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1/ Excited to share some recent research I've been doing on QAnon with this new article "The Church of QAnon: Will conspiracy theories form the basis of a new religious movement?". There's a lot that I couldn't include so I will supplement with a thread.…
2/ For 12 weeks I've been attending the 2hr service of the QAnon church. In reality this ministry is called an ekklesia (a home congregation). Wagner states this isn't a real ekklesia as they're too many. They say this is a training so e-congregants can start their own ministry.
3/ OKM is different from evangelicals who are QAnon believers. I want to make this clear not only does QAnon serve as a hermeneutic to interpret the Bible **in OKM QAnon is an element of the Christian practices and rituals.**
4/ to be clear what I am presenting in this article is a sub community that is part of the wider QAnon movement. This is not necessarily representative of all of QAnon, though it is an indicator of a possible trajectory for elements of the movement.
5/ before anyone attacks this community and dismisses them as are crazy, I’d note that is not constructive. The objective of my work is to research, understand the world view from the insider’s perspective, and evaluate. @rothschildmd says is best
6/ having attended all the services of eQuipping the Ekklesia their belief is authentic & should be taken seriously. Should you be concerned? Probably, elements of QAnon have shown to be a national security threat & a public health hazard
6/ A specific risk I would raise is a formalized religious education into the QAnon conspiracy theory, reinforced with religio-political teachings that resonate with the existing identity of the e-congregants.
7/ Most of the e-congregants are not new to home churches or neo-charismatic movements, many however are/were unfamiliar with QAnon. What's new is leveraging a biblical hermeneutic to teach about QAnon & over time supplementing the biblical lens with a QAnon one.
8/ When reading my piece, the first thing many will do is visit the websites of the movement. It is important to keep in mind that Home Congregations Worldwide (which hosts Omega Kingdom Ministries) has the hallmarks of home congregations that are widespread across the US.
9/ What the websites present is a veneer of evangelicalism. you have hints of QAnon on the website, but it is in watching the videos that you realize the hermeneutic is that of QAnon first, then the bible. Let me demonstrate with an example from the Easter celebration.
10/ The bible study on Easter leveraged the Passover story that occurs in the Old Testament to explain what is happening now with COVID-19. Where OKM differs is they interpret the biblical concept from the lens of QAnon using the conspiracies tropes
11/ of note is the role played by Mark Taylor and his prophecies. Throughout the weekly services Taylor's prophecies are used to paint POTUS as a prophet of God with a divine mandate. As i mention in my piece, Taylor plays a prominent role as spiritual leader in this ministry.
12/ As the biblical study progresses the narrative shifts further towards QAnon conspiracies (e.g. comfort and mercy) and ending with direct quotes of Qdrops
13/ at times QAnon conspiracies are what drive the Sunday services. e-congregants had been asking about project looking glass and were concerned with if the bible says anything about time travel. The week 10 service focused on if time travel is in the bible?
14/ this is not unique to QAnon, evangelicals have explored this question in the past and highlighted there is a biblical foundation for time travel citing passages from 1 Kings 18:45-46, Ezekiel 40:1-4, Acts 8:39-40, Revelations 4:1-4 (it's a fun dive for those interested)
15/when the e-congregants are moved from the bible study portion with the certainty that the bible is in line with time travel, they are plunged headfirst down the QAnon rabbit hole and hit full on with their propaganda.
16/At this point users are not spoon fed the conspiratorial narratives for easy digestion. They are presented with full on QAnon info-graphics and Qdrops and pointed to YouTube videos to reinforce the content presented to them.
17/ additional to this, e-congregants are also fed all the conspiracies, shitposting and Twitter campaigns that the QAnon community has cooked up in the six days prior to the service, that Bushey is kind enough to explain to them in a way neophytes can understand.
18/ Though the objective is to train these e-congregants so they can proliferate and grow the movement, there is a dimension of isolationism. An early element of the training is cable cutting from the MSM even fox is "Lucefarian"
19/ Users are instructed not to go to 8kun (too difficult to use) but rather go to Qmap[.]pub for all drops. They are given a list of YouTube channel and Twitter profiles to follow for their daily news. OKM is creating a QAnon social media filter for the congregants.
20/ for them the Ekklesia is the army of God against the Luciferian Deep State. The Digital Soldier narrative from QAnon has been transposed into QAnon soldier of God. A particular enemy is Ba’al (Moloch)
21/ An interesting ritual that took place on week 9 was a prayer of repentance for those that were part of the Deep State church system but left and joined the real church of God found in home congregations.
22/ This was followed by a divorce from Ba’al ritual, which is a religious contract, whereby the QAnon church formalizes its divorce from Ba’al and the deep state church.
23/ The alarming thing in all of this is their ministry Home4Kids. OKM is talking about creating a foster care setting for **kids locked in tunnel and underground, who have never seen the light of day and have been the victim of demonic ritualistic abuse**
24/ they initially planned on building a Ranch to house all of the kids they will share, and they will be providing the “spiritual training” needed to deal with children victim of demonic ritual abuse
25/ They are also looking for home school teachers as they do not want these rescued kids in the public educations system “that is where they get brainwashed into socialism, and anti-american thinking like transgederism.”
26/ As of May 10, with the advice of their attorney, OKM stated that they are changing their trajectory from the foster care plan. What they are exploring at the moment is in the US a church is allowed to have a home for abused kids (up to 6) that are care for by the church.
27/ they explain this is that each home congregation under the OKM banner can take in up to six kids, These homes for abused kids under the church banner do not have to report to the city, county, state or the fed because it is a church entity and protected by the 1st amendment.
28/ On may 10 OKM states that this "Saves us from having to meet the requirements for training, education, inspections, etc. to have a state licensed facility. With this being under the covering of OKM none of this is required."
29/ This means OKM is planning to have willing home congregations under their banner take in up to 6 kids that "have been saved from deep state luxuriance ritualistic abuse" rehabilitate and educate them in the Ekklesia fashion without the knowledge or supervision of the Gov.
30/ The legal precedence they are using is from the Roloff homes for Kids, which have a history of child abuse… and the Roloff legacy and legal precedence continues to contribute to child abuse today…
31/ All in all my research into the QAnon church indicates that what some consider to be a fringe conspiracy theory has the potential of formalizing itself. It's also an indication of where elements of QAnon may go in the future, the movement needs to be taken seriously.
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