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1. Ok so the previous 2 threads mention how your society has been brainwashed with this belief structure based on worshiping human equality by a group of people who believe they are divinely unequal to the rest of humanity
2. Even though Christianity might be the most popular official religion in our country it is no longer the belief structure that population adheres to the strongest
3. Ask yourself what is considered the bigger EVIL today in your society

Committing some sin according to the Bible?

Or being a RACIST?
4. Who does your society see as the bigger hero in the fight for good against evil

Some actual saint

Or Martin Luther King
5. Who does the society more strongly associate with absolute evil

Literally Satan

6. As a matter of fact today you can walk around with a shirt saying "Satan rules" and mocking Christ and people will ignore you or even think it's cool and funny

But wear a shirt that says "Hitler rules" and mocking ***s on the street and see what happens
7. Your society is being programmed with a new belief structure based on worshiping "equality" and fighting "inequality"

It doesn't come from the church it comes from the TV screen which is a lot more powerful
8. This is why today the word "discrimination" has been turned into a bad word

Discrimination wasn't always a bad word

Until recently, "discrimination" simply meant being able to recognize differences
9. You "discriminate" when you choose a partner

When you pick your friends

When you pick where to walk

When you pick who gets to belong to your society and who doesn't
10. Discrimination is fundamental to survival

Without being able to discriminate you are absolutely fucked

And that's exactly the point
11. Without being able to "discriminate" how do you pick who enters your country and who doesn't?

How do you pick who gets to belong to your society and who doesn't

You just can't

You are left open for invasion
12. Discrimination today is a sin because in order to discriminate you need to be able to recognize differences

You need to deny (holy) equality

Therefore you are not allowed to discriminate
13. As a matter of fact the word discrimination today is associated with oppression

It is regarded as a form of "oppression" (which is the source of inequality) to recognize and point out any lack of equality
14. For you to look at a Mexican and simply say "he is a mestizo and I am a European" is to the equality cultists an act of oppression

Even if you did nothing but simply acknowledge and point out the fact that you two are not equal
15. So in the mind of equality cultists we have this abstract equivalence between these concepts:

Evil = Injustice = Inequality = Oppression = Discrimination
16. Ok so why am I analyzing the concept of "discrimination" so much

Every society needs rules of discrimination in order to survive in nature
17. A society needs to be able to discriminate in favor of that which is healthy and to discriminate against that which is unhealthy

Against that which reduces its chances at survival
18. This is why a healthy society that wants to survive will discriminate in favor of healthy families and healthy sexual behavior and in favor of high birth rates and against degenerate unhealthy sexual behavior
19. This is why a healthy society will discriminate in favor of its own members (insiders) and AGAINST outsiders

A healthy society doesn't just let literally ANYONE inside its borders and among its citizens
20. But these people have made us associate discrimination with evil so we can't do that. We can't discriminate

We have to treat everyone "equally" right?

21. As explained, discrimination is a form of oppression

And the way equality cultists believe they must fight oppression is by countering it with an inverse oppression

So for every (former) rule of discrimination in society they must now impose an inverse discrimination
22. This is why equality cultists

Aka leftists/liberals/progressives/SJWs, call them whatever

They don't simply not discriminate

They discriminate upside down to how your society used to discriminate
23. Your society used to discriminate against outsiders

Now your society discriminates against insiders by importing outsiders and giving them advantages to help them displace the insiders and take their jobs and wealth
24. Your society used to discriminate against sexual degeneracy

Now your government and corporations and the media encourage it aggressively

And healthy normal families are now discriminated against and associated with "oppression"
25. The religion of equality not only doesn't let you discriminate

It forces your society to be in favor of everything it used to discriminate against and vice versa

The religion of equality inverts your society's behavior by flipping the rules of discrimination upside down
26. In other words what used to be considered healthy behavior must now be discriminated against

And what that used to be considered unhealthy behavior must now be discriminated in favor of
27. In the case of ***s living inside a European society as a parasite inside a host we have something called a zero-sum situation

It's called a zero sum situation because whatever limited resources they obtain they must steal from the host

Therefore both can't mutually benefit
28. For the parasite stealing resources from the host, a healthy host is bad news

A healthy host is likely to resist and fight against the parasitic presence

Therefore for the parasite a healthy host goes against his chances at survival
29. What is healthy for the host is unhealthy for the parasite and vice versa

A host nation with healthy strong families and a well defined strong racial and cultural identity is very likely to resist their presence and expel them
30. Talking about expelling

Remember how they have turned their "Holocaust" story into the biggest evil which must never be repeated

Well, the "Holocaust" story is essentially a story of a host expelling a hostile parasite
31. Is the "Holocaust" therefore good?

Yes for the host and no for the parasite

Is the "Holocaust" evil?

Yes for the parasite and no for the host
32. Therefore everything which leads to them getting expelled, everything that is healthy for the host, is holocausty (and evil) to these people

Look at the following image
33. This image triggers the shit out of equality cultists

Traditional European family
Many children
Racially healthy
No race mixing
No sexual deviancy

It is a NAZI image

It is a holocausty image

It is an evil image
34. Now look at this image

Some drag kid or whatever in a pride parade

This image is the exact opposite of the previous image and equality cultists are not triggered by it

It is an anti-holocausty image

It is a good image
35. Why is it that equality cultists see socially healthy behavior as evil and socially unhealthy behavior as good?

Because they are looking at society's behavior from the parasite's upside-down inverted morality
36. They have been tricked by the parasite's demonic inversion voodoo from hell into associating all past discriminations with evil oppressions which must be countered by inverse oppressions and inverse discriminations thus flipping the social rules of discrimination upside down
37. So the parasite basically hacks the society's behavior by inverting it

What used to be a society working towards survival is now a society working towards its own destruction
38. The parasite conjures evil by making that which is healthy and moral according to the Natural Order immoral, and vice versa

The parasite corrupts nature (or God's creation if you're religious) by inverting it
39. I see that some people choose to define ***s as evil from a religious point of view and others from a Natural Order point of view

It's all the same

There is nothing more moral and good than fighting for the health and survival of your people
40. Equality cultists on the other hand are fighting directly against it

They are fighting for the destruction and extinction of all the races and cultures on the Earth
41. They've had their natural healthy behavior flipped upside down by the eternal corrupters who use their demonic trickery and mind control spells to wage war against nature by inverting it

And who suck baby dicks too
42. Ok I'll keep poasting tomorrow

Tl;dr ***s are very evil and they flip your society's behavior upside down using their TV voodoo

And they suck baby dicks
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