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1/n Ashok Swain the Muslim hating ISI’s Concubine.
On 23rd April 2020, Mr. Sajid Hussain, the Exiled Journalist who fought or the Baloch issue was murdered in Sweden, his body was found in the river in the city of Uppsala. #balochistan #BalochFreedom
2/n Guess who else is in Uppsala? @ashoswai or Ashok Swain. In previous articles/thread I showed how he hates Hindus, Muslims and everyone who moves. I also showed how his research made no sense.
3/n But, the gullible Pakistanis donot know this yet. They think he is a hero because he criticizes Modi. However, I sympathize with the naivety of Pakistanis, they simply cant think clearly because they are under a massive illusion.
#balochistan #BalochFreedom
4/n Ashok wrote an article in LSE…
He tries to link #Balochistan to Hindu Right wing. See the screen shots.
5/n Dear Ashok, Balochistan liberation is not a Hindu right Wing issue. It is a Humanitarian issue. #balochistan #BalochFreedom
6/n Your flimsy attempt to tie it to Hindu RW is quite reminiscent of ISI’s propaganda and their online keyboard troll armies which I have seen on Youtube, Newspaper comments section, Defence forums etc. #balochistan #BalochFreedom
7/n When one reads further, I start rolling my eyes. Keywords search: Burhan+Wani+Charismatic+Modi+Balochistan+Kashmir. Sounds like garden variety ISI propaganda line.
8/n Further cringe! “Cloud-cuckoo”; “East Pakistan”. Indeed, Paksitani military establishment didn’t succumb, it was simply spilt into two Schrödinger cats! May be it exists or may be it doesn’t!
9/n Interestingly, its the Pakistanis who are still living in Cloud-cuckoo land. Their ISI is making them believe that #Balochinsurgency is India’s doing. Similar to how about 3 million Bengalis were killed by Paxtan army, yet Bengalis wanted to live as Paxtanis.
10/n Thank goodness for once Ashok admitted the truth. That Pakistani army used brute force against Balochistanis e.g. burying #Baloch children alive. Ashok avoids gory details.
11/n Next Ashok claims that India is supporting #Baloch unrest. However, had it been true, Balochistan would have been free state by now as noted by Baloch leaders.
12/n But where is the evidence to your grand claims Ashok? A poor Baloch man living as a refugee? Or a Pakistani Minister giving a scripted interview? Without independent observers such evidences are called anecdotes.……
13/n But then, you are unsound in your research, evident from your third rate peer reviewed lies. You have been quite against the Balochistani people in your views. #antiBaloch
You have reduced their identity to Afghan people.
14/n Nothing against Afghans, its just that your stole the identity of Balochs!
15/n Next, Swain goes on to claim that Pakistan is not able to prove, but, India is involved in Balochistan.
Recall Quantum mechanics, Schrödinger’s cat everyone!
16/n Standard ISI line, Pakistan’s strength is huge, our soldiers are tall & fair complexioned. Our Kashmiri freedom fighters are charismatic, India is in dream land, Pakistan is not Bangladesh(But it was before 1971). India is terrorist nation supports violence. We have China!
17/n There it is Hidden in China and now oh we have the Nuclear weapons. Here comes the ISI propaganda. Someone Tell this idiot, that Nuclear war would annihilate Pakistan. Just 20 nukes by India is sufficient. India would still survive.
18/n Yet India conducted Surgical strikes twice and is bombing the hell out of Pakistani assets! Admitted by Pakistani news outlets…
19/n Again more ISI Propaganda. India didn’t attack Pakistan, until Pakistan threatened India’s territorial integrity with Operation Chengiz Khan. What a ridiculous name! pakis have nothing to do with Chengiz Khan(he was not even Muslim)
20/n So As you can see Ashok Swain is actively towing Pakistani ISI propaganda, he is a concubine whose services are taken by the ISI bacchabaaz handlers. #baluchistan #balochistan
21/n It seems Ashok and Pakistan seems to forget that a retaliation by India would annihilate Pakistan completely. The way the world sees it, with double Surgical Strikes India has called out Pakistan’s nuclear bluff.
22/n ISI’s standard statements. India’s interference into Balochistan would be responded with Punjab and Assam. An open admission by Pakistan!
23/n Did Ashok really write that article or was it someone from the DGISPR or ISI? Now this brings us to the important question,what exactly is Ashok’s interest in #Balochistan ?
@andycule9 now read it. Ur swain is seems to be towing ISI propaganda line.
@VofBalochistan what do you think? This thread is dedicated to Balochistan's freedom. Unfortunately people like Ashok Swain are towing Pakistani line. #ashokswain love's pak and os in Uppsala Sweden.
Clarification by Uppsala Police: the journalist was found dead not murdered.
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