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BREAKING NEWS! You won't want to miss. The #Qanon crowd are getting all excited about this they think it proves Q is real they seem to forget that Fox is fake News & all MSM is a Deep State propaganda machine.
They are the 1s who put the Q instead of 0 in the writing on the screen @realDonaldTrump has nothing to do with it. What they are actually proving is what I have been saying that #Qanon is a Deep State Psyop & Fox a Deep state asset just dangled a carrot for it. It was not done
by accident is it big letters and clear as day. The news even has proof readers no one would have missed that.

So to the Deep State @Foxnews I will see your Q & raise you this little beauty I just found buried & under pages of #Qanon are crazy Trump supporters, when I searched
for "Qanon Fake" read the video description as is does not have any sound for me. LMAO are those exposing #Qanon as a Grift being acknowledged by @realDonaldTrump this was uploaded on the 30th of April is this really what happened to Twitter on the 29th?
This is not something that @realDonaldTrump could do himself. He can delete a tweet & replace it with a similar one but no one can edit a tweet once it is made you can clearly see that it was a tweet that was changed by the number of likes and retweets it has but I searched & it
is no where on twitter which means even if people retweeted that message it would have changed all the RT when it was changed back to the original. So I went to find the original Tweet, interesting message in itself because he is not replying to anyone & it seem odd on its own it
leaves you with a feeling of what exactly is he referring to in that Tweet but it totally makes sense with the message it changed to. Which indicates Trump was part of it since the original is his & is still there. So then I checked Twitters down report because I remembered
hearing that it was down recently. It looks like someone hacked in around the 28th or at least that is when Twitter noticed something was wrong. Then they report several report over 2 days & then nothing on the 30th & the reports start up again. That makes
me wonder did not know they were in there doing that on the 30th or does it mean they saw what happened & did not want to attract attention to it. Because they were in there for at least 4 days from Twitters own reports nothing before & nothing since. Now who could a hack into a
22.57 Billion dollar company & stay in there for at least 4 days? I can tell you there is not a hacker group in the world that can do that. In fact I can not find a single report of Twitter ever being hacked before by anyone only personal accounts & a good hacker can do that but
This is not an account hack because no 1 can change even their own Tweets, to do that you have to hack Twitter itself. But there are people who can do it. Our intelligence agencies can do it & stay inside but so could other countries Intelligence agencies but the fact
that they never reported it makes me think it was not an outside agency but someone from inside our country because if they reported it then it would have confirmed "The Storm" Trump mention at the beginning of his election is actually happening & this is huge it goes against the
agenda of @realDonaldTrump is not doing anything that they are pushing & of course the deep state does not what the message in the video getting out do they, since #Qanon is the deep states baby to paint Trump supporters at crazy domestic terrorist. I am curious as heck of what
they did in those 4 days. Surely this is not the only 1 but the problem is it is nearly impossible to find stuff that exposes #Qanon as fake. Not that there is not any but it is buried under #Qanon Crazy Right Wing Conspiracy stuff. I only found this by going through page after
page looking for stuff I had seen over the years & wanted to look at again. So I am gonna keep digging to see what else I can find surely this can not be the only 1. But either way this is Friggen HUGE!
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