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Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to give speech tomorrow (03/20/20) at 8:30 PM (2:30 PM ET)…
1-Nasrallah's speech begins.
2-Nasrallah: In light of coronavirus outbreak and different developments, it might be necessary for me to make periodic appearances - every week, or 10 days - as is necessary
3-Nasrallah: Tonight I want to talk about two things 1) the collaborator Amer al-Fakhoury, 2) Coronavirus
4-Nasrallah: Most important factor binding the Resistance and its base is mutual trust. Our enemies are trying to harm this mutual trust.
5-Nasrallah: There is a psychological war afoot over public opinion, most important part of which is the solid trust on which the resistance's military readiness is based, which gives it support to combat all enemies, like Israel, U.S., etc.
6-Nasrallah: Therefore the emotional wellbeing of our support base is very important
7-Nasrallah: We had no knowledge of a deal regarding the release of Amer Fakhoury. What we're aware of is the lack of any such deal
8-Nasrallah: We were therefore not a part of any deal to secure his release, because no such deal existed to begin with
9-Nasrallah: Since Fakhoury's detention six months ago, U.S. began applying heavy pressure on the Lebanese state and officials
10-Nasrallah: The Americans pressured everyone who could have influence on Fakhoury's fate to secure his release unconditionally. They directly threatened anyone who could hinder his release with sanctions
11-Nasrallah: Both the current and former ambassadors engaged in such threats, entirely ignoring the fact that this man was a war criminal. Forget that he was a collaborator. The Americans were unperturbed by his human rights abuses and crimes, just that he was a U.S. citizen
12-Nasrallah: There are many judges who in various ways withstood this pressure, and they must be lauded. But there were others who succumbed, even after withstanding 6 months of pressure
13-Nasrallah: In the last two months, w/ the increase of U.S. pressure and threats, Lebanese officials considered their options re: Fakhoury. Several officials discussed the situation and U.S. sanction threats w/us in Hezbollah
14-Nasrallah: Calmly, and respectfully, they discussed this matter with us. There was no pressure by anyone on anyone. Just calmly trading ideas.
15-Nasrallah: Our stance - and we've not changed - was that U.S. intervention in Lebanese judicial process regarding Fakhoury is very dangerous and bad
16-Nasrallah: We're also not a neutral observer in this matter - we were the ones who were killed, fought, and were imprisoned. This will also open up many dangerous precedents for Lebanon - that U.S. can blackmail Lebanon w/sanctions
17-Nasrallah: They can now blackmail Lebanon w/concessions on border demarcation, or important internal political/military appointments, etc.
18-Nasrallah: I was personally asked about allowing Fakhoury's release. I said very clearly that we should not succumb to U.S. pressures and allow Fakhoury's release.
19-Nasrallah: Judicial orders were issued to prevent Fakhoury's travel abroad. U.S. officials exerted pressure to allow Fakhoury to leave via Hariri Airport, but Lebanese officials resisted this.
20-Nasrallah: So Americans smuggled him out of Embassy as you saw, in gross violation of Lebanese sovereignty and disregard for Lebanese judiciary, or the fact that this man was a human rights abuser. Then @realDonaldTrump openly adopted this extraction.
21-Nasrallah: We wanted Amer Fakhoury to receive a just trial in Lebanon
22-Nasrallah: We were informed a decision was taken to allow Fakhoury's release. We don't control the Lebanese state and its institutions, so this wasn't our choice.
23-Nasrallah: There are those who are blaming Hezbollah for not sabotaging Fakhoury's release, and doing what we could to return him to prison
24-Nasrallah: There are those who are saying that Hezbollah should have repeated May 7, 2008.
25-Nasrallah: We undertook the actions of May 7, 2008 in response to an exigent circumstance, whereby the gov't then wanted to shut down our telecommunication network, leading to a clash between the State/Army/Security Forces and Hezbollah. Amer Fakhoury wasn't worth this.
26-Nasrallah: Others said we should have interdicted Fakhoury on his way to the U.S. Embassy. What should we have done? Clashed with and killed LAF soldiers and officers to return him?
27-Nasrallah: Another genius idea was that Hezbollah should have downed the U.S. helicopter that extracted Fakhoury. Would doing that have been in the interests of Lebanon or the Resistance?
28-Nasrallah: Others suggested we should have collapsed the gov't - which @realDonaldTrump thanked for their cooperation on Fakhoury's release. In light of country's economic, health, etc. conditions, would collapsing the gov't have been in Lebanon's interests?
29-Nasrallah: Others suggested Hezbollah should have held massive demonstrations in Awkwar and broken into the U.S. embassy, torched it, etc.. Would this have been a smart or productive idea, especially by creating massive congregations of people when coronavirus is spreading?
30-Nasrallah: We will not react emotionally. We have principles and priorities. We discuss these matters, and act based on the country's and resistance's interests.
31-Nasrallah: No one can embarrass us into taking irresponsible decisions. Anyone who thinks they can do that is wasting their time.
32-Nasrallah: Blaming Hezbollah for Fakhoury's release is blaming the victim. The blame for his release is exclusively on the U.S. administration, which pressured, threatened, etc.
33-Nasrallah: Also, America's Lebanese friends can no longer talk about illegal border crossings. Didn't the U.S. extract Fakhoury through an "illegal border crossing?" Have some shame.
34-Nasrallah: Everyone must now be very cognizant and aware of American intervention in Lebanon.
35-Nasrallah: America does not have total control over Lebanon, as evidenced by judges who resisted American pressure. We shouldn't lump all the judiciary into one basket. U.S. also couldn't pressure airport security apparatus to allow Fakhoury's transit.
36-Nasrallah: So those saying that America controls Lebanon, and this incident proves it, are wrong. U.S. has influence in Lebanon, of course. But sometimes it activates that influence, and other times Lebanon isn't a U.S. priority. But we should be aware of U.S. influence.
37-Nasrallah: Amer Fakhoury's case must continue to be pursued through the judiciary. The Lebanese judiciary must not consider this case closed - he must be considered a fugitive from Lebanese justice.
38-Nasrallah: Option to pursue Fakhoury through international legal instruments must also be considered
39-Nasrallah: An investigative judicial or parliamentary committee must be formed to determine how Fakhoury was released, and its implications for Lebanon
40-Nasrallah: Regarding coronavirus, all estimates are that dealing with this matter could take months at least.
41-Nasrallah: There should be social responsibility to ensure adherence to quarantine procedures
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