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1981 NYT article about Pope Pius VII. Napoleon imprisoned him in France. Pius VI and VII opposed French democracy. Both supported the Jesuits. They were brewing Socialism. Napoleon saw #Vatican threat to liberty. But you'll never hear that from the NYT.… Image
32) Pope Leo XIII came close to approving the sovereignty of the USA. He was one of the few popes who spoke out against Socialism, but he also disapproved of laissez-faire capitalism. He was mistrusted in Baltimore as a perceived threat to public schools.… Image
33) "Karl Marx, Social Justice and Communism are all Catholic monastic/Jesuit creations." See this well-researched Reddit post linked below.

Can the United States of America and the Communist principles of the Jesuit and other Vatican orders co-exist?… ImageImageImageImage
34) "The Catholic humanist Sir Thomas More’s Utopia in 1516 further contributed to Communism and served as a basis upon which Marx and Engels would develop their ideas. In fact the communist soviets so loved Moore that they erected a monument in his memory." Image
35) "Lenin formally readmitted the Jesuits into Russia in 1922. Lenin's right-hand man Felix Dzerzhinsky who was the head of the Soviet Secret Police and the Cheka, had been Catholic and was such an admirer of the Jesuits that he once desired to become a Jesuit priest." Image
36) "Sources show the term "social justice" to have originated from a Jesuit Luigi Taparelli, S.J."
#SocialJustice #SJW #SocialJusticeWarrior #JesuitCommunism #Jesuits… Image
37) "Marx having been a Jesuit coadjutor is further attested to by Otto von Bismark when, in his German newspaper said that Marx was under [the] control of the Jesuit priest Peter Beckx, then Superior General of the Society of Jesus!"
#KarlMarx #JesuitCommunism #Jesuits Image
38) Brilliant 10min slideshow shows extreme connections between #Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's former boyfriend, Count Gianfranco Cicogna, Knights of Malta, died suspiciously too. Same corrupt NYC justice system also pushing #COVID19 lockdown.
40) #Q4303. Includes comment: "CIA'S USE OF JOURNALISTS AND CLERGY" See:…📁
"Logical thinking.
CIA coming back into the news [soon]?
#cia @JohnBrennan #InvisibleGovt
42) Pope Francis sticks his nose into #GeorgeFloyd incident, open letter to US Catholics.
"But the degree to which Francis and the Vatican have seized on Floyd’s killing is unusual and suggests a coordinated messaging strategy...."…
43) To all the #BLM fools bent on changing names of historic places, why aren't you demanding reparations from the #JESUITS, Catholic Church, and PROMINENT EAST COAST COLLEGES who funded themselves from JESUIT SLAVE-HOLDING PLANTATIONS? See:… Image
44) What a coinky dink that the radical socialists who invented the new nation of #Chaz in downtown Seattle have basically followed the #VaticanCity model. They invaded it just as any good fascist Catholic Conquistador would have done.
45) #Zagami: "Abp. Claudio Maria Celli, the Vatican official who helped draft...Vatican-China deal in 2018, is saying the Holy See will likely renew the accord signed with the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP)."
Says Chinese Catholic Church is enemy to USA…
B) Good interview with #Zagami on David Knight show. Talks about this horrific alliance between Communist China #CCP and the #Vatican:
C) Posted 11 months ago in the NY Post: "But regardless of their views on Francis’ pontificate, American Catholics should be alarmed by Communist apologetics appearing in the pages of the country’s premier Jesuit journal."
46) You know this famous Tesla photo, holding a book? The book he's reading is by #Jesuit scientist and fellow Serbian-region countryman ROGER JOSEPH BOSCOVICH. His ideas on Atomic Theory were seen by #Nietzsche as a forerunner of the philosophical idea "will to power." Image
47) Pope Francis continues to betray his socialist motives and globalist alliances with his new admonishment this week that Catholics stop investing in fossil fuels and armaments…
48) Pope is literally whoring with China:
"the Vatican receives up to 2 billion dollars from the Chinese Communist Party every year" to keep quiet about religious atrocities committed by Communist China.…
"Guo has previously stated that China has drafted a complete strategy for world domination known by the initials “#BGY,” which stands for Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex)."
49) #Q4541 #Q4542. #Qanon posts Archbishop Vigano's letter to POTUS from June 7. Haven't I been saying for a month that THERE IS MORE TO THAT LETTER THAN JUST METAPHOR? Vigano is a staunch opposer of #Vatican corruption and refers to the INVISIBLE ENEMY.
50) Today I tweet academic research on the objections patriots had in the 1850s to the presence of the #Jesuit Order in America. They even called it the SECOND GREAT AWAKENING. Sadly, Americans failed to stay educated and vigilant to this danger.+…
51) It all comes down to this: a cornerstone of Catholic dogma is its idea of #PapalPrimacy. No matter what type of govt rules you, the Church has authority over every govt. #Jesuits ENFORCE that authority. It's not a Religion; it's a SUPERPOWER.…
52) In 1860, the Superior General of the #Jesuits, PETER JAN BECKX, S.J., forbade American priests from going to the polls in the election of Abraham Lincoln.
#SoundFamiliar ?
(cont.)+ #BlackPope
Screenshot below from pg 322 of book linked here:… Image
53) Lincoln's party repeatedly condemned the Catholic Church because of its REFUSAL TO CONDEMN SLAVERY. Sort of like how phony Dems destroy #Abolitionist statues but send confusing non-messages over Slavery and KKK icons.+
#SoundFamiliar ? Image
54) Even Catholic layman, ORESTES BROWNSON, accused #Jesuits of secretly supporting the Confederacy and outright HATING THE REPUBLIC.
#SoundFamiliar ?
P. 323:… Image
55) 3 of the 8 people indicted for the ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN were #JESUIT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. The #DeepState began at GU.
#SoundFamiliar ? Image
56) In 1856, Anna Carroll warned that "#Jesuits, #socialists, and free-thinkers have perverted the democratic process." They did it by destroying American language and values.
#SoundFamiliar ?… Image
57) In 1855, Edward Beecher saw the #Jesuits' church as a BUSINESS, not an authentic religion, one bent on OBTAINING A MONOPOLY OF NATIONS. He saw the #Jesuits as the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON the Church has to BRING DOWN THE REPUBLIC.
#SoundFamiliar ?
P.319… Image
58) Following the Civil War, there was a period when the #Jesuit seminary at #Woodstock College FORBADE THE CELEBRATION OF PATRIOTIC HOLIDAYS, even Washington's Birthday and #July4th!
#SoundFamiliar ?
P.324 of book linked here:…
Screenshot that accompanies my tweet #52 above. This is taken from page 322 of this book link:… Image
When #Jesuits forbade the celebration of patriotic holidays like #July4th at their seminary in America. @Jesuit-affiliated Dems hate America. #SoundFamiliar ?
Screenshot from page 324 of this book link:… Image
59) When Catholic Spain forced Jews to convert or die in the 15th century, not only did many fake-convert, but many joined the #Jesuit Order. Ignatius of Loyola himself was a practicing #Kabbalist or "#alumbrado." He actively recruited Jewish money from Amsterdam.
60) Congratulations, America. You just helped Pope Francis cover some of his #PedoPriest expenses. #PPP loans totaling 1 BILLION DOLLARS were given to #Vatican #Jesuits who HATE THIS COUNTRY and FACILITATE SEXUAL ABUSE!…
61) As early as 1820, U.S. intel knew that the #Jesuit Order was working with the Hapsburg's Leopold Foundation to derail American values. To this day, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY creates agents for this treasonous purpose. LaRouche:… Image
62) This was published on July 23, 2019 in a prominent #Jesuit periodical deceptively called @americamag . "The Catholic Case for Communism".
#SoundFamiliar ? When will you wake up? #RedPill #Qanon
63) The claptrap from this #Jesuit priest - in his own words - makes it clear that he believes America should find good things about #Marxism to embrace.
#SoundFamiliar ? #HigherLoyalty…
64) This loyal Catholic posted a scathing blog against the #Marxism of current #Jesuit Superior General #Sosa on May 24, 2017. "The Pope's Marxist Head of the Jesuits"…
65) "Turn down any corridor in Francis’s Vatican, and you are likely to run into a de facto communist. Under Sosa, they are more like the pope’s Marxists, peddling his climate-change propaganda as a pretext for global socialism."
#SoundFamiliar ? #Jesuit…
66) #Zagami: China's communist party may have video of McCarrick. #PedoPriest victim now accusing #Vatican of running #Ghislaine -style pedo ring in Sea Girt, NJ.
"Former Cardinal McCarrick Ran a Vatican Epstein style ‘Sex Cabal’ and Worked with the #CCP"…
67) Leo #Zagami talks about this new theme park for kids in Rome: CINECITTA WORLD, sort of a Universal Studios park. The entrance glorifies child sacrifice to Moloch. Colosseum has SAME statue. #Jesuit logo is SAME fire wave, knife killing heart. Go: ImageImageImage
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