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The second half of the time line 04/23/20 by SGT FRIDAY (@MagaKarma1)

Donald Trump entrance at the GOP Convention…

1) John Solomon was suppose to have breaking news but instead he's promoting Omaha Steaks
2) General Flynn @GenFlynn - Reports and Documentation (Mueller Report proves Van Grack is corrupt); Flynn was instructed with Transition team and then had the convo and told them transition team of the K.T. McFarland, Reince Preibus, and Sean Spicer.
What they did to General Flynn was just wrong:…

Plea Deal…

Sentencing Memo…
Mueller Report…

Judge Blasts Flynn (and repeats Rachel Maddow in court without looking at the documents in front of him)

Flynn Withdrawal…
Barr Appoints special prosecutor to look at Flynn and other cases…… Flynn's military career included a key role in shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he was given numerous combat arms, conventional, and special operations senior intelligence assignments.
The Turks accused President Obama of a failed coup in

3) Incirlike Air Base near Adana, Turkey…
1 Aug 2016 - Reports Turkish troops have sealed off Incirlik US/NATO nuclear air base
Jan. 12, 2017 - The Washington Post columnist David Ignatius first reports the contact with Flynn and Kislyak, raising questions about whether sanctions were discussed, he mentions 5 phone calls in the article.…
14 Mar 2018 - Clapper and Flynn: Is the Justice Department Adhering to a Double Standard on Perjury?…
16 Sep 2019 - Flynn briefed the Defense…

1 Oct 2019 - New Evidence Suggests Prosecutors Pressured Michael Flynn to Lie…
13 Jan 2020 - Flynn Prosecutor Van Gracks Seeks to Dismiss Decorated General's Plea Change…
20 Jan 2020 - Brandon Van Grack has breached plea deal, suborned perjury in Gen. Michael Flynn Case…
14 Feb 2020 - Bill Barr calls for outside prosecutor to review the Michael Flynn case…
4) Mueller Report vs. Van Grack…
5) Michael Flynn & so-called FARA violations, the Obama Adminsitration, Our Nuclear Base in Turkey, and the setup by Michael Flynn.…
5a) Andrew McCabe interviewed General Flynn, he sent people in. Not a crime. A big violation of procedure, you can get in trouble for it, but they are protected by unions, they are probably not going to get fired for it.
5b) 24 Jan 2017 interview, entered into record 15 Feb 2017
Andrew McCabe told Joe Pientka to alter his 302's and he was pushing him to change his 302.
Andrew McCabe did alter Strzok's 302.
6) Tom Fitton blocked me for saying this in a tweet about two years ago.
If you want to know why the Deep State went after President Trump, it's because they didn't want him to prosecute them for corruption. Under Sgt. Friday account.
6a) I said to him in one of his threads that he didn't have any concept of what the truth was here that none of the timeline fits that the idea that this was created for a coup. The timeline only fits and only can explain the dossier, if the dossier was to be given to Hillary
6b) Clinton once she won, it could only be given to someone who helped create it. There was never supposed to be a Rod Rosenstein, a Duane Pientka, a Robert Mueller, a Jeff Sessions, a Whitaker, a Wray. None of these people were supposed to get ahold of this information.
6c) That information was created so that once Hillary won, the people who created it would have made that would have made it reality.
7) 20 Sep 2015 - Cohen solicited a $150,000 donation to the Trump Foundation after Trump gave a 20 speech on Eastern European Security hosted by Doug Schoen. Mueller was investigating this donation.…
8) Dossier released in January 2017 and James Comey information and the Press disinformation to keep us ill informed. People were complaining that Comey said "I don't know" 56 times, but they didn't read the questions! Go read them.
9) Ron Johnson outside the Whitehouse said that Whistleblower: FBI Informant Says 'Secret Society' Held Secret Meetings Off Site
10) The main reason that the media can take advantage of us is because we don't know how our government works, how our legal departments work.
11) Rod Rosenstein signed off on a FISA warrant that said that Carter Page was not an CIA assett, but he was a CIA assett. They did the same thing to Flynn.
12) Most Americans do not realize that the days of J. Edgar Hoover days are gone and the FBI director does not have that power, a big portion of that power drops to the #2 in charge because the #2 in charge is actually involved with the individual investigative cases, the teams,
the groups or the individuals. They report to him and he briefs the director. So the problem for us is that the old Hoover problem may not be completely solvable.
13) After 3 I.G. reports the only thing the OIG was after Comey for was his releasing his memos. He never went after Comey for lying. He would ask Comey a question and Comey would answer it, and then he would go and try to confirm or contradict what Comey told him.
14) For instance when he said that all 650,000 emails had been searched and the Senators were stunned and they said it took you two years to go through 33,000 emails and you mean to tell me that you went through 650,000 emails in 4 days.
How did they do that? And Comey said, I don't know, some kind of Wizardry. I don't know. And the I.G. confirmed that Comey was not lying that he was told those emails were all searched by Peter Strzok. Peter Strzok lied and how did they know that, because the Investigator
General went to the place where they would do the email search and the people said "no, no, no, we don't know what Mr. Comey did, we never said we searched them all, the metadata is different, the headers are different. You've got Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, there was no way to do a
basic metadata comparison as to whether you had duplicates or any of the emails in this big giant pile were the same as emails in the 33,000 pile because you could not run them through a program to do a simple analogy. They had to be done by hand." That is how they caught Peter
Strzok lying.
15) That's the whole basis of this countries existance. What makes you different from any other country on earth is the rule of law. And man have they screwed us with our rule of law. They've really stuck it to us.
They took the one thing that separates our country from every other country on earth, "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law", "Statute of limitations", "Double Jeopardy", You can't try O.J. a second time because you didn't like the jury's conclusion. Too bad!
That's the way our country works and the reason it works that way is to protect you from government abuse. It's so that the common guy doesn't get railroaded. That is why this nation has been so successful. People wonder how in 200 years how did we go to a $20 Trillion dollar
economy, the biggest builder of airplanes, everything, how did we do that? Because we have a document, and a committment amongst each other, and you put your faith in the people you elect, and those people who officiate and manage the law. The faith that those documents mean
something. That you can't try me twice because I was proven innocent, you can't try double jeopardy on me, you can't find new evidence in 7 years and try to convict me again. Sorry, those things were inherit in our nation. That's what makes our nation great.
Does it have failings, yes, but let me explain something to you, and you may not understand this. I find utter joy in the fact that O.J. was exonerated and utter devistation in the FBI is. I'd rather our system failed because me and you made a decision in a jury room, that was
wrong, I'd rather that than the government have the power to do what they did to Trump and his associates and Flynn. The difference between the two is not even comparible. As horrible as Anna Nicole Simpson's death is, I mean, it's horrible, but it is nothing compared to a
government that makes it's own laws and procedures to come and get you. So no matter what people say about our justice system, the premise and the philosophy used to create what we call America is unsurpassed anywhere in the globe. You are not given that
benefit of the doubt. You do not have to prove you are innocent. Why do you think that they tell you that "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be
appointed for you", Why do you think that you don't have to testify in a trial when they are accusing you of a crime?
16) People who believe in the higharchy of government, kings, queens, and dictators, those are the people from around the globe that funded the people in our country that agree with that philosphy. These people believe that they are smarter than you, and not for nothing, they do
have a basis to see us as stupid. Because they know they are lying to ya, they know it, it's no surprise to Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and Jake Tapper, they also know that has kept them out of hot water, out of criminal indictments or charges, and they have become
more rich than you can even dream of, by lying and cheating. This makes them feel that they are more deserving and you're not. You people are too stupid to figure out what's real and what's fake. We told you Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass distruction and you put your sons
and daughters on airplanes so they could go kill other people. That is what they have been doing. Most of what you have lived through for the past 40 years or so has been an invented FAKE reality. It was never true. Lies, deceit and deception. That is what they have done to
this nation. Even AOC, and as stupid as you think she is, well she's a congressman and you're not. She's part of the caball. She's part of the untouchables and you're not. We are our own worst enemy. We really are folks. Propaganda.
17) You and me are the majority Twitter users, Twitter exists because of us. The only reason that Twitter exists because of us is because we engage these people's propaganda. When you attack those people you help share their message, willing or not, but you do. Why would you
comment on a message from the press that shares leftist propanda so that all your followers then do the same and get their message out to millions of people? In reality, you are helping the left. You are giving them power. There is more affective that ignoring them because if
you do, they just go away.
17a) Go look at people, on our side, who have 10's of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers but they don't follow people back, that's a very selfish thing to do. It's very selfish because what they have setup is a system so that what they say shows up on 600,000
timelines and what you say shows up in their timeline, only if someone goes in there and looks at it. When you post a tweet, all of your followers see that tweet! When he doesn't follow you back, he keeps your voice out of it.
18) Stephan Halper got involved after the dossier was being fed through Bruce Ohr by Christopher Steele. His involvement began with Carter Page. However, it went from Page to Clovis to Papadopoulos, but he doesn't get involved until July. Nothing that we can read, no documented
fact that Halper either had knowledge of, or was involved with the dossier. There is just nothing there that shows that. So Halper is being said to be the FBI's spy. Sarge believes that he was put there to question some of these people. The problem that I have with Halper is
it's so easy to say that he was part of the conspiracy and that's believable except for the nuance that for the entire time that Carter Page had a FISA against himself, Stephan Halper hung out with this guy, over the phone, emails, and person-to-person exchanges. So Stephan
Halper not only got along with Papadopoulos, and keep in mind his entire involvement with Papadopoulos was full of exculpatory evidence. It's clear to Sarge that his entire involvement with Carter Page is going to be loaded with exculpatory evidence. The question has to be
asked "is that the act of somebody participating in the setup?" and that is a good question to ask. Because he didn't plant evidence, none of the stuff about George is planted, none of the evidence he gave to the FBI accused George of the email hacks. Nothing. So what was
Stephan Halpers real role here? We know that he said some nasty shit about General Flynn. But let's look at what he is. He's called a Confidential Human Source. He's a Confidential Human Source that works in multiple circles that works around multiple ideologies and that works
where the money is. So whatever his involvement was to suggest that General Flynn was (and it was a rumor). He didn't say that General Flynn had an affair or slept with that woman, he repeated a rumor. If Stephan Halper was there to seal the deal on collusion on the Trump
campaign or any of the campaign members, where is the dirt on Carter Page? Why wasn't Page charged? Why did the FISA expire? Why is there no criminal case against Page? Why is there no criminal case against George? It's kind of a hard thing to say that Halper has to be Deep State
So what did Halper do to further the narrative of Page, Papadopoulos, or the Trump Campaign? He does not add anything to that narrative. He was there to see if Page or Papadopoulos or anyone in the Trump Campaign was part of a criminal conspiracy but he did nothing to hurt Trump
It's what he did not do tells the story.
19) There is a 37 page transcript on George Papadopoulos. There is a 173 page transcript on George Papadopoulos. There are multiple videos and testimony by Carter Page and his interactions with Stephan Halper and none of that shows Stephan Halper trying to advance the narrative
that these people colluded with Russia. Right after his first interview with the FBI George deleted his Skype, his WhatsApp, his Facebook, he got rid of his phone and got a new phone. I'm sorry, there is something guilty in all that. If you go to Dan Bongino or any of the
other Media that pushes these narratives and tell them this: Papadopoulos is Guilty and Stephan Halper is innocent, they will block you! They will call you names! They will make fun of you!
In June 2017 Sarge was on the Wayne Dupree show, that show is missing in Dupree's archives.
20) NSA Databases and the illegal searches.…

March 20, 2017 Russian Intellection Interference - This hearing was wide ranging, covering unmasking, leaks to the media, and more.…
5 Oct 2016 NSA contractor charged with stealing secret data - Bose Allen………
21) Robert Mueller's appointment letter by Rod Rosenstein…
22) John Carlin Head of Justice National Security Divison to step down…

Resignations, Demotions & Some Details – Complicity at the FBI & DOJ @themarketswork…
House Democrats conceal testimony of 18th witness from Trump team………

Top Lawmakers Tell Intel Community Inspector General: Come Clean On Secret Changes To Whistleblower Rules…
23) This was in the Mueller Report: For more than the past year the FBI also embedded personnel at the office who did not work on the special counsel's investigation.

Admiral Rogers goes to Trump tower
I also said this a long time ago, when it happened I said it, and nobody wanted to hear it. Admiral Rogers goes to Trump Tower, now they meet, Rogers leaves and the next day Trump moves. And so everybody said that Rogers told Trump he was being tapped or something. I said "No".
Trump tower and Trump being in there, with his Presidential Transition team was costing New York City Millions of Dollars. Traffic Jams, Sidewalk Jams, Protests, Counter Protests, Rallies, Handshakes, Massive Problems on the streets of New York. And Trump said to us that he
moved to Brentwood because all of those problems would go away because it's a private golf course with private security, that they could actually secure. And when you look at the pictures of Trump coming out of his golf course, it's a big giant circle driveway, a beautiful
building, there's nobody outside but him and whoever he brings with him. Remember when he waved bye to Romney and I thought he was going to flip him off. So here's what I am saying is and Trump told us he was moving because of all the chaos.
That's why he said he moved. And I never doubted that, now just the other day, someone sent him a tweet and it was Admiral Rogers and he said he went up there to see about keeping his job and staying on and that it was an appointment. In
other words, he didn't just drop in out of the blue. This was a pre-set appointment that Rogers made with the Transition Team. He's told us about it and it's been verified. Trump said he wants to stay on as the NSA director and I'm thinking about it. And I am moving to
Brentwood, NJ because it is crazy in New York, people cannot get in and out of the building and it's insane.…

SGT Friday covers Seth Rich and the bogus things that Julian Assange has said. Julian Assange created Trump-Russia collusion

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