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If this is actual true, which I find dubious, #IHaveQuestions because we have been down this road before & it is always patients who lose




Let's start with some basic facts:

1. The US Govt (read WE, the US taxpayer) has given Pharma companies like #SorrentoTherapuetics funding & tax breaks to create #COVID19 treatments/vaccines

2. It's WE, the people, who've donated said antibodies for use in developing treatments/vaccines & the US Govt (Again, WE, the people) has been directly involved in specimen collection


3. Until the 1980's, whole biological material was not allowed to be patented in the US.

Thanks to #GOP deregulation after @generalelectric's fight for a 1972 patent application for the "Chakrabarty patent" which was fought all the way to #SCOTUS a floodgate was opened (1981)
3. (Contd) Not that Pharma had not been making billions off of donated/stolen biological matters for more than 30 years at this point

Case in Point, Henrietta Lacks & her immortal HeLa cell line

Here is a short form synopsis of the situation

3. (cont'd) It was not until 1984 that any sort of guidelines were set by #SCOTUS.

Surprise. Surprise. The Burger Court rules in favor of Business & NOT patients.

They did at least rule that at least we have to be told if pieces of us are going to be used.

This brings me to the HORRENDOUS politicization of #LymeDisease & the patenting of segments of the bacteria that causes it (Borrelia burgdoferi) by universities (@Yale) unscrupulous doctors (Alan Steere) & Big Pharma (@GSK_bio)

The use of said patent to literally stop the use of OsP A (outer surface protein A) in testing & the millions of people who were given negative results when they were actually positive

& the denial that chronic lyme even existed despite 100s of research studies proving it did

Throw in ridiculous misreporting by new sources such as @Vox about what happened with LymeRX,its efficacy & the 430,000 patients that were given an incurable auto immune disorder

The Insurance companies & @AmerMedicalAssn colluding to go after

the Doctors (in NY Dr Joseph Burrascano & Dr Daniel Cameron) who actually tried to treat patients, No, SAVE PATIENT LIVES & you will get an idea of the nightmare that could be on the horizon for US #Covid19 patients

Full disclosure, I live on the East End of LI where we have been on the front line of the #LymeDiseaseEpidemic for more than 40 years.

Dr. Burrascano had already gone through his 3rd fight w/ the @AmerMedicalAssn for his license & stopped practicing

I was so ill for so long & was being told that it was in my head (btw, chronic neurological lyme disease symptoms are not in any one's head-they are well documented) that I sought out my own answers.

I found Dr. B's treatment protocol on line, obtained the necessary drugs myself
And, risked my own life to begin the treatment regime.

I was right & I have been forever in Dr. B's debt since then. I even met him at a speaking engagement once & had him autograph my copy of the protocol because he LITERALLY saved my life & got me to pursue finding a doctor
that would risk treating me. If Dr B saved my life, then Dr Daniel Cameron gave me a real life back.

I had to sell my successful business due to the illness so I was fortunate enough to be able to afford to pay

for treatment (even though I had excellent health insurance through my husband) because going through insurance would put Dr Cameron's license at risk. All LLMD's (Lyme Literate Doctors) face this risk.…
It is the reason, patients have had to build their own silent referral network of local doctors who will treat patients properly

(note: there has never been a study on whether or not 2 weeks of Doxy actually treats Lyme effectively-the standard course of care)

Nor does it all of the tick borne illnesses that can be transmitted

It is bed science, bad medicine, and deadly in some cases…
But, I digress. I could go on & on. This is a topic that has affected me & my family. I get carried away.

Here are a couple of incredible resources to bring any interested parties up to speed.

Cure Unknown by Pamela Weintraub @pam3001 is a #mustread…
@underourskin is an incredible documentary that focuses on the fight to get treatment in other parts of the country

(another side note: I was almost as bad as the blond girl in the pool when I started my journey)

2008's Under Our Skin was followed up in 2014 by Emergence

Again, totally worth the time to watch

So, w/ all of that in mind, I return to my original #IhaveQuestions

I have 3 main questions/ concerns that have me alarmed

Questions that we ALL should be asking

1. What is #Congress doing to ensure that vaccines & treatments developed using our samples & tax $, remain available at a reasonable cost to patients?

2. What is #Congress going to do to protect blood/plasma donations so that patients who have donated do not lose

2 (cont'd) Their ability to designate how or where their donation goes. Currently, you can designate specific recipients of your blood/plasma products.

Will there be a designation for not for profit or public use that will keep the supply available?…
3. What will be done to stop the patenting of specific biological segments of the #Covid19 virus that could cause the testing nightmare that is #LymeDisease testing?

In short, what is #Congress doing to protect US?


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