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@Prayingmedic was the first of the #Qanon influencers that I exposed because he is the worse liar I have ever seen. Look this this article on lying… then watch 1 of his videos It is literally like he is making film to be used for
training new police officers how to tell when someone is lying. Its 100% proof that someone is lying if they do, it does not mean they are telling the truth if they don't as the article states you have to leave that to pros because people study this stuff & practice not doing it.
Pros can spot them because they look for signs of them not doing. For example the biggest sign being in the eyes a professional conn artist can be spotted because they are not blinking to much they are blinking to little their eyes are being held open. It is not something
you will see unless you look for it. But talk to any high ranking detective or Psychiatrist & they will tell you that you can not tell when a sociopath or psychopath is lying & that is why they recommend that if you discover 1 in your life to have zero contact with them even if
they are family because they have such huge egos that they are dangerous to those around them. The reason they don't blink abnormally is because they're not nervous or worried they will get caught. They don't believe they can as they are superior to everyone else in their minds.
@Austinsteinbart is a perfect example of that which why so many people fell for his lies no matter how outrageous they are. So don't feel bad for falling for it he would fool a pro. Not all of the big names are sociopaths some are just bad people with no
morals & that is why they do it. Jordan Sather is another sociopath at the start of all his videos he tells you gold is going up & that you need to buy it. Why because he makes money when you do from the place he sends you to in his videos. This is what experts are saying
Now you are probably think hey but he is showing all the signs of lying so how do you know he is a sociopath. You are right you see the signs of a liar as well as someone trying to look like they are not lying so how can you tell he is not just a bad person. Being a sociopath is
a bad person to the extreme some people are born with it those are called psychopaths & some people become that way afterwards those are called sociopaths that is really the only difference between the 2. By living life they both get worse. The way you can tell he is a sociopath
or psychopath since we don't know about his early childhood is if you watch you see the whites under the eyes that is a very common sign of a sociopath. Now sometime we move our eyes & that happens but when it happens just a few times
when someone is talking,y you are dealing with a socio/psychpath but they don't all have that tell & even if the do it is not always present but it is when they are lying. For some it is the tops showing & for others it is both. Normally your eyes only show white on the sides.
Hilary Clinton has very heavy upper eye lids the fact that her eye can even do that trying would be impressive. Someone with hyperthyroid where their eyes are bugged out do often show the whites on top & bottom & that is why they often complain people treat them differently.
It is because they look like sociopaths 24/7 & that make people uncomfortable. Lisa Mei Crowley has an ego the size of Texas, you won't find a normal picture of her online even though there are many of her. Her profile is just bragging BS she claims she was an Airborne Linguist.
No one actually in that field would actually call it that because in the Military your job has a specific name & that is what you call it even if you are only an airmen. She plays like she is any kind of Music producer/Writer/singer but she is not any more than anyone singing
songs on Youtube. She says she shut it down to focus on a message but the truth is she tried to be someone it was so classless & tacky that she failed & so she quit. She is an MLM marketer trying to be something & is not. If you watch this video she is a pathological liar in the
the same category as @Prayingmedic no where near as good as Sather. She had zero success at singing & her music business because if you try to find anything on her from that you can't except on her channel & this… the woman can't
carry a tune in a Bucket. & thinks it is the land of the free "or" the home of the brave. People are not clapping for her but for the song itself. In other words she is full of crap the kind of person who blows every tiny thing they do into something far bigger than it is which
exactly what sociopaths do. Their lies are so grandiose that people believe them because they can not imagine that someone would make those kinds of stories up. Remember she claimed to be Airborne SMSgt this is what that means & we are suppose to believe that? She can't solo?
She claims to be a Systems Engineer this is her own website. A 5th grader using wix could make a better website Why am I telling you all this? Because while they are pushing "Message over Messenger" That is just conn language it absolutely matters who the
messenger is far more than the message itself. Because when the Biggest names in this movement are all socio/psycopaths pathological liars then you should damn well Question the whole damn movement & its message because they are not like us they don't do stuff for other people
They don't dedicate a second let alone years to trying to help anyone but themselves & if they ever act like they are you can damned well be sure they are up to something & it is not something good. They are the very best at convincing people otherwise which is proven by the fact
that they are so popular & trusted when there is actual zero reason that they should be. Oh you like what they say well you have to for the grift to work. These people have convinced million that Trump is doing all kinds of illegal stuff but that is ok because he is saving the
babies. They behave exactly like the people that Trump is working hard to get rid of & they are making all Trump supporters look like crazy, domestic terrorist which is exactly the message the Dems have been screaming from day 1. They screamed it #Qanon is just proving it &
filming it so it can be used against him in the up coming election. Supporting #Qanon does not help Trump it hurts him & all his supporters. It is time to wake up & shut this crap down!
#Trump2020 #MAGA
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