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This is the world the democrats want in real life. This is what agenda 21 (now called agenda 2030) is all about. "New World Order" is a term that's been used by dems & the PLANdemic with covid-19 as part of their path to try to attain this. Literally comes down to this election.
If Trump doesn't win - we are all screwed. Please do your research people. Agenda 21 and 230 are publicly available. They have hundreds of cross references but it's so worth deciphering. The freedom of this country depends on people being informed.
Knowledge is power - it's everything. Part of sustainability plans involves "human habitats" so we can't have our own homes anymore. It involves no more animal farming b/c they want to give the land back to the animals and never give us real meat again.
Just go visit the Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat websites it's right in their mission statement - if you view wikipedia you'll see BILL GATES financed these companies. Pelosi signed the agendas. They are all working together. Links below:
(funded by Bill Gates - eugenics freak that wants to mass vaccinate but won't give it to his own kids)…

(to never eat real meat from animals again - genetically modified grown in lab fake meat only)
(FDA didn't approve when they went on the market and is deemed unsafe to eat but they sell it anyway)…
They mask it to make it sound ok, but if you use all your cross references and look into the places they invest in like above, you'll see the truth of their goals. See disarmament of everyone including our own navy!, housing info repeatedly worded as "human habitats"....
the reassigning of our army to civilian duty (aka keep us in line), and food "sustainability". It's all in there.………… (there's TONS of crossreferences)
Way back when I looked into "KEYSTONE" mentioned in Q I immediately though of Stephen King's the Dark Tower. Dag H. building is right across from where the Rose in the book would have been in NY. Is it coincidence cross-refs to these agendas are there in this DARK TOWER? Doubt it
Quick background on Dark Tower books... the Man in Black takes kids, tortures them basically, there's a ROSE that represents the Dark Tower, there are Vampires, alternate universes, split personality of a woman with no legs etc. All sounds familiar in some ways does it not?
This fake meat company is all about Sustainability (Agenda 21 & 230) - funded by Bill Gates
impossible foods full mission statement.
no more animals ever. fake meat only. (at least for us... I'm sure the elite will not be included in that)
Beyond Meat... the other name for Impossible Foods products. What Burger King & more & more places are selling. List keeps growing.
Little Caesars, Gold Star, Subway, KFC, many places are starting to get it. IDK if it's just an option or not - I don't eat anywhere that sells it.
I'm working on this and will try to put updates. I'm trying to gather a list of places selling this product "Impossible Foods" and "Beyond Burger". My family and I ban places from our dining experiences that sell this. We do not support Agenda 21 or 230. Never will.
Covert Action Information Bulletin
CIA gov Library
Opus Dei: Secret Order Vies For Power (A New World Order)
Entire article has relevance... but especially that. See page 11 in link below.
(Picture is just a preview, click link for entire Bulletin)…
Q was telling us. It's not the New World Order. And N does not stand for Nazi. Q.... would it happen to be Numerary.

Reminds me of our Judicial System a bit…
1st Level NUMERARY:
Elites,Deep State,Cabal,Celebs put themselves 1st

RECRUITS(slaves) important values

So, unwilling to change your views
Bold & Daring w-arrogant disregard for personal safety
Undying devotion to your master
2nd in line OBLATES:

Define - replace God with the Numerary. Numeraries see themselves as gods.

They take the orders and carry them out for "their gods".
3rd in line SUPERNUMERARY:

Literally the extras. Everyone else - the citizens - what the Numerary sees as cattle. Dispensable even. We are nothing to them. NONESSENTIAL (just like they say our jobs are)
In practice, 4th in line COLLABORATORS:

Validation seeking traitors.
Going against your own country in exchange for special privileges, bonuses, & payments.
A beggar of fringe benefits.
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