Today on May 15, 2020, we are celebrating the International family day, but what is family? Family is the anchor of the ship called life. A tree is attached to the ground through its root. Stronger the roots are, stronger is the bond between the tree and the ground.
Similarly, the family is the root through which we plant our life in this world and stay strong. A happy family provides support when the whole world is against us. A family forgives when everybody else wants to punish us.
In today’s world, it is quite common to see youngsters disrespecting family values. They see the affection of the family and consider it interference in their life.

There is nothing in this world that can substitute the care and affection of your father.
Nobody can love you as selflessly as your mother loves you. When your father scolds you, it’s for your better future. When your mother asks you to eat home-cooked food instead of fast food, it is because she wants you to have a healthy body.
Consider the example of cannon. To get a perfect shot the canon has to have an aim, ammunition, and most importantly it should be firmly placed at the ground. A loose cannon does not serve any purpose. The same is our life. Unless we are attached to the roots,
we cannot advance in the right direction. Family and religion are our roots and they provide us with insight and support throughout our life.

Love of the family members is not intrusion; rather it nurtures our soul with much-required affection and concern.
You may feel liberated without anybody to watch over you, but the feeling will live for a very short period of time. To advance in life and stay at the top, we need a solid ground to be attached to, and that solid ground is the family and our values.

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Feb 25
Where and how to keep the broom - Vastu Shastra

- Broom destroys bad or negative energy entering the house.

- Keeping a broom in an open place is considered inauspicious, so the broom should always be kept hidden, people outside the house or outside should not see the broom.
- Do not keep broom in the dining room, as it can quickly end the grain of the house. Also, you may have to face health problems.

- If you keep a broom outside your house in front of the door every night, then negative energy does not enter the house.
This work should be done only at night. Keep the broom hidden during the day.

- The right time to buy a broom is Krishna Paksha, buying a broom in Shukla Paksha brings bad luck in the house, so one should not buy a broom in Shukla Paksha.

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Brahm Muhurat , the period to find the Inner Self.

Brahma Muhurat, the time of Lord Brahma, is approximately 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and lasts for 96 minutes. Also, termed as ‘creator’s Hour’ it is considered best with lasting effect for all the spiritual practice and
meditation. The still mind state during this Vata phase of the morning is to achieve a deeper meditation.

Brahm Muhurat with its Significance/Potential-
The Brahm Muhurat is a peaceful, calm and cheerful atmosphere when vital of energy is at its peak results in long life and
concentration. Physical exercises done during this hour reduce fat, improves the digestive system & keeps mind as well as body energetic throughout the day.

The 41 % increased oxygen level, as per scientists, during Brahm Muhurat acts as an anti-aging agent and waking up during
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How Shiva became Neelkantha?

Once, a fight erupted between devatas and devils in which devils won under rulership of Bali. After getting defeat, devatas were losing their vitality and power. They went to Shree Hari Vishnu for help. Sri Vishnu asked devatas to extract nectar from
the sea which will bring back their powers. Sri Vishnu assured them that he will direct the event in such a manner that devatas get the nectar.

The agitation started. The sea was beaten using Mount Mandarachala as the stirring pole and Vasuki, the ruler of the snakes,
was utilized as the agitating rope. The devils i.e. rakshas held the leader(head side) of snakes while devatas held the tail. During the agitation between devatas and devils, a toxic substance i.e. poison aroused from sea. All get feared by seeing the poison as it has power to
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Lord Shiva

Shiva is the only one essential element that preserves each and every iota of the universe. He is the presiding element.He is the creator, protector and annihilator. In spite of living in the cremation-ground, he is the Lord (adhipati) of the three worlds.
Being hidden, he is manifested. Despite being the causof everything, he is causeless (Akarana). He is given a good name ‘Shiva'.

The word 'Shiva' is synonymous with the God of
sovereign power. He abounds with nectar in the form of boundless joy and delight.
That is the requirement of each and every creature. This is why, he is credited with the title Sadananda". He has two forms: 1. Corporeal 2. Non-corporeal.

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Jagannath Puri temple, one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage center is also famous as one of the 4 chardham pilgrimages in India. It is devoted to Sri Jagannath ji who is considered to be a form of Sri Vishnu by Hindus.
Jagannatha, Subhadra and Balabhadra is the trio of deities prayed by the devotees inside the temple. It is believed that praying upon the supreme lord in this temple frees you from all types of sins and grants you with boon of great prosperity. Sri Jagannathan is itself said to
be embodiment of param brahma or the complete concentration of all powers on earth. The history of the construction of this temple is ambiguous and largely unknown. There are various puranic and historic references relating to construction but no conclusive evidence can be
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Mars : Effects and Remedies :

Mars is a dry, red and fiery planet. Masculine by nature it signifies energy, both constructive and destructive depending upon his position as Mars positive and Mars negative. If Sun and Mercury are placed together in one house,
Mars would be positive but if Saturn and Sun are placed in one house Mars becomes negative.

Mars acts on the extremes - either soft like a wax or hard like a stone. The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are his friends, whereas Mercury and Ketu are his enemies.
Rahu and Saturn are neutral to Mars. The first cycle of Mars runs between the ages 28 and 33, the 2nd between 63 and 68 years and the 3rd between 98 and 103 years. The 1st and 8th houses are the own houses of Mars and he gets exalted in the 10th house of his debilitation.
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