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[1] How many coincidences until it is mathematically impossible?

Expand your Thinking


May 1st, 2020 Executive Order.
( Tesla / POTUS' Uncle )

And take a guess of who President Trump's cousin is..... 😏 ImageImageImageImage
[2] Now keep all of that in mind. I am going to dive into the Trump / Tesla, Time Travel Theory now.
( What all did POTUS' Uncle find, and not tell the Government? )

Bear with me

First let's start with JFK Jr.
Who released a fascinating 1997 issue w/ his line of Magazines ImageImageImage
[3] Continuing on, with the same 1997 George issue.

Notice last paragraph. 20 years from 1997 would be 2017. The year of POTUS' Inauguration!

Also, do you see? Rolling Stones, the 2016 Trump Rally / Election theme song! ImageImageImage
[4] This is a great video that breaks down the Theory even more. That Tesla could have figured out time travel. And a refresher on a few JFK Jr. Q posts.

[5] The most ASTONISHING revelation is a book that was written in Tesla's time. 1893. Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey.
Among many other books and "Coincidences"...

[6] Some more Context of the books.

Library of Congress has two of the Ingersoll Lockwood's books mentioned. 😮 You can read them here:

Did the Deep State always know?.. When were these added to the Library? 🤔

Wow.. ImageImageImageImage
[7] I'm having a more difficult time finding the First book published on Baron. So Wiki it is.
And a nice, looks to be authentic, pic. of the book. This is amazing!… ImageImageImageImage
[8] Now that we have gone over some great findings. Let's delve back into the dark just a bit. I want to touch on JFK Jr. And Q.

This video serves as an excellent intro. It does an AMAZING job of linking JFK Jr. / Gates / and Pi_za Gate…
[9] Then we go on to what else did JFK Jr. know?

Well, maybe the whole offshoring / aiding a Communist Regime?

Donald Trump was very critical and vocal about this as well. From the 80s' and onwards

And it is no secret that they were very close friends

[10] Now, let's take a look at U.S. / China relations in History.
Same tactics as usual:
-Destabalize through drugs, etc.
-Start a War, cripple them down.
-Slowly infiltrate / gain influence into said Country
-Then decide to build it back up
All at the cost of Humanity
[11] Here is the timeline I found. So you can see these snakes doing the same thing as they do around the World.We were next on the list to get screwed,and China to be picked as the N.W.O.'s new, dominate Country.

Attaching key points and a map to help.… ImageImageImageImage
[12] Now all that said. Back to the awesome stuff.JFK Jr. Alive?! And correlation to Q?

My opinion, YES.
Let me show you why I believe so.
The George Magazine was the first major clue above.He knew what happened to his Father, and how evil these people are.He would not be naive ImageImageImageImage
[13] Let's brush up on those Q posts real quick regarding JFK Jr.

And a quick side bonus. For those that may be newer.

Executive Orders are very important:… ImageImageImageImage
[14] Many FBI case files were declassed on April 26, 2020. 🤔

This anon did a great job at pointing out the highlights in those.

Spoiler:JFK Jr. was already in a battle with the insurgency, well before 1999/ The crash.
Aka. No way, would He be naive.

[15] With that said, I must say there are plenty of ways to fake your death.But this infamous one floating around seems very plausible.Given our infiltrated White House was all over JFK Jr. He was a reminder of His brave Father, a threat.
It would have to be a Hell of a job. Image
[16] Now let's dive into some peculiar sightings around POTUS. His 2016 Rallies, etc. I will touch on JFK Jr., Carolyn Kennedy, and Lauren Bessette. All who were said to have passed in the 1999 plane crash. Including of course, the infamous 'Vincent Fusca' . ImageImageImageImage
[17] Just more coincidences..

🙃 ImageImageImageImage
[18] And more... 🙃 ImageImageImageImage
[19] And more..... 😎 👊

Notice, front and center. Right behind the last row of uniformed soldiers. Almost like a, hey, look here.. Then his face halved with a young JFK Jr. 🤔 ImageImageImageImage
[20] Mathematically impossible at this point?...🤔

Do a find on page (Rushmore) to find the NYT article on
(Google) "Senate Doc. 106-7"
To make this more credible.

Rushmore trip right before his "Death"screenshot……

See [21] 👇 ImageImageImageImage
So there haven't been fireworks at Mt. Rushmore for going on 11 years thanks to Obama who killed it 5 months into office.. So pretty significant in itself. On Independence Day ( We are witnessing a Remix by Q) POTUS to be there. AND last major trip JFK Jr. went on?
o. O ImageImageImageImage
[22] Vid. tying players together at Rally

Lisa Bessette is the 3rd Bessette sister.
Lauren Bessettes Twin!
(Lauren was said to have passed in the 99' crash)
Both are Carolyn's sisters

And they just appear to be spotted with Fusca nonetheless... 🙃 ✌…
[23] More context on Lisa:…

The coming Vid.appears to show Jr's cousin who 'passed'from cancer less than a month after the 99'crash.Anthony Radziwill.
He 'is' the older looking gentleman /white beard

[24] Why am I speculating on this Thread?

FISA , aka Flynn case already started dripping (The main Q marker is activated) Declass.

Jr. not only knew who killed His father, but everything the Deep State was about.
(Aiding Communists, pizzag_te, Bill Gates, Clintons, etc.)
[25] The April 2020 FBI file drop shows Jr. was even battling with them, quite a few years before the 99' crash
It is often said people would always tell Him how much they loved His Father
Logical thinking would tell us, this would spark a counter-insurgency by good players in DC
[26] ... Who would do anything to protect Jr., and develop a Plan to get these bastards.

The recent Navy Declass of U.F.O. videos.Where even modern-ish pilots were stunned by what they saw. Regarding one rotating.
And another moving extremely fast:…
[27] ...My point is, we have been lied to, kept in the dark, suppressed from Technology, Space,Medicine,EVERYTHING.
Look no further than the 3 Letter agencies, aka, the prior DeepState tools.
Q even said it. We are NOT alone.
And some bash me for even touching on Time Travel?.. ImageImageImageImage
[28] Everything is tying into Jr.'s 1997 Issue of the GUIDE to the FUTURE.

Flying Saucer, Rushmore, George, Hillary Indictment, Gates.

Murdoch? Two meanings I found.
First one the most disturbing:…

Monitoring our Ignorance?… ImageImage
[29] Closing Thoughts:

Will JFK Jr. be brought back at Mt. Rushmore during POTUS' trip for July 3rd and on?We know Flynn = FISA. His case (FISA) already started dripping (Declass) (Turns to flood).Q always said that was the marker. That said? I feel He will be. Just my opinion ImageImageImageImage

I hope you guys enjoyed this,as well as being any help to you,during this Great Awakening.Please Share the Thread if you liked it.And so you know,they shadow-kick my followers.
Clue? 🤔

#WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE #InThisTogether #QanonArmy #QAnons #NationalistDeplorable

[END] ImageImageImageImage
My apologizes everyone. I did quite the overhaul from [22] and on. Because I had great feedback from you guys.

And it made this piece so much better, and more clear I feel.

Definitely appreciate it!

I Triple checked, and feel this is definitely the final draft ✌
This guys playlist -
(George Magazine Breakdowns) reveals a lot of George mags.

The 2020 Platform picture? Was also having to do with George taking a "Time Warp" 🤔 and much more than what I pointed out

The Rolling Stones song was Jr.'s favorite song

Another match up from that army Q post of mine.

And Fusca matchup.

Google images guys. So much out there people did.
I mean... 🤒 😎 ✌ ImageImage
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