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I am going to delete this account after I am done with all this because I don't want my research used to lead others astray. While this is all my work & I did the research it is important to know that Sociopaths can fool everyone any mental health professional will tell you this.
Mainly this is because it is an evil mind & we are not use to dealing with them we filter the world through our own mind. In short you can not see what is not in you. Sociopaths even fool other sociopaths because they are both evil but not the same they can't think like the other
sociopath either. When you have a lot of hacking ability you can set things up for people to find online then by planting seed in peoples minds you can cause them to find them. Hackers can hack into platforms even the big ones without them even knowing it was ever done. For
example why would they even be looking for people who place a video on a video sharing software. About 6 months of so ago someone contacted my claiming to be Q we had this sort of back & forth and basically I told him he was full of it and we quite talking. I left it there incase
I ever needed it. When I first heard about @AustinSteinbart & people posting messages of where they talked to him before I went & checked it and the whole conversation was gone all the conversation before it were still there. This what I mean a hacker can get in to these site.
So you may recall that I posted a message about a false flag involving Austin & I was trying to get a hold of him. When I did I got attacked by a woman I exposed as an out and out liar the day before here is the thread… & a bunch of her friends & while I
never said anything about it to anyone they were all calling me a liar. Now I insisted that I only speak to Austin because I was not going to risk anyone telling me they told him when they had not. However I would have settled for any agent from law enforcement calling me. Infact
I tried that first. All I got was voice mail at the DIA & I called every number they had. I finally got a hold of someone & the DOD & after giving some info she told me that I would have to get in touch with the DIA that they could not help me. My Intention was to get a
message to Austin & expecting that he would have the right people call me. But that is not what happened what happened, Someone called me on a blocked number & they held a phone to Austin's or at least that is what I was told. My Husband who is a retired Agent caught it right
then & said that is not Q. We have different native tongues & sometimes things get lost in translation. What he was saying was that is not an agent. What I understood is it was not Austin. But I recognized his voice. Now I am going to tell you what I contacted him
about. Someone connected with a Qanon person on Twitter & started asking her a bunch of questions about her family. Her son was molested by his father until the age of 10 & was on Anti Psychotic this person then quickly befriended her son & in 3 days he got him to stop taking
his meds convinced him that his mother, his father & her mother were satanist & in the Illuminati & that he needed to kill them. Which he attempted to do. When he went to his grand mothers house she was yelling at her & doing a bunch of other crazy stuff & went in her room to
call someone & the person on the phone was really getting him riled up to the point she went in the room & tried to get him to show her who he was talking to he just kept yelling so she went in the other room to call her daughter. When he came out she said he looked possessed &
said I could kill you. Eventually the Mother & Her convince him to go home. In the morning he went to a metal hospital & after a short time they refuse to let him leave or have visitors & they took his phone. She had been complaining to me about the guy & she thought
he was the cause of it. I told her to go get his phone because she knew what time the call happened & it would be in his phone. So she did & sure enough it was the same guy. So that is when I started trying to get people on the phone. My theory was that the Deep state was trying
to set up Austin & all of #Qanon because Austin was all buddy buddy with this guy & making interviews with him & stuff. So Austin asked me to send him everything I had to a guy Name Aaron who I met the day before who told me he was working with Austin we actually spent several
hours on the phone & he was telling me how he was out of work living in his parents basement but that Austin was training him. This really puzzled me & I asked what is it that he is trying to do. I even said why is he working with all there crazy, out there no bodies he said I
don't really know any of them that well. But he agreed that some of those people were suspect & that when he question the woman in the thread above she was lying to him too & when he called he out for it she got verbally abusive & left the call. I provided all the proof. He said
he was waiting to hear back from Austin. In about 36 hours before that he called me like 4 times & then nothing. He stopped answering me & that is ok I figured since the group gas lighted me before hand & told Austin exactly what I was going to tell him before I did that he
probably would not believe me but that was OK because it is easy to prove they just need to talk to the witnesses & get the phone. I told them don't you think it is odd that they told you what I was going to tell you before I told anyone? I even said the same to Aaron & his reply
was that they were trying to get ahead of the story one that was obviously true because how could they know it? Now Austin told me to contact him through Aaron but Aaron was no longer speaking to me. I told the story to 2 Agents & by law they have to pass that off to the right
investigators because they told me they were going to handle it. It does not matter if an agent does not believe you they must file a report. So I waited & they never contacted me or the mother in question & that made me suspicious but I was not going to go telling people & cause
problems. See I was convinced he was an agent because he was arrested & not charged with Impersonating one. But something was not right & that was bugging me & then all at once different little anomalies started adding up in my head. Through all my investigating no one ever gave
one shred of proof he was lying & I could not find anything I managed to find all the hits he laid out for us. You know Gen Flynn unfollowing him on its own is not really a proof but when you added it to other stuff it is. So not only did they not contact her but Austin is still
working with these very same people if her son had killed her mother it would have caused a global up roar & Qanon could have been declared a terrorist organization in the end however Austin would have gotten off because he could say that he was only doing interviews & there are
no laws against lying to people on the Internet. The only law against claiming to be an Agent only applies if you extort money from someone in the process which I am sure is why they chose that in the fake arrest doc. The #Qpharisees & 8Kun were in on it to that is no one
suspected anything because they only called him a liar & a Larp but it was them claiming they got his arrested & even went & filmed it more on that here
@AustinSteinbart is not #Qanon & #8Kun & the #QPharisees were in on the plot to scam people into buying
Ripple so they could drive up the price & get rich as well as cost @realDonaldTrump the election they wanted us fighting forcing us to take a side they never offered any real proof because if they had we would likely have never fallen of it but with their help we fell for the
arrest because all we were looking for was if he was arrested for claiming to be an agent & threatening the Queen & he was not & we had no reason to suspect that it was a lie since both sides said it was true. If you dig you will find tons more but I think there is plenty here.
@realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @USMC @GenFlynn @TheJusticeDept
Attempt to illegally prevent Trump's win in 2020 now I get why they thought Biden could win.
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