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Whenever there is a new shill push it always comes in bunches. I can see it a mile away. This is round 4 now. I just had the same video shared with me on 3 different platforms with the same "concern" about it worded almost exactly the same. So this is clearly the new push....
...its saying that Trump has handed the country to FEMA and is now powerless and that he has tricked us yaddy yadda, same shill garbage for 4 years now. Says hes a part of the NWO and that he was a part of spreading this virus. The are using peoples fear to turn them against him
If it weren't for Donald Trump they wouldnt need to convince us that "He's a part of the Deep State" because most of us wouldnt even know there was one. Or fully understand it if we did. He did that. He blew up their spot. He showed us how it was organized....
He showed us who was involved. He showed us what they do. He send us down rabbit holes that produced absolute gold. And horror. And opened our eyes forever. He then implored us to spread the word. Keep digging. Keep exposing. While he torched Washington and the Media...
Hes been fighting non stop, no rest, passing bills that would be considered monumental achievements in other administrations that we watched be swept under the rug. Prison Reform being just one of many. Right to try being another. The list is endless. Barely reported on...
At first i would get swarms of comments detailing how Trump was a Russian agent controlled by Putin. How he was a puppet and how Russia now controlled us. Over and over. Same set up, same sentence structure, same buzz words. Im a math guy. Numbers and patterns are my life...
That was the first shill attack. I got it for almost a year and then it died down... then almost on cue the "Hes an israeli agent" comments started. Hes controlled by israel, on and on comments started. Again, all in a swarm, same structure, same themes, mostly newer accounts...
That was the 2nd wave. When they died down the "Austin Steinbart is Q" comments started. All platforms. Same exact time. Those were almost ALL worded exactly the same. The roll.out mimicked the first 2 almost to a tee. Started on the same day, multiple platforms, same roll out...
People sussed him out fast & it has since died down. Now like clockwork wave 4 has started. "Trump & Q are deep state, they were in on COVID, hes working with Fauci 🙄 We've all been tricked.. Same tired tropes. Same pathetic attempt to tie Trump to the very things HE exposed...
So if you think Im going to fall for one of these you are mistaken. Ive never vetted someone more in my life. Ive probably watched every freaking old interview and vid of Trump that exists, ive followed every Democrat "Trumps evil" narrative push...
...all of which turning out to be big ole nothing burgers spun into shit sandwiches. Everything after 2015 is suspect to me after that. This dude is a patriot of the highest order and a genuinely good dude. He's put himself in a swamp of slimeballs to try n make a difference and
Watching them turn into monsters right before our faces, exposing themselves has been quite revealing. Trump did that. Trying to weakly group him in with you animals is laughable...
Same as the people who claim my support = me just waiting around for Him/Q to "save us" - You dont get it. He already saved us. In 2015. By giving us our voice back. Pre 2015 you couldnt say ANYTHING online against the radical left narrative without being berated onto silence..
This man showed us that we didnt have to be silent. That WE were the majority, not them. That if we spoke up and banded together we would be heard and we have been! I will never forget what he did for me and the work Ive been putting in ever since is my "thank you" to him. End.
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