions who agreed to them at the National Security meeting held in Islamabad on 13th of March 2020.

However, in spite of being privy to plans devised to fight #Coronavirus as a national fight, #Sindh’s PPP Govt began a vicious media campaign to discredit federal & Balochistan govts to claim political credit.

Knowing very well that many Zaireen would test +ve upon testing.

It seemed to be a coordinated media campaign with same hashtags such as #SindhGovt & #MuradAliShah where PPP activists, SM bloggers & PPP ‘friendly’ media personalities began posting high praise of #Sindh’s govt & criticizing #Pakistan’s federal & #Balochistan governments.

This social media campaign became so vicious, with the posting of unverified documents, harmful rumors & plain fake news that,
WHO-Pakistan & UNICEF-Pakistan had to issue clarifications denying ‘circulation of fake messages misinformation about #COVID19 in Pakistan.”

It is also imp:

All preparations #Sindh govt, CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah & Sindh’s Health Minister Azra Pechuho were able to make was due to the 14 days respite they received after the emergency response of the quarantine arrangements of Balochistan gov & fed govt at Taftan.

After admitting #Sindh Health dept possession of 10,000 testing kits, Sindh CM admits testing 1000s of people without symptoms is not considered reasonable,
himself explaining why Sindh govt is not conducting “Mass Testing” debunking his own blame of Balochistan govt.

Considering the above it’s very sad that, instead of fighting #coronavirus epidemic as a national fight PPP indulged in a pathetic media campaign.

Just as the unfortunate attitude of #Iran govt that forcibly repatriated 1000s of Zaireen without screening back to #Pakistan.

This Tareen Sahib is a team member of Zara Hat Kay Show on DawnNews, & he still didn’t the issue in detail.

I had to explain it to him with a little more detail, let’s hope he understands the point that

#Sindh Govt only followed the plan & tried to stage a propaganda coup.

Tareen Sahib question the standard of quarantine facilities and I explain a little more:

Tareen Sahib is still not convinced and I explain further:

Video message from #Balochistan CM @jam_kamal directly, explaining all above points:

1-#CoronaVirus Zaireen brought infection from Iran not Taftan.

2-They were pushed across border by Iran.

3-After Quarantine all Zaireen were handed to respective provincial Health Depts.

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