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More stupid comments from the #Qanon Cult. You know I don't think anyone is stupid for falling for Q but when you are shown real proof to the contrary & you ignore it not for your own reasons but for reasons taught to you by the person you just saw proof of being fake is beyond..
stupid & insane. Just like the whole "message over messenger" that they are pushing. Have you ever heard the expression "consider the source" or "A reliable source"? Why do they say that? Because the source (messenger) is a huge factor in whether you should believe the messenger
or not. Do you even remember the Steel Dossier? They came out with that when I started really exposing them basically saying it does not matter if what she is saying about them is true or not what is important is the message that they are putting out. Mueller want to work for
@realDonaldTrump should he have ignored that fact that he was a dirty cop just because he was saying how much he admired & respected him? Anyone who would use the phrase "Message over Messenger" is a conn artist because smart people always consider the source. It does not matter
that 8Kun is hosted in Russia or that the owner is a porn king who makes his money from payperclick ads on sites that allow for the most vile & disgusting fetishes or that he makes videos of him singing about Jesus while flashing satanic hand signs or that his logos are the
satanic serpent. It does not matter that when he couldn't get #8Kun up on the clearnet that he hosted it on the dark web & that many of the early posts actually came solely from the dark web. It does not bother then that so many big name influencers we able to get on the dark web
with with ease? Do you know when you want to buy a baby, adrenechome, trafficked person for satanic rituals or to want babies being raped & murdered that that is where you go. But none of that matters to them because they are hosting Q so that makes them Patriots. But the message
they work with Trump they are helping him win. What on earth would make you think that this stuff would be good for Trump. And if Q really did work for Trump why would he not come out & say Stop saying that Trump is from the Future. Stop saying I am the Messiah? Stop saying that
Trump is circumventing the laws of our country & killing people. Stop saying things that mean he is violating the constitution of the Untied Stated & all the other crazy shit you are saying because that is what the Deep State does. That is not what Trump does & if you don't know
That by now it is because you have been too busy following Q & the Q İnfluancers & what they tell you rather than following Trump himself. You think they have made Q followers out to be crazy now just wait until the elections when they release their film & videos & shove it down
the throats of the American people 24/7 showing all these thing that Q has been saying Trump is doing & how millions of people around the world are ok with it. Proving Trump supporters really are Nazis, crazy, domestic terrorists which is exactly what the Deep State has been
saying all along. Do you know how people who don't follow Q are going to react to that with the mountains of proof, proving it to be true? Did you know that when Trump won a lot of people who were not Republican voted for him. You know why? Because they dd not care who one as
long as that evil witch didn't. Because most people knew she was evil. That is the type of thing that they have planned for this election. To get Joe Biden Elected. Why else would they put up such a weak candidate if they did not have a big plan up their sleeves? They could have
put up Bernie Sanders if he had won with all their cheating at least people would say like they always do. My fellow Americans are just stupid & it is only 4 more years. The Plan that Q speaks about is their plan to get Biden elected not Trump & have his supporters dealt with
properly. To have us put in re-education camps & not just the Q people all of his supporters. I know it sucks to be wrong. To tell the people that you have argued with for years about Q that they were right & you were wrong but you know what? If you were a real patriot you would
bite the bullet except you were wrong & do everything you can to stop it because if your reputation is more important to you that our Country or The world they you are not a patriot you just play one on the Internet. Everyone is wrong sometimes that does not make you stupid.
It is what you do when you find out that matters. Do you just sneak away quietly or continue spreading the lie? Or do you suck it up & do what is right? Because that is what I am doing & I have several large Global chat rooms where people believed in Q only because of me do you
know how hard it was for me to go to them & say I was wrong? To tell my family & everyone I love? But the world does not revolve around me & what @realDonaldTrump is trying to do is far more Important than my Pride or reputation @threadreaderapp Unroll
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