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1. A belief structure shared by a society doesn't have to be officially recognized as a religion in order to effectively be a religion
2. Religions define concepts of good and evil and acceptable social behavior and a purpose for existence in a society

If you find a belief structure shared by a society that does these things then that's a religion whether they officially call it a religion or not
3. If you have the means to force a certain belief structure onto a society by hammering it into people's heads and repeating it over and over again and censoring any competing ideas then you can impose that belief structure as the set of rules that governs the society's behavior
4. You could make a society literally believe that God is a giant spaghetti monster or that eating certain types of food is evil or whatever the fuck you want

As long as you had the means to aggressively brainwash the population with it over a long period of time
5. Normally throughout history the people in a society who are tasked with brainwashing the population with a certain religious belief structure have an officially religious role

Like priests or shamans or rabbis or whatever
6. Today however it is not the priests in your local church who have the power to brainwash your population

They are increasingly irrelevant

Today the people who really have the power to propagandize your population are the people who control the mass media
7. If they wanted to they could grab a certain belief structure and brainwash your entire population with it

And they're doing it

This belief structure is displacing Christianity or any other religion as the main belief structure that governs the behavior of Western societies
8. The thing is, this belief structure that's being imposed on our societies is not officially recognized as a religion

So you have a very bizarre situation in the West right now where the majority of people adhere to a certain religion but they don't even know it
9. And yes this religion does have a certain structure that's not hard to see once you notice it

The main characteristic of this belief structure is that it defines equality as justice (good) and inequality as injustice (evil)
10. We are taught since childhood that all humans are and should be "equal"

And that any instance of inequality between humans is absolutely evil (because it is injustice)
11. More importantly, we are taught that since all humans are equal, then any instance of inequality must be artificially created

Artificially created by something BAD

They call this evil force that causes inequality "oppression"
12. We are taught that any significant difference between any two groups of humans MUST be created by an evil force of "oppression"

Because otherwise we are denying the fundamental belief that all people are somehow fundamentally "equal"
13. So who is responsible for this force of "oppression" which causes inequality between groups of humans

Well easy, the group that clearly benefits from the forced unnatural EVIL "inequality"
14. For example, why do whites perform better than blacks on average

Why are all African societies absolute shit compared to European societies

Well, because of white oppression duh

Ever heard of slavery and colonialism? These things created the inequality you observe today!
15. The alternative explanation would be that Europeans and Africans are just racially different

And that is simply not true! Because all humans are equal!

So any inequality between whites and blacks that you observe today was created by whites oppressing the blacks
16. This force of "opression" between whites and blacks even has a word!

We've all been mindfucked with it non-stop since childhood in movies and school

The so-called famous "racism"
17. Nevermind that this word didn't even exist 100 years ago

It's an absolutely real thing and it explains any instance of racial inequality that you see today

Because we all know all humans are equal, so therefore racism must exist to explain racial inequality
18. The people who adhere to this religion based on worshiping "human equality", that is, the equality cultists, explain everything they see using this inequality/oppression mechanism
19. For example, why is there differences between men and women

Well, because of oppression of course!

Oppression that creates inequality

There is no other explanation (like biological differences nono that's just impossible)

This particular oppression is called "sexism"
20. So, just like "racism" is the oppression that creates inequality between the races

"Sexism" is the oppression that creates inequality between the sexes

As you can see, this religion's structure is extremely sophisticated
21. The people who are on a religious quest to fight "sexism" are called "feminists"

The people who are on a religious quest to fight "racism" are called "anti-racists"

They are all equality cultists

The main thing to understand is they are chasing "human equality"
22. Your entire country has been HEAVILY BRAINWASHED with this bullshit since childhood for generations now and they don't even know it

Heavily brainwashed on purpose by the people who control your media and educational system

But we'll get to them later
23. How do they brainwash you?

Well, by repeating the bullshit over and over again

By showing you non-stop images of "oppression"

How many times since childhood have the schools and movies reminded you of "slavery"

What other race gives a fuck about the people they enslaved
24. Ok so back to the structure of this religion your friends and family are getting brainwashed with

The evil force that creates inequality is called "oppression"

The advantage that one group obtains by oppressing another group is called "privilege"
25. We've all heard the terms "white privilege" and "male privilege"

All these "privileges" are the result of evil oppression

Nobody has any "privilege" when everyone is equal
26. Needless to explain that if whites are evil for having "white privilege" and if men are evil for having "male privilege" then white males are VERY FUCKING EVIL

Equality cultists FUCKING HATE WHITE MALES above all other groups
27. Another form of "oppression" that these people believe in is oppression against homosexuals

They call this one "homophobia"

Why was being straight (sticking dick in pussy) considered normal throughout history if every1 should be equal

Well because of "homophobia" of course
28. So you see how "homophobia" and "racism" and "sexism" are all ultimately the same thing

They are all forces of oppression that cause inequality

And they are all very evil
29. So if white men are VERY FUCKING EVIL

Then straight white men are EXTREMELY FUCKING EVIL

Equality cultists hate the shit out of white men who don't suck dick
30. OK so weve talked about slavery and sexism and etc

But we haven't mentioned yet the BIGGEST OPPRESSION in human history (oh gawd it's so evil)

The biggest instance of one group of poor helpless victims being oppressed by horrible evil white men who also didn't suck dick
31. We all know what this historical event was

It was the "Holocaust"

We've all seen the movies and documentaries on it (produced by ***s)

Watch out with what you comment here, the "Holocaust" is illegal to question in certain countries
32. Everyone knows that the "Holocaust" was the biggest crime and atrocity and act of oppression in human history

So in this entire structure of oppressor-victim relationships in which straight white men are the biggest oppressor group, ***s are the biggest victim group
33. Why? Because of the "Holocaust"

And you can't question it cuz even if it's not literally illegal in your country to doubt the "Holocaust" then it sure as hell will make you get fired so shut the fuck up
34. So in this entire structure of groups of people and oppression forces which cause inequality, the Holocaust plays a key role

It is the ultimate oppression

And it is therefore the ultimate inequality (the ultimate evil)
35. Ok so here's where it gets really cool

We've explained that equality cultists want to achieve "equality" by fighting "oppression" and unjust "privilege"

How do they do this?

How do they fight evil oppression?
36. They fight the evil oppression by COUNTERING it with an inverse oppression

In their terms they call this "resisting oppression"

If there exists an evil oppression that causes inequality then they must counter it with an upside down inverse oppression

I'll explain
37. Why does our entire society actively discriminate against whites in employment and education

And why is it socially accepted? It is a clear form of oppression against whites

Well, because we are only restoring EQUALITY by oppressing whites

Therefore it is a good oppression
38. Likewise, all other forms of oppression that are upside down to the oppressions which (supposedly) create inequality are seen as good oppressions which are only here to restore equality, and are therefore socially mandatory
39. So basically, what's happening here is that by repeating a narrative of A oppressing B, they are conjuring in your society an upside down inverse oppression force against A

I call it inversion voodoo cuz it sounds cool
40. By repeating stories about A oppressing B over and over again in the media and schools and everywhere

And regardless if these stories are actually true or accurate or not

They are essentially casting a spell that creates an inverse force of oppression against A
41. This is why in your society today it is considered a form of absolute EVIL to oppress or discriminate against blacks in any way but it is socially accepted to discriminate against whites

It all comes down to this equality brainwash
42. These inversion spells only work when the society believes in "human equality"

If your society no longer believes that all humans are naturally "equal" then any instance of inequality can no longer be blamed on "oppression" and the entire spell collapses
43. So the religion of equality forcefully equalizes nature by destroying any naturally occurring inequalities through inversion voodoo spells

If whites are more accomplished than blacks or mestizos then now whites must be punished and oppressed against until everything is EQUAL
44. Look around you and you'll see that your entire society is constantly spending time and resources trying to achieve "equality"

By oppressing certain groups which supposedly have "privilege" and giving actual privilege to the groups who are supposedly "oppressed"
45. For example, why is there a month where your entire society and government and every single company must place rainbow flags everywhere and worship non-heterosexuals

Well, because heterosexuals have PRIVILEGE

So now we must give PRIVILEGE to non-heterosexuals
46. Hating and punishing whites and men and heterosexuals

Just like worshiping and giving privileges to homosexuals, blacks, and ***s (most importantly ***s!!! we must worship them!!!!)

Are all a part of the religion of human "equality"
47. Forget about Christianity that religion is gone now it is no longer relevant

Today your society's purpose for existence is not to live according to the Bible and to worship Christ

It is to fight "racism" and atone for the "Holocaust" and achieve "equality"
48. So your country is operating according to a new religion now even though few people are aware of it

This religion is extremely hostile against white people and traditional white societies

Because the people who promote it are hostile against white people and white societies
49. Ok here's where it gets even cooler

The people who promote this religion based on worshiping human "equality"

They have a separate private exclusive religion only for them where they believe that God "chose" them to rule over humanity lmao
50. Turns out they don't really believe in human equality at all

They believe that they are divinely UNEQUAL

I'm lazy so I'm just gonna link this previous thread explaining how their private religion fits in with the "equality" that they feed you

51. So while they brainwash your children with "human equality" and tell your kids that they are guilty of "racism" and that they are EVIL if they ever "discriminate"

Meanwhile they teach their own children that they are "chosen by God" and that they are superior to everyone
53. So, according to this thread that you obviously read, their religion of inequality (for them) IS the religion of equality (for you)

Their religion can be summarized as the maximum inequality for them and mandatory equality for the rest of humanity

54. And since "equalizing" everything means destroying everything

Their religion is the religion of worldwide destruction

Once they have destroyed all the nations and races of the world they will be the only nation left to rule over it
55. Ok so we explained how by repeating stories about one group being evil oppressors they generate inverse oppression against that group IRL

Because we all know that whites invented slavery pretty much then it is now socially accepted (and even mandatory) to hate white people
56. Not only do they make it socially mandatory to discriminate against and hate the oppressors, they make it socially mandatory to worship and give privileges to the oppressed group (the victims)
57. You might have noticed that the media has this weird mysterious tendency to suppress news when it's blacks committing acts of violence against whites and to AMPLIFY IT like craazy when it's the other way around
57. (blacks or mestizos, any non-whites really)

Why do they do this?

They have been slowly building a narrative for GENERATIONS of white people being evil oppressors and POC and ***s being poor victims

They don't want to ruin this narrative by accurately reporting reality
59. Oh fuck i posted 57. twice fuck it

This is tweet 59 now

You can bet your mom for this same reason that Hollywood will NEVER produce a movie about communist ***s slaughtering Europeans out of ethnic hatred
60. It would totally undermine the voodoo spell they've cast on your entire population portraying whites as evil and everyone else (especially ***s) as victims
61. Continue this thread later further expanding on the inversion voodoo magic from hell that these people have mindfucked your entire society with for the past few generations
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