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[1/n] Anatomy of a pamphlet Gujarat Files! Its not a book @RanaAyyub its under 95 pages. Reminds me of the Soviet era pamphlets we used to get them when I was a child at a Soviet Union established steel plant of the Steel Authority of India Limited in the Central India.
[2/n] Who certified Shahid Azmi as one of the finest mind's in criminal law? The Bar council of India? Image
[3/n] Tell me something who killed the 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada in April 2010? That day is still in my memory. Image
[4/n] India's most educated honorable PM Manmohan Singh commented, which was quoted by the BBC on 15th Sept 2009. Image
[5/n] I am going to cite This highly acclaimed scientifically supported publication to debunk your claims.
He argues that Maoists revolution is a Secular extremist movement and martyrdom plays the same role as in Religious extremism. This is inline with what I said to Ashok Swain ImageImage
[6/n] What Did I just Read Rana? Let me show screen shots from your book with red ticks and the Highlighted.
Then Also show the same Suyken's highly acclaimed scientific article which speaks about Hijacking Bhagat Singh as a symbol by Naxalites. Link:… ImageImageImage
Not being pre-notioned or judgmental about your work Rana. Not at all. @RanaAyyub . However, until this point I've only seen justifications and grand claims about Shahid being "Finest" Criminal lawyer. I do condemn his murder. It is sad that a life is lost in a democratic country Image
[7/n] But, I do want to make a brief observation about your deceased friend Shahid Azmi. Who was arrested as a juvenile duing 1992 riots. Then as per the documents available in public domain he was arrested again for plotting against the state. He said he went to POK.
[8/n] POK to get trained. He said he decided to go there bcoz he saw his community members being kille din police action. However, other community members were also killed in police action. They didnt pick up arms or crossover to get trained.
[9/n] @RanaAyyub I can do this all day long all night long. look at this. You are justifying Sohrabuddin again? No wonder Supreme court threw away your book. Like my Mathematics teacher once threw away my notebook for me being unruly boy in class 10th . Image
[10/n] Encounter killing if fake is perhaps wrong. e.g. @ARanganathan72 & I both agree that Hyd Rapists encounter was a dangerous precedent. However, it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that Sohrabuddin was a terrorist! Image
[10/n] He was caught with 40 AK47 in Ujjain 1995. I remember this story was covered by Newstrack India back then; those were the days it featured on Competition Success Review as well. I wan a Class 9th Boy dreaming NDA and living a preparation for it. Image
[11/n] This way way before you even Shahid Azmi Image
[12/n] You can look up in this document. How three facets were considered. before 26/11/2005, on 26/11/2005 and after 26/11/2005.
[13/n] As I said, you've only justified until now. Modi! Well No Riots happened after 2002 in Gujarat. I would like to cite Nicole Elfi's report in the next tweet "Sifting Facts From Fiction" Image
[14/n] @RanaAyyub I have read this and you should read this too. No matter how uncomfortable it is for your world view and narrative…
[15/n] Here is the screen shot. see how Nicole Elfi debunked your claims through an organized enumeration of facts. Image
[16/n] Breaktime! Lunchieeeee!
[17/n] Congratulations Rana. But, then the courts also gave him a clean chit. Your Pamphlet was thrown away in the court I am told. Image
[18/n] So you admit, you've little better than anecdotes. Even if u put a sting operation it still is a trial by media. Am sure your friend Shahid the greatest criminal lawyer of India wouldnt be pleased to see that. Media=/= Bar council Image
[18-b/n] What the heck? Why do you have to include caste into everything? This is the issue with you friend Ashok Swain and Ram chandra guha as well @Ram_Guha Inserting caste! Image
[19/n] You should ask why your Tehelka boys and girls refused to publish your pamphlet? Tarun Tejpal and Sexual misconduct have become synonymous in my memory! Image
[20/n] What a hoopla? All you have to do it call yourself with a sikh name or Hindu name. Noone would notice. Infact if u claim u r telugu pundit, people would've believed that. Again who Certified RICHA CHADDHA as "finest" of the heroines? Image
[21/n]So you let him violate your French friend's Visa rules?
Criminals! Image
[22/n] I want everyone to take a note of 2 things 1. This actor friend in Gujarat 2. @RanaAyyub 's EGO TRIP! Image
[23/n] Ohooo Too Much details Rana. We are not interested! Image
[24/n] Thank god we are past your Mikey. Oh BTW coincidentally my PA and translators is also Mike at my University.
Here comes Ishrat Jahan and Singhal sahab. Image
[25/n] G.L. Singhal Interesting
The said link doesnt work. check this link of Tehelka, see who reported it. It was Rana. yet Rana claims that her pamphlet was refused to be published by Tehelka. ImageImageImageImage
[25-a/n] correction so i found the article finally…
[26/n] Oho! Then came Rajendra Kumar! Image
[27/n] Oho There comes the caste card again. But @RanaAyyub I was told that only High castes are ruling the top posts in Indian govt organizations? No? I know the last three IIT Madras directors are Ayyangars. @Kishoreciyer1 @Iyervval @ARanganathan72 Image
[28/n] Rajendra Kumar, former IB director claims Ahmed Patel wanted to hide Ishrat's reality…
[29/n] Rana what the heck is this then? Image
[30/n] All Hat no Cattle @RanaAyyub This is the same bunch of crap you have been selling in the Western Media against India. There is no evidences as usual. just like your claims about Shahid Azmi and Riccha Chaddha bine finest lawyers and actors in the country. Image
[31/n] What was Ishrat doing with these fellows? Some of them are involved in crimes which go as far back as the 1990's. Image
[32/n] For Rana all this doesnt matter. However, I want to ask @RanaAyyub where is the evidence to your grand sting operation Rana? Why did Tehelka refuse to publish it? Wait a second, there is no tape , there is no Mike isnt it?
[33/n] Let see a man who possessed 40 AK 47 is a petty criminal. Sure! Your links dont work, all expose articles u have undertaken simply indulge in SELF-CITATION @RanaAyyub @nytimes ImageImage
[34/n] @nytimes & @RanaAyyub scientists do indulge in self citation. But, they do so in case of a peer reviewed authentic non-shady journal publication. However, Rana, you are doing it in case of a NON-PEER REVIEWED article! Its like citing open access.@ARanganathan72
[35/n] @RanaAyyub & @nytimes I leave you with a very nice screen shot. The State Police of Uttar Pradesh India has called out the lie of Rana. Image
[36/n] @RanaAyyub @nytimes Check the Fake news called out by UP Police Image
[37/n] @RanaAyyub @nytimes @Uppolice
Perhaps NY time should verify what Rana is doing! She is a fakester. Image
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