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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishwara within you @OpusOfAli . I read your thread with lots of patience but found a lot of lies.

In this thread, I've given rebuttal to your irresponsible thread. Do respond should you have enough substance but not before tweet reads n/n.
2/n You claim that according to #ArundhatiRoy , India is Hindu Rashtra since 1947 but let me correct you and her. India is a #HinduRashtra by default form the time Rigveda was conceived on this land.

But if it is Hindu Rashtra so what?
3/n There is an in-depth analysis of how Hindus have been massacred since the time of the first Muslim Invasion. In-fact the Muslim KIngs and their scholars themselves have documented it with PRIDE. Also beyond 1947.
4/n Why don't you wish to talk about numbers of Partition? Is it because it brings only shame to Muslim League Sympathisers? But I feel it must be put across straight away.

@OpusOfAli how can you forget the #DirectActionDay? Shame!
5/n Will @OpusOfAli let us all know if any such event like #DirectActionDay (say DAD)was observed by any Hindu Organisations?If not, yes the pawns of Jinnah were indeed bigot. Now let me take you to more details of the DAD.

Shouldn't I tell what Suhrawardy's speech intended to?
6/n Suhrawardy in his speech at 2:00 PM on August 16, 1946, had clearly mentioned that he has made arrangements to keep police and army away.

The same has been mentioned in Frederick Burrows' Report to Viceroy Lord Wavell.

Source of Snippet:John Keay. India: A history. p. 505.
7/n As per eye-witness accounts trucks came down Harrison Road in Calcutta, carrying Muslim men armed with brickbats and bottles as weapons to attack Hindu-owned shops.

@OpusOfAli Understand, an attempt was clear to kill Hindus.

Source: Margaret Bourke-White, Halfway to Freedom
8/n Muslim League ensured obstacles to Police and they sat in Control Room.

Source: "A City Feeding on Itself: Testimonies and Histories of 'Direct Action' Day" by Debjani Sengupta
9/n @OpusOfAli there is a lot to write about the DDA but I wish to come directly to the point. You know: the 18th day of #Ramadan was chosen for #DirectActionDay. I'm sure you know the significance of the Battle of Badr.

What happened next after this pogrom against Hindus?
10/n Let me rewind Noakhali for you @OpusOfAli . I'm astonished that despite these all you say Hindus were thirsty of Muslim blood. Shame!

Kali Prasanna Mukherjee has documented in his book Behind The Partition Of The Country, pg 36 about anti-Hindu Poems that began post DAD
11/n I'm using "Proceedings of the Bengal Legislative Assembly (PBLA). Vol 77. Bengal Legislative Assembly." as the source for tweets (11/n-17/n)

August 29, 1946, Eid al-Fitr, Group of Hindu fishermen were severely assaulted with deadly weapons while fishing in the Feni River.
12/n @OpusOfAli , any documented evidence of Partition Pogrom by Hindus on a pious day like Eid al-Fitr? Anyways let me move on.

Devi Prasanna Guha, the son of a Congressi was murdered while one of his brothers and a servant were assaulted.
13/n The Congress office in front of his house was burnt. Chandra Karmakar was killed near Jamalpur. Jamini Dey was killed near Ghoshbag. Ashu Sen was badly assaulted at Tajumiarhat. Rajkumar Choudhury was severely assaulted on his way home.

The pogrom agianst Hindus had begun.
14/n Apart from the 7 Hindu families of Kanur Char at Karpara, the house of Jadav Majumdar and looted with properties worth Rs. 1500. Nakul Majumdar was assaulted. The houses of Prasanna Chakraborty , Nabin Nath & Radha Charan were looted too. Nath family of Latipur was injured.
15/n @OpusOfAli temples too were attacked on the pious day of Eid al-Fitr. Read on:

They butchered a calf and threw it inside The temple of the family deity of Harendra Ghosh of Raipur & desecrated it too.

16/n They used the same model for the Shiva temple of Dr. Jadunath Majumdar of Chandipur. They desecrated the household shrines of Nagendra Majumdar and Rajkumar Choudhury of Dadpur & stole the Murtis of diety.
17/n The images of Durga Devi in temples of Ishwar Chandra Pathak of Kethuri, Kedareshwar Chakraborty of Merkachar, Ananta Kumar De of Angrapara and Prasanna Mohan Chakraborty of Tatarkhil were mutilated.

They were behaving no different than Marauder Ghori. Shame!
18/n According to Governor Burrows, The provocative speech of Gholam Sarwar was the root of violence at Bazar in Ramganj.

The business of Surendra Nath Bose & Rajendra L Roy Choudhury, the former president of the Noakhali Bar & a prominent Hindu Mahasabha leader was attacked.
19/n The source for 18/n:
Communalism in Bengal: From Famine To Noakhali, 1943-47
By Rakesh Batabyal, pg 277
20/n Now, I'll talk about eye-witness explanation of what happened there.

The mob was shouting: we want Hindu Blood, we want Sanyasi's head, we want Rai Saheb's head.

Source: Communalism in Bengal: From Famine To Noakhali, 1943-47 by Rakesh Batabyal, pg 277
21/n Golam Sarwar was himself leading a mob of 700 Muslims. They were shouting: "Hindur rakta chai..."

Isn't it relating similarly to #TahirHussain leading in #AntiCAARiots of 2020?

Source: Communalism in Bengal: From Famine To Noakhali, 1943-47 by Rakesh Batabyal, pg 278
22/n @OpusOfAli , they were shouting: Hindur rakta chahi..." & you shamelessly blame it solely on Hindus.

I mean, where do you manufacture so much hate to write such lies.
23/n @OpusOfAli as per eye witness accounts the Rioters were persuading to get people out of house by assuring safety at oath of Quran. But...

Shame they cheat the holy Quran too.

Source: Communalism in Bengal, 278
24/n @OpusOfAli Rajen Babu's chopped head gave them enormous joy. Why not, there was also a special reward for his "head".

Source: Communalism in Bengal, pg 279

I just feel how much joy would they have drawn by making 400 stabs to #AnkitSharma
25/n On 11 January 1947, the corpses of the Roychowdhurys were exhumed from a swamp in Azimpur and brought before Mahatma Gandhi's prayer assembly at Lamchar High School.

Weren't the #TahirHussain doing the same practice @OpusOfAli ?
26/n Does it not remind you of #AntiCAARiots preparation by #TahirHussain gang? @KapilMishra_IND note the modus operandi.
27/n 14-10-1946, Jogendra Chandra Das, the MLA from Chandpur, Tipperah, wrote to Jogendra Nath Mandal stating that thousands of Scheduled Caste Hindus had been attacked in Ramganj police station area in Noakhali.
28/n Their houses were being looted and set on fire and they were being forcibly converted to Islam.

@OpusOfAli can you observe, SCs were targetted exclusively.

Source for 27-28/n: Bharat Bibhajan by Bipad Bhanjan Biswas p. 44.
29/n The use of kerosene and petrol indicates the premeditated and organized nature of the attacks because the attacking crowd, as one victim informed, had "an abundant stock".

Source: Communalism in Bengal: From Famine To Noakhali, 1943-47, By Rakesh Batabyal, Pg 274
30/n Revolutionary Lalmohan Sen, a communist was killed when he tried to resist a Muslim mob from killing the Hindus.

Please note he was a COMMUNIST.

Sandip Bandopadhyay has mentioned it in "Itihasher Dike Fire Chhechallisher Danga"
31/n Even Ashoka Gupta, a Gandhian reported that during Mahatma Gandhi's visit to the area, at least 2000 Hindus were forced to change their religion to Islam, 6 were forced to marry by force & one was murdered on Oct 10, 1946

You may read the report here…
32/n The women were stripped of their shankha and sindur and forced to recite the kalima. The women saw the worst of the atrocities.

This is An affidavit attesting to atrocities on Hindu women.

One who understands Bangali, may be able to read it.
33/n MA Khan states that approx 95% of Hindus were forcibly converted into Islam. (He also states that approx 100,000 Hindu & Sikh women were raped & similar number enslaved in Partition Riots).

Source: Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery
34/n @OpusOfAli when did it happened against Muslims in India?
35/n Edward Skinner Simpson reported that 22550 cases of forced conversions in areas of Faridganj, Chandpur & Hajiganj in the district of Tipperah.
36/n Dr. Taj-ul-Islam Hashmi mentioned that the number of Hindu women raped & converted was perhaps many times the number of Hindus killed.

@OpusOfAli u quote Arundhati Roy, I do much better.
37/n G. D. Khosla, mentions in his book "Stern Reckoning" the entire Hindu population of Noakhali was robbed of all they possessed and then forcibly converted to Islam.
38/n Suhrawardy, stated in the assembly while answering a question from Dhirendranath Datta, that there had been 9895 cases of forcible conversion in Tipperah. (though it was larger, 35-36/n)

Source: Communalism in Bengal: From Famine To Noakhali, 1943-47 By Rakesh Batabyal
39/n SO here so far in 38 tweets I want to state that a person would be a stupid or only a Rioter Apologist, a Jihadi apologist if he sees Partition was the reason for Hindus to kill Muslims.

Rioter is Rioter but such bias only speaks agenda!
40/n I could have gone on and on @OpusOfAli mentioning how brutality fell upon Hindus during Partition Riots but all I want to tell you is that don't play the victim when the truth would rather ashamed the apologists. From 41/n I 'll discuss post-Independence Riots.
41/n @OpusOfAli You give the impression that 316 Muslim lives were lost between 1950-59 but the statistics show it was the total number. Your source?

My Source- Regional Reflections: Comparing Politics Across India's States Hardcover by Rob Jenkins

42/n & @OpusOfAli I'll also like to know the demographical breakup of numbers as no government sources have that breakup for this period in my knowledge (in reference to tweet 41/n).
43/n Well @OpusOfAli before I move forward I thought, I must speak about #HinduRashtra a bit with you.

Trust me had India not been "Hindu Rashtra" no alien faith would have even dared to venture here.
44/n That was the period when Islam was spreading on the power of “sword” & “qital fi sabilillah” was common. The Parsis had to take refuge in #HinduRashtra “Bharata”. They were persecuted the worst as Islam was set to conquer Persia.

That’s “Hindutva” ie “state of being Hindu”
45/n References for 44/n
2 &3) Studies in Parsi history
byHodivala, Shahpurshah Hormasji, p 1-11…
4) Historia Religionum, Volume 2 Religions of the Present
By G. Widengren P212
46/n The persecution was falling like brick bats on the Parsis.

“Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices
By Mary Boyce P 147-50”

You may read this book in more detail should you wish to understand.
47/n @OpusOfAli you know what, Parsis demanded that no non-Parsi should come in proximity of the Holy Fire & the #HinduRashtra agreed.

In return, the Parsis agreed to not eat "cow-meat" and adopt Indian Traditions.
48/n Interestingly, Cow-Slaughter was a primary cause for many Riots.

Those whom Islamists persecuted (Parsis) mixed with Bhartiya Tradition like how sugar in Milk.

More interestingly we even let the faith "Islam" flourish though we had given refuge to whom they persecuted.
49/n @OpusOfAli Instead of blaming Hindu Rashtra check for stats where Muslims have really faced concerns. The stats sway towards Islamic Nations (do u have stats or want me to give it to you so that you can raise voice there)?

From 50/n I'll further debunk your claims tomorrow.
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