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The more you try to cover something, the more attention it gets. Most of us are likely to take a few secrets to the grave because revealing them could be fatal.
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Take For instance if Coca Cola told everyone about its secret ingredient, it wouldn’t be the world’s no. 1 soft drink. But secrets become mysteries after a certain period of time and we keep pondering over them. So I'm bringing you the 10 world’s biggest secrets of all time.

Did you know that the formulae for making coca cola are one of the most highly guarded top secret in the world? It is so top secret that the company had to cancel its operation in India because it would have been forced..
to provide their ingredient formula to the government. The company also stalled a divorce case when a wife to one of the heirs demanded his grandfather’s original formula for coca cola. The company made sure that the notes were not handed to her because the formula which would
eventually be revealed to the world. In fact, only few employees know the ingredients for making coca cola. Only two employees at a time are allowed to know the secret formulae. These few employees have to swear by an oath that they would protect and keep it a secret by all means

It is widely known that Adolf Hitler’s death was a suicide and he killed himself in his underground bunker. History reports that the death occurred on 30th April 1945 but how true it is a subject of debate. This question arises after looking at the evidence
from FBI documents stating that the Government had an information about Hitler being alive after World War 2. This doesn’t seem to be fake as there were no options left for Hitler and he had to escape from Germany for his own survival. Surprisingly FBI kept this as a secret.

Since the 1980s, there has been a lot of debate regarding the origin of HIV and many theories have been formulated. Many people suggest that HIV/Aids originated from Africa, but, is it really true? Some believe that the deadly disease was manufactured in a laboratory
by scientists. That the HIV virus is man-made! As if this weren’t enough, conspiracy theorists also believe that the cure for HIV/AIDS has been found. But hasn’t it been shared to the world? Why are they afraid of? Or are they using the HIV/AIDS disease as a weapon?

There is no list of secrets or weird stuff that can fail to mention about Area 51. Deep in the Nevada desert, lies Area 51 – The CIA secret, a giant desert base that remain unacknowledged and disavowed by the U.S government for almost 60 years, until in August 2013,
when the CIA finally admitted that this place is real. It’s a U.S. air force military facility which is highly guarded from the public. Actually, apart from the people inside, no one knows what takes place behind that perimeter.

Above Area 51 is one of the most restricted air
space on the planet. But why is the U.S. government trying so hard to keep people out? Finally, the truth had emerged in declassified documents published in August 2013. According to the report by the CIA, Area 51 was created in 1955 for a single purpose, to test a top secret
aircraft project, code-named ‘’Aquatone”. The aircraft was to spy the Soviet Union when Russia bragged of its nuclear power.

He was a serial killer who committed several crimes in 1888, mainly in Whitechapel, London. His identity continues to be a mystery to the police, so he’s considered part of these top 10 of secrets of the world.
This psychopath was described by the experts as an intelligent, effective, mocking, cunning, and cold man, obsessed with murder. The attacks attributed to him involved prostitutes, whom he killed following a distinctive modus operandi consisting of: cut throat, strangling and..
abdominal mutilation. Removal of the internal organs of at least three of the victims led to the belief that the killer had anatomical or surgical knowledge.

If you wanna recreate the taste of KFC at your home then it is a dream that will never come true. KFC has kept their recipe private and has never disclosed or keep an intention to do so. This is World’s top secret that the KFC has maintained ever since....
it was set up. The famous Chicken dish of KFC prepared by Herland Sanders in 1930 leads him to build a chain of restaurants across the world. May be, it is this secret guarded in the HQ of the company is one of the attributes to their success.

In the town of Taos, New Mexico, a low frequency noise could be heard in the west of the town. Called the Taos Hum, the origin and source of the hum still cannot be explained.

The next point in these top 10 of secrets of the world is the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe. She was found dead at her residence on August 5, 1962, at age 36. It was said that her death was due to barbiturate overdose, but due to lack of evidence,
it wasn’t classified as suicide but as a possible suicide. But many people, including LA police officers, believed that his death was a murder, making it one of the most debated conspiracy theories of the twentieth century.

Marilyn had an affair with John F. Kennedy, but when
the president thought she could be a political danger, he ended the relationship. This era was of the Cold War, so a woman that knew Secrets of State and that had contacts with the communists could easily represent a danger for the American government and the national security.
Clouded story of a TAJ MAHAL

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world has few secrets camouflaged in the back door of history. According to the book, ‘The true story of Taj Mahal’, the fort was originally a Shiva temple built during Rajput rule at Agra. Later when Shah.
jahan wins a battle against Rajputs, he conquers the temple and names it as MumTaj Mahal.
However no official consent has given to this by any Government bodies but the mystery gets stronger to see few rooms closed in the fort from the time of shah jahan and according to
researchers, these rooms contain proof that the tomb was a temple of Shiva. There is a wait and time has an answer to everything barring the conspiracy of Taj Mahal being a matter of debate

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, often referred to by his initials JFK and Jack, was an American politician who served as the 35th president of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.
JFK was murdered in public by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. It was never confirmed though if he were just a hitman and if someone else ordered the hit. Though the government concluded Oswald acted alone, many theories came up that Kennedy was a victim of a conspiracy
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