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If true...and I'm waiting to see what OANN releases...this means once again the Democrats stumbled RIGHT INTO A TRAP.

Trump LET them be themselves, knowing this would come out later.

Trump **embraced** that $25 million in the emergency stimulus bill for a reason.

And we're starting to see what that reason is.

He **let** them be themselves. He **knows** these people. He knew what they would do.
Just like he knows these people so well, he **KNEW** governors were hiding/hoarding med. equipment & supplies, he unleashes Barr and the federal investigators and ALL OF A SUDDEN, golly gee whiz, TONS of supplies & equipment just start MAGICALLY TURNING UP.
So after 3 straight days of watching TRUMP SUPPORTERS, well many FORMER Trump supporters shake their fists under his nose and wail "DAMN YOU TRUMP!!! DAAAAAMMMNNNN YOU TO HEEEEEELLLLL!!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS??!!!

I am laughing my ass off.
The white hot heat of a thousand suns rage voters are going to have for the Democrats running these states, big cities and national party will be even MORE intense by the time November gets here.

Trump hasn't really even started campaigning yet.
Publicly all you saw was Barr issuing an announcement at a press conference last week.

PRIVATELY plenty of governors & others hoarding/hiding med. supplies & equipment got visits from federal investigators showing some of them where 'lost' or 'misplaced' equipment was.
Think of the "OH SH*T!!!!" come to Jesus moment that Cuomo and many others had the past week when FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS showed up and knew the EXACT LOCATION of some of the stuff that had been stashed for safe keeping out of sight.

"They know...OMG THEY KNOW!!"
And by the time Trump holds that presser yesterday, tons of medical supplies and equipment are being 'discovered' in warehouses and Cuomo is having to "explain" why he was attacking Trump for not giving him enough respirators when he had TWO WAREHOUSES full hidden away.
And now a audio recording was made of a Kennedy Center conference call after Democrats FORCED tons of pork into that virus emergency relief bill.

What did I tell you months ago?

Trump will SHOW lifelong Democrat voters why they can NEVER vote for that party EVER AGAIN.
And he hasn't really even started yet, these are just warning rumbles of the coming earthquake that you are seeing now.

Trump knows where the missing billions went in Baltimore.

He's waiting to drop it at the right time.
When he starts earnestly campaigning over the summer and into the fall is when most of this will drop.

Winning the 2018 midterms was the WORST thing that ever happened to the Democratic party.

LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID with their control of the House the past 2 years.
If they don't get control of the House, we don't get:

1) Green New Deal insanity
2) AOC & "The Squad" being the New Face of The D Party
3) Ukraine impeachment theater
4) Dems holding a emergency funding bill hostage for the pork they just HAD to have
The Democrats base is SHRINKING. It's NOTHING like what it was 2 years ago.

Hundreds of thousands have done #WalkAway #WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever .

Social media is CHOCK FULL of former Democrats testifying how they have left the party over it's lurch to the far far Left.
You find no movement whatsoever in the OPPOSITE direction.

You see no mass movement of former REPUBLICANS testifying how they have left the R party at last during the past 2 years & how they just can't WAIT to vote for JOE BIDEN!
and Trump has not even seriously started campaigning for reelection yet.

He held rallies, was up to 2-3 a week when this pandemic hit and interrupted everything.

By June things will be back to normal, and the 2020 campaign will have restarted.
We don't even have the results of Durham's criminal investigations of the RussiaGate fraud yet.

Democrats and their cronies are doing JUST FINE at revealing & exposing themselves without Durham adding to the mix just yet.


Here's why Trump signed that bill with all the pork that had been added into it.

Because it's already clearly established law that he has EMERGENCY POWERS he can invoke to send the money elsewhere to meed a more urgent national need.
Where did MOST of the money Trump pulled into the wall come from?

Money that had already been part of the federal budget for OTHER THINGS.

Trump repurposed it, pulled it from some place to use it for the wall & border security.

Remember that?
The Democrats argued "No you CAN'T pull money from in from other places in the federal budget for your wall project, you don't have the authority!"

They **challenged** the President's ability to use emergency powers to repurpose $ collected in a Congressional budget he'd signed.
Congress created a budget, sent it to Trump, he signed it.

The money was disbursed.

Then Trump invoked EMERGENCY POWERS to pull billions of $ from the DoD to the wall project.

The Democrats SCREAMED FOUL and took him to court, remember?

What was the result?
The result was that the Supreme Court ruled and said "Mr. President, you CAN do that under your emergency powers.

You can use your national emergency powers to take those billions from the Department of Defense and use them for border security and the wall."
So if Trump suddenly decides during a NATIONAL EMERGENCY that he needs to invoke his emergency powers to send that $25 million slated for the Kennedy Center somewhere else where it's more urgently needed, guess what?

The Supreme Court **already established this**.

It's not even a chin-stroking question at this point "Gee, could Trump do that?"

It's settled precedent.

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