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I've been asked why somebody staged the fake "coup attempt" in Venezuela.

@CredicoRandy explains.…
This was done to discredit both @realDonaldTrump and Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó.

The Venezuelans don't have the capability to set people up, so it was obviously China.

The toy weapons are the giveaway.
See the "Samurai Demon tactical masks"?
These are worn by Airsoft and paintball players.

They offer no ballistic protection whatsoever.
See the orange-tipped rifle in the case at the top of the photo?
It's an Airsoft toy used to shoot plastic pellets.
The two loaded ammunition drums are for civilian semi-automatic AR-15 rifles, not selective fire military assault rifles.

Drums carrying 100 rounds are too bulky, and if you fire 100 rounds on full automatic, you'll burn out the barrel of your rifle.
On the left is an ancient CB radio FROM A CAR.

"Rubber Ducky, Rubber Ducky, Smoky half a mile ahead."

There's also a KINDLE for reading e-books.
The "commandos" took their passports and copies of their contracts into action.
Here's what poor Randy Credico writes:

"Jordan Goudreau, an ex-Green Beret and the owner of a large private mercenary organization in Florida came forward to reveal that he organized the coup attempt—and he had the receipts to prove it."
It's really trendy to say "I have the receipts" when you have the evidence, but it's also stupid.

Jordan Goudreau has no receipts, because nobody paid him.

But today young buttholes don't know what "receipts" mean.

It's like saying "I'm not dragging on him."
Or my favorite:

"It's not okay!"

An adherence to buzzphrases of the moment show a porous mind that is trying to appeal to the youngest, lowest common denominator.
This article ALMOST gets it right, but they are people extremely impressed with their own analyses.…
Jordan Goudreau has obviously been paid off.

He's calling attention to and blowing his own "operations."

And he's trying really hard to discredit both Trump and the entire Venezuelan opposition movement.
This is what I mean about how limited "experts" are:

"One image in particular raised many more questions than it answered, as it shows an Airsoft rifle."



It wasn't a real incursion.
I used to read Bellingcat a lot, but they make the fatal error of trying to impress laypersons.

They tell you that there's only one paradigm, and then they describe it in detail, using jargon and manuals and everything else.

I write for a general audience.
My goal is to help people understand, NOT TO IMPRESS.

When you simply write without worrying about clicks or views or feedback, it totally liberates you.

So here's what happened:
Trump contracts out some of his security. He relies on people to do a good job.

Since I'm banned by Facebook, I'm also banned by Instagram, as I just proved.

Same reason.

"We've detected unusual activity from your account."
Since I got this notice exactly one-tenth of a second after CREATING AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT, the "unusual activity" is obviously my support of @realDonaldTrump.

Not unusual at all, bitches.

As you'll you'll see in November.

This is from Jordan Goudreau's Instagram account.

My guess is it wasn't taken during a combat mission but at Silvercorp.

I can't identify the transport they're in.
(I got confused. apparently the writer of the "Covert Action" article is Alan McLeod of 'Nuff said about THEIR motivations.)
Here's the thing:

Remember the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

Within six connections, everybody end up somehow involved tangentially with Kevin Bacon.

Jordan Goudreau appears to have been hired as a security guard at Trump events, but he was cut loose at some point.
The guy obviously holds a grudge.

He was a Trump fan-boy who was out for revenge.

It would appear that the two Americans were lured somewhere and kidnapped, and then this childish hoax was perpetrated.
I've watched multiple people worm their way into everything that's going on, and it goes to their heads.

Two things:


If I wanted to impress people, I would.

Take that to the bank.

But I'm not interested.
And secondly, I'm not involved in any way, shape, or form with the Trump administration.

Last week I turned down an opportunity to appear with one of the major figures in the news, one of Trump's closest confidants.

I simply won't do it. HE didn't ask me.
Someone else did.

There's no upside, because people don't understand that Trump and his people are playing for the highest stakes there are.

I would fully expect to be used unmercifully, because most people who try to get involved are opportunists.
My goal is to publish my memoir under a pseudonym, promote it, and then retire that persona.

I could write a ton of sequels, but I won't.

There's a chance that I would agree to let the story of one incident be made into a movie.
If that were to happen, I would have to be given final approval over the shooting script.

I don't think it would happen, because Hollywood is too full of bloated egos.

But to get back to my point, I have no inside information.
I turned down so many offers of inside information that nobody approaches me anymore.

Which is what I want.

But this "coup attempt" wasn't real. The official Venezuelan account is incoherent.

The "troops" landed by speedboat AND fishing boat.
They were headed for gun trucks that had totally unsecured belts of ammunition all over the beds of the trucks, meaning the gunners would be unable to reload their weapons while under fire, since they'd be STANDING ON their ammunition.

The Venezuelans killed eight--no, six--but haven't shown the bodies.

Over 60 men took part, armed with a grand total of seven firearms.

And nobody had ammunition. All the magazine pouches are empty.
But the proof that this was an attempted setup was that Silvercorp TWEETED TO TRUMP as the "operation" was underway.
American have a cultural deficit.

Too many of us what to get to the bottom of things.

So we waste irreplaceable hours of our lives analyzing NONSENSE.

This thing wasn't real. When you accept that, all your questions should disappear.

Sure, look into it.
But don't be like the flock of microbirds that spent the night in one of my trees for years.

They'd settle in, and then they'd screech at each other for an hour or so, having their little nightly arguments.

When everyone was screeched out, they'd all go to sleep.

Don't be a birdbrain.

This is nothing to worry about. Think of it as entertainment, if anything.

Concentrate on things that matter and that you can change.

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