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When I got proof that @Austinsteinbart gang of morons was actually sending people out to kill people to "Help" Trump the first thing I did was called the FBI, DIA, & DOD & posted a twitter message that I need to get in touch with Austin about a FF & sent 2 DMs this was 1st reply
I told no 1 at that time any details. I had proof on 1 guilty party but gave no details to anyone so that reply told me he was also involved as well as made me really suspect Austin because no agent would be having civilians screening people for them especially losers nobodies
living in Mommies basement. This is not some late night soap opera. We are talking about Terrorism there are rules & periodicals in place. Then I got this reply from the other 1 then he asked me to call him that was when he told me he was a nobody trying to help Austin, that he
lived in his mom's basement which I thought was hilarious I had already noticed the people Austin was speaking with in the Interviews were batshit crazy people & Internet nobodies. He said Austin was training him to be a leader. We had several calls & talked for at least 4 hours
in total & I kept asking him what is it that Austin is trying to do. I said I don't get it if he is really Q talking to people like these is going to make him far less believable to any thinking person. At this point I knew what I was dealing with but I needed proof. People will
need proof. So finally he told me that Austin was going to call me that Agent Sabrina would call me & hold her phone to his totally not how things are done. But what I needed was either a real agent that proved they were an agent or Austin to call me so I could give him the info
& watch to see what they did next. The evidence I had was iron clad, the person was actually on the phone with Michael Koury at the Time he was in the person's house that Micheal sent him to kill. He called him because he could not do it so Michael was pushing him on the phone to
do it. The person he was supose to kill could tell that the person on the phone was instigating him to do something but he would not say who it was. When he got off the phone they said he looked possessed. There are phone records of who he was talking to & exactly what was said.
This was not some hunch. All the people who came out saying I was accusing Micheal of hurting someone was simply letting me know who was involved because at that point I had told no one. I got voice mails when I reached those agencies I left a message but no details. I talked to
someone from the DOD but just said I need to talk to someone about a false flag & they told me to call the FBI or the police. So them knowing who was involved only showed their own guilt. Austin & Sabrina called & I knew then I was not dealing with agents of any kind I was told
to send all the proof I had to Aaron over Twitter. No I am not joking they actually said that. So I did. All I needed to do next was see if Austin continued to work with these people afterwards & I had all I needed to prove that these people were actually brainwashing mentally
unstable people to go commit acts of terror while believing they were "helping" @realDonaldTrump like this…………
@Austinsteinbart actually does Interviews with this woman #Qanon was right about 1 thing the Deep State is brainwashing these people into doing these thing because Q is the deep state & before you start saying well Austin is not Q let me remind you that he
has been involve from the beginning her he is in 2018… & if you go to the second page you will find the Archives he has been pretending to try & get you to get from Datto the exact same company that helped with Hilary Clintons private email scam… So why is someone who is supporting #Trump doing business with such a corrupt company? You should read it because it exposes the Deep States plan around #Qanon or at least part of it.
Another point is the same big Q influancers that you Trust that call him Fake actually work with him. They are the ones that helped stage his fake arrest. This is the guy responsible for the very first Q drops… this is 1 of Austin's people calling for help
to attack me from their supposed enemies the QPharises
See most people who were not part of the grift quit following #Qanon because they saw through it. They saw through the big influencers so @Austinsteinbart was brought out to offer a choice an enemy to them so that people who once believed would believe he was the real deal.
But they are all part of the same thing. Just like people hide under different secret societies in case one of them gets caught the others can keep going as happened with the Illuminati in the past, but they are in fact all the same people. #Qanon is not here to support Trump
they are here to use Trump supporters against him & paint them all as crazy, Nazi, Domestic terrorist to ram down the throats of the American people during the election in hope it will freak enough people out that they vote for the other party. In other words do to Trump what
they believe cost Hilary the election. But that is not all they don't plan to have Biden Run against Trump that was all just a ploy to get their voters to believe they had a choice. They don't…… & Trump warned Bernie of this
Actually he was really warning us but Bernie can't claim he was not warned but Bernie already knew he is deep state himself. So now you know why this clown Michael & his gang of loser is attacking me. I have 1 more thing for you to consider. If #Qanon really was working for Trump
& our Military intel agencies why have they not stopped me from exposing it? Because I have done a great job of proving it fake so much so that 8kun where these clowns are posting the Q drops are full of peoples saying the same thing & while Austin is mentioned it is the other
big name Q influencers Like @Prayingmedic I mean it would be simple. While the #Qanon clowns don't know who I am I assure you the NSA knows exactly who I am. They could call me. They could send me a burn message that plays on my computer & is then auto deleted. They could fry all
my devices. They could arrest me, heck the could even do a drone kill on me since Obama made that legal. There is probably tons more they could do to me if I was in fact interfering with a government operation & Trumps plan to save the world. Trump could even call me lol but I am
not a threat to @realDonaldTrump I am a threat to #Qanon & its deep state psyop.
#Qarmy & its #DigitalSoldiers have nothing to do with what @GenFlynn was talking about. @threadreaderapp unroll
Awe he blocked me Dumbass does not know all that does is keep him from seeing what I am saying everyone else can still see it & actually so can I LMAO look here he is RT the every crazy Dr Tammy that the MSM uses as an example of #Qanon crazy
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