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1). If the press did half the research that SGT Friday does and the Digital Soldiers, everyone's eyes would be wide open (@MagaKarma1):

Our media = Complicit Propagandists 04/22/2020 (Part 1)//
3). Nunes pointing out that they were opening a counter intelligence investigation on Carter Page, Adam Schiff puts out his own rebuttal and even though he is on the gang of 8.

5). This is a photo of George Papadoplous with Magi Idris the head of LCILP

6). The whole Russian Interference were the people with Russia and the DNC and for 3 years nobody told the American people that this was not for collusion in an election, its only purpose was for after Hillary won the election.
Once she won, she could protect herself, Obama and
so that they could destroy Trump and everyone who voted for him. Trump kept saying that he wasn't after him, he was after us.

99-page Fisa Memo:…

7). When people don't follow you back, it is because they don't want what you have to say on their timeline! When you follow them, their stuff appears on your timeline for all of your followers
8). It will be interesting to see what happens on the 24th with the Flynn stuff. Sarge explains FARA applications and how the person who hires the lawyers are not responsible for the work product, the lawyers are.
9). People are being led around by Drama created by the press to keep people upset all the time.
10). John Durham and John Huber investigations

John Huber was appointed by Jeff Sessions to investigate Clinton, Comey, Uranium One…
John Huber leaves Congress in dark on FBI probe:…

John Durham is a prosector who was tasked at investigating the Origins of Russia-Collusion Narrative:
12). Jessie Smollett's lawsuit being thrown out and Barack Obama telling us to follow kids…
13). Downer told us what he did in live interviews. He gave copies of his conversation to the consellate in England.
Can you connect Downer to LCILP or Magi Idris or Misfud? Is there a connection between Misfud and Brennan because if there is, that's it for George. That would close the loop on the people who were trying to ensnare Trump.
14). Digging can be fun especially when it leads you down a path that you never knew existed.
15). I tried to explain this the other night, and this is bad for F.B.I. When George Papadoplous was talking to Mifsud they were exclusively talking about the emails on Hillary's private server,
Christopher Steele was sued in England for Slander and Defimation of character, he won the case because he was not the originator of the material; and he destroyed the dossiers validity in the process that it was based on heresay.
Here is another point that was twisted by the media: The exact money-laundering route that was used by Hunter Biden and that is exactly how Manafort was money-laundering and he was convicted on that. Mueller tried to prosecute Manafort in 2013 for this & Eric Holder shut it down.
Michael Cohen absolutely violated campaign finance laws for Stormy Daniels and he laundered money through Taxi medallions.……

Michael Cohen secretly recording Trump, in the tape, Trump offered to pay her in cash or with a check and Cohen said "He's got this":
It is not illegal for a candidate to pay off someone from damaging their reputation with their own money:…

Michael Cohen Plea Documents…
John Edwards, jury deadlocked…
16). The first I.G. Report for election interference & political bias (He was only investigating James B. Comey).…
17). Michael Flynn set them up!

I found this document for Sarge and he took down a thread about Pence:…
We were all excited about it when we found because we knew that Flynn had set them up! I didn't find it until December 11, 2019 but Fox Released it on December 14, 2017 and he wasn't charged until December 18, 2017, still trying to figure that one out.
How did they know that there were only 5 calls between Flynn and Kysliak?

At that point, General Flynn knew that they were tapping his phones.
IG Report on Andrew McCabe:…

McCabe admits why he opened investigations involving Trump:

19). Donald Trump goes to New Jersey golf course while West Wing is renovated:……
McCabe asked FBI Agents to Change 302 Forms:…

Mueller Report…
20). Mueller Testimony……
James Clapper spoke to CNN in January to Jake Trapper…

James Clapper reacts to call he should be investigated

Did James Clapper Just Admit Obama Directed Him to Go After the Trump Campaign?

Trump 'dossier' author grilled by Justice Department watchdogs…
Author of Trump-Russia dossier wins libel case in US court……
21). 3 May 2017 - Comey testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee…
22). Comey and Trump were the only 2 people who that knew that Comey had only briefed him on the salacious parts of the Dossier. wrote the memos to cover himself and Donald Trump. Before Comey had even left Trump tower, Clapper had leaked it to Buzz Feed and CNN.
23). 27 Jun 2016 - Comey and Lynch meet on the tarmac and before Lynch landed someone had snitched them out to Fox News2 in Arizona. Secret Service told reporters that no photographs could be taken. Lynch showed her that her comms had been compromised.
This was days before Steele was hired by the DNC. (He was hired on 5 Jul 2016 the same day that Comey was giving that Press Conference). Comey said he got this information the end of April beginning of May.
24). 9 Oct 2016 - Trump vows to get a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton
25). 9 May 2017 - James Comey fired by Donald Trump while Comey was…
26). 17 May 2017 - Rod Rosenstein & Robert Mueller appointment as special counsel because McCabe opened an investigation into the President…
27). 27 May 2017 - President Donald Trump blasts '13 Angry Democrats, 'Robert Mueller probe in Twitter rant……
28). 8 Jun 2017 - Comey testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee
8 Jun 2017 - James Comey said that he had told Loretta Lynch that he was given information that she had been in contact with a top DNC official and he showed it to her. She looked at it and said if that will be all, you need to leave my office. (This is also in Comey's book).
8 Jun 2017 - FBI Director said that Donald Trump was never a target of an F.B.I. investigation and that this information was shared with the Gang of 8. This happened at the same time that Trump had nominated by Neil Gorsuch.
29). 22 Aug 2018 - Schumer: Senate Should Not Consider Supreme Court Nominee From "Unindicted Co-Conspirator" Trump…!
30). 9 Nov 2019 - I caught them all

2016 United States Presidential election in Florida…
31). Trump said they found gold behind the walls when the White House was renovated:…
33). I learned in 2004 or 2006, Bush was trying to add the exact same surveillance that Obama put into it in 2012, it was Mueller, Comey, Ashcroft and Wray who all told him that if he did that, they would all quit, and they compromised.
34). This was Sedition and Treason
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