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A lot of u been asking me to do a thread on Bill Gates & his evil NWO vaccine plan. It's a DEEP rabbit hole, but I will Cliff Note some of the things that should open ur eyes to this man's motives in this thread
2/ I'll start off w/ one of the most well known sources for exposing deep state operations, Im sure u are familiar w/ Anonymous (follow @YourAnonNews). Here is a recent video about Gates from 2 wks ago

STOP & WATCH THIS 4 MIN VIDEO before u proceed!

3/ For those who aren't old enough to remember the rise & fall of Bill Gates 20 yrs ago, you probably only know the rise, but go down a rabbit hole on ur own to find out how many things Gates fucked up back in the "windows 98/Vista" days. here is my current favorite meme.
4/ We love to follow the money & we love to say "u are who u hang out with." Gates checks EVERY BOX of the evil empire $ & evil friend combo, INCLUDING BLOOD LINES! Here were the winners of 2001 Carnegie medal of philanthropy. Some interesting devils here, including Bill's daddy
5/ U saw fauci there too? Dont worry, we'll get to him shortly😉

Bill is top 3 richest man in the world & boys w/ Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffet, Bloomberg all in top 10, they're all in on this together, dont be fooled (Google "Bilderberg group"), their mission is population control
6/ MANDATORY VACCINATIONS key to everything for world domination & Bill has been practicing on poor countries for YEARS & FAILING FUCKING MISERABLY! This dude has killed & paralyzed more ppl with his failed vaccines and experiments than you can imagine! (READ THIS)
7/ again, feel free to fact check everything for urself, but also know I already did. Bill did a ted talk in 2015 PREDICTING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC (cause he was about to create the bio weapon, then be able to say "TOLD YA")

heres the link to the full talk…
8/ The oddest thing of all this was that in October 2019, RIGHT BEFORE THE BREAKOUT, there was an event called "Event 201" that had a full blown MIRROR IMAGE simulation of a virus that could kill millions!


Thrown by Gates,! what a coicidence!
9/ Bill has been trying to play GOD for a long time, and his master plan is coming to fruition right in the year of our elections where this not only helps him, but hurts Trumps economy which he was leaning on for November....very coincidental...right?
10/ i know for some of u this all seems far fetched, but if u were gunna do this, who would u need in ur pocket? Well u would definitely need the world health organization (W.H.O.) in ur pocket right? Well Gates has been buying power with them forever...
11/ now do u undertand why Trump hates W.H.O. & wants to defund them cz of "inaccurate projections" &"lies" about this pandemic. It was all intentional to let this thing spread, they knew what was coming, Gates talked about it in 2015!!!

12/ Make sense now why Trump wasn't worried about the virus much in January? Why blame him? He was just listening to W.H.O.! But he still shut the borders AGAINST not only Gates/WHO advice, but also against FAUCI'S advice, as seen here from JANUARY 21st!

13/ Fauci THEN doubled down on Feb 17th saying:


Trump keeps getting blamed, but why is the media not re-airing the cult hero Anthony Fauci's clips since HE WAS ADVISING TRUMP? And why was he so naive? This goes deep......
14/ One more thing on our boy #FauciFraud who has been in on this w/ Gates the whole time & "thinking" he is manipulating this whole thing from the inside (which he isn't, Trump knows all about him, it's 4-D chess)

like Gates...he predicted this virus 3 years ago also!! 🤔
15/ Why does Trump have him as the front man? Thats another story 4 another thread, but me & @samtripoli will cover this on @NoMercyPod tomorrow. Trump knows EXACTLY what hes doing & Faucis being exposed

watch him signal to reporter who attacked trump
16/ Deborah Birx is another on #TeamGates & is part of the "friends close, enemies closer" crew for Trump. Im sure u've noticed many awkward exchanges between them. Again, thats another thread

but real quick, did u notice a "Laura Birx" is a Director of Gates foundation? 😉🤔
17/ Gates is in the process of FEAR MONGERING & scaring the public that we WILL NOT go back to normal until everyone has a vaccine (remember Fauci just said America will never be back to normal w/o a vaccine the other day & Trump shit on him🤔)

almost like they share a script!
18/ Gates stepped down from his post at Microsoft to "focus all his energies on SAVING the world" in his mastermind plan to "find a cure" for this "flukey virus" which he happened to predict. He has the cure, & in vaccine will be the chip to track us! he speaks openly about it.
19/ Remember when everyone went FUCKING NUTS that "Evil Trump is only pushing Hydroxychloroquine cause he can profit off it"

then @Cernovich straight shit on it proving he owned like $450 of sanofi stock (yes, $450!!)

20/ why does no one in the MSM talk about their Patron Saint Bill Gates and his ridiculous conflicts of interests for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (not $450)

including Sanofi, where Gates had 3.5 million invested (didnt make the news)

heres a these companies
21/ That my friends seems like a PRETY BIG conflict of interest, so why is everyone rooting for Gates and shitting on Trump....

heres some more Fauci/ Gates collusion on the vaccine:…

Fauci and Gates are working together from the inside out on this one
22/ This is biblical: "The Mark of the Beast"

chipping us has been the plan of the NWO for a long time! It is more than just "tracking", it is COMPLETE CONTROL & monitoring along w/ destroying our currency & moving everything digital (see @NickHintonn saturn time cube thread)
23/ Trump pulling out of WHO & sabotaging Gates' vaccine w Hydroxy, Zinc & Zpack (which works!) is pissing these devils off, but ignore the MSM, the more mad they get, the more we are winning! The WHO chief actually LITERALLY threatened murder hes so mad 😲

Gates is pissed too
24/ This is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully u have enough info to dig for yourself & formulate ur own opinions now.

Please post more content under the thread that I missed.

But, before I go, let me throw out a CRAZY PREDICTION I got a weird feeling about!
25/ I think we see Gates get involved in presidential race!

No way Dems go to war w Creepy Joe! they will declare Biden too unhealthy to continue as nominee, Gates will be voted either DNC nominee for Prez or given a POWERFUL spot on the team, POSSIBLY EVEN HRC/GATES TICKET!
26/ and as usual:

27/ share this thread, tag people of influence & do the same w/ others like it u see around Twitter!

Continue to spread the word & wake the world.

We are #Thegreatawakening and we will not be silenced!

#WWG1WGA #thestormisuponus #qanon #WeWillWin #coronavirus #faucifraud
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