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“Second verse, same as the first.”

The Establishment Democrats and their corporate shills on TV and all over social media are already signaling that they want Bernie to drop out of the race, even though half of America hasn’t voted yet.

This was always their main objective.
They sent almost 30 candidates at him.
They spent easy over a billion collectively.
Even now every state has disturbingly inaccurate exit polling that in any other country the OAS would deem as a fraudulent election. And yet here we are.

But the establishment Dems and Joe Biden himself along with Tom Perez and their Super PAC’s CNN and MSNBC say nothing as they’ve directed Americans to go vote in a pandemic primary that has already shown poll workers to have contracted #coronavirus.
Now the DNC want to penalize any state that doesn’t have their Primary on time during a pandemic.

But they’re the “good guys” right?

Penalizing states for what they had no control over.
Makes “sense.”
Sadly and frustratingly not even Bernie and his campaign have said anything about the #TDMResearchExitPolling in all states in the primary so far.

Not one peep on CNN or MSNBC.
🤔 But if Lula, Maduro or Evo had these exit poll discrepancies in their elections then a right wing authoritarian militaristic coup would be implemented, and if that didn’t work then they’d try imprisonment or assassination.
But anyway, this self fulfilling Establishment Dem/ corporate MSM false narrative which is never asked of any other candidate ad nauseam except of Bernie staying in a primary and how “it has hurt Hillary” or...
... “will hurt Joe” is a projection and a distraction. It’s a set up and we’ve seen this story before.

We saw how it turned out too.
It’s a manipulation. It tries to cut off and circumvent actual democracy. “We don’t need or want the rest of the country to vote.”
They know that Joe is a weak candidate. So they’re setting up their scapegoat ahead of time by asking this question while gas lighting millions of Americans saying it’s “all Bernie’s fault if Joe loses.”
☝️which is both a formal and informal fallacy, a false dilemma and a straw man trolling tactic.
And that’s all this is. #ConcernTrolling.

It’s meant to push blame, anxiety and hate into everyone at any thought of Bernie and millions of his supporters.
Of course this line of attack and magical thinking dismisses the truth about why Americans didn’t show up for Hillary in the key states. It also dismisses any culpability or responsibility of Joe Biden’s obvious gaffes,
constant made up fantasies, inability to speak coherently for any long amount of time, his sexual assault escapades and groping of children, mistreatment of women like #TaraReade and #AntiaHill,
his crooked money dealings by him and his family, his aggressive nature to get in voters faces and call them names, insult them, poke them with his finger and yell in their faces ... and of course any responsibility by the DNC and Establishment Democrats.
“It’s all Bernie’s fault.”
“It’s Russia’s fault.”
“It’s Trump’s fault.”
“It’s progressives fault.”
“It’s the ‘too far Left’s’ fault.”
“It’s Julian Assange’s fault.”
“It’s the youths fault.”
“It’s the Bernie Bros fault.”
“It’s the fault of voters who didn’t vote.”
But it’s never their fault.


They’re always “the victims” as they victimize and run a constant negative influence campaign on Bernie and his supporters for literally years.
Of course this line of magical thinking never addresses the actual reason why we have the symptom of Trump in the first is because of the failed policies of right wing corporatists and
centrists trying to manage neo liberalism incrementally to the right wing towards predatory crony capitalism with the largest redistribution of wealth ever in the recorded history of the planet to the 1% creating income inequality by design.
But it’s easier to just shame, troll, gas light, attack, smear, abuse, yell at, harass and blame Bernie and the Bros.
#DropOutBernie,” Whoopi wants her second round of Tax Breaks for the rich.


The #JoeBidenGaffeFactory w/ Lies.

Joe makes no sense.

Joe is asked a question and answers a completely different question instead.

Biden on The View.
“Go vote for Trump.”

“You’re a damn liar!”

Joe Biden claims he’s a University Professor.
👉 1.…
👉 2.

Joe Biden talks gibberish about pell grants.

Joe Biden accuser #TaraReade speaks out. #MeToo
Joe Biden accuser comes forward with very serious allegations.

This bit.

Joe Biden on the “illegals.”

Joe Biden’s hypocrisy on Cuba.
Biden can’t stop lying about his social security record.
👉 3.

Biden gets angry at question.

Biden confronted by Veteran.
Biden was a key figure in pushing the Iraq War.

The Patriot Act

Big Money
"If you go out and bundle $250K for me and then you call me after I’m elected, I’m gonna say come on in."
Roe V Wade

Here Joe Biden admits on live TV that he met with a foreign leader during his campaign.
Biden's campaign and the outside groups backing him have taken $1.34 million from the pharmaceuticals and health products industry.

After Joe disappears for a week during a COVID12/coronavirus pandemic crisis, he returns.
And it’s weird.
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