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@EPAAWheeler is testifying this morning before the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, @SenateEPW & @EPWDems.

He identifies 5 actions taken by @EPA since March--all deregulatory.

Follow along. 1/
@EPAAWheeler repeats one of his favorite lies--that over 60 rollbacks executed by @EPA have saved billions; now he says over SEVEN billion dollars.

This is rubbish, which @EPA & Wheeler NEVER have substantiated. 2/
@EPAAWheeler's written testifies celebrates EPA's 50th anniversary in 2020 & touts EPA's 2019 accomplishments.

NONE reduces air pollution one molecule beyond rules Trump inherited from Obama; indeed, Trump rollbacks INCREASE air pollution.

Pathetic.… 3/
@EPAAWheeler lies badly that the Trump @EPA amnesty policy is "much more mild" than anything EPA has done previously.

This is wrong: EPA granted amnesty from ALL pollution monitoring in ALL 50 states, in advance, without any review. That's unprecedented. 4/
@EPAAWheeler then says the Trump @EPA's enforcement amnesty does not allow any pollution increases; this too is wrong & disingenuous: EPA waives monitoring that detects illegal pollution increases, which @EPA & the public now won't know.

Wheeler chooses to ignore this. 5/
@EPAAWheeler testifies to Congress that Trump's so-called 2-for-1 executive order did "mandate" that federal agencies two rollbacks for each regulation, then he boasts that @EPA exceeded this mandate, with 18 rollbacks for 6 regulatory actions in 2019.

This is who they are. 6/ Image
In one of the biggest lies ever delivered in any congressional testimony in U.S. history, @EPAAWheeler says that "all of our rules make things better."

@EPA admits its clean cars rollback will kill as many as 1,000 Americans. 7/
@EPA scientists say that @EPAAWheeler's decision to rubber-stamp unsafe health standards for fine particle PM2.5 air pollution will allow over 50,000 Americans to die, every year. Thread here: 8/
The Trump @EPA's own staff have sharply criticized @EPAAWheeler's rollback of the Obama EPA clean car standards, telling Wheeler the rollback will worsen air pollution & pollution that damages the climate. 9/
The Trump @EPA has taken over 80 actions to roll back, worsen & refuse to enforce clean air & health safeguards, most of which will allow harmful air pollution to increase.

With this awful record, Wheeler has the nerve to testify that "all of our rules make things better." 10/
@EPAAWheeler says he was "very surprised" that state attorneys general & the @chesapeakebay announced they will file "frivolous lawsuits" > @EPA for failing to protect the Chesapeake Bay. He tries to distract with irrelevant talk of hours of technical assistance by EPA staff. 11/
@EPAAWheeler's 12-page, single-spaced written testimony does not identify ONE Clean Air Act regulation by the Trump @EPA that reduces one molecule of air pollution by more than the regulations Trump inherited from Obama.

A stunning anti-achievement.… 12/
Consider the 2 paragraphs in @EPAAWheeler's written testimony devoted to air pollution.

Wheeler cannot identify any @EPA action that has reduced air pollution, in his own brag sheet. 13/ ImageImage
@EPAAWheeler's first talking point is one he has repeated before, boasting about a bureaucratic exercise that does nothing to reduce air pollution. 14/ Image
Then, @EPAAWheeler repeats one of his tired tricks, claiming credit for work & achievements by prior presidents & EPAs that resulted in cleaner air.

Notice Wheeler does not & cannot ID anything Trump did to clean the air. 15/ Image
@EPAAWheeler boasts that the Trump @EPA converted 15 stronger federal clean air protections to weaker state plans, all of which resulted in worse air pollution controls & higher air pollution.

This is who they are. 16/
Returning to written testimony: @EPAAWheeler boasts about signing an "Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking soliciting pre-proposal comments on a rulemaking"--in the 4th year of the administration.

Marvel over that languid lack of commitment & action. 17/ Image
@EPAAWheeler's 12-page, single-spaced written testimony to Congress does not so much as mention "climate change," or express any concern for the climate crisis or its harmful consequences.

In 2020.… 18/
@EPAAWheeler criticizes S.Ct Clean Water Act decision in County of Maui v. Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund, for establishing an unclear balancing test.…

This is some chutzpah, considering the schlock test in @EPA's clean water rollback.… 19/
@EPAAWheeler lies & argues that there will be no increases in mercury or other hazardous air pollution from the recent rollback of the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards: EPA rolled back the standards for waste coal plants, which will increase hazardous air pollution. 20/
Senator @ChrisVanHollen absolutely nails @EPAAWheeler to the wall, pointing out that had @EPA undermined the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards in 2012 the way that Wheeler did in 2020, none of the amazing reductions in mercury & air toxins would have happened. 21/
@EPAAWheeler boasts about the bureaucratic exercise of "redesignating" areas from nonattainment to attainment, thanks to progress by states & successes by earlier @epas--not the Trump @EPA. 22/
@SenDuckworth asks @EPAAWheeler about the Trump @EPA enforcement amnesty policy, & whether polluters are required to report to @EPA & disclose to the public the reasons why they allegedly cannot comply with monitoring & reporting.

He ducks the question. Because the answer is No.
@EPAAWheeler plainly had a canned response prepared about his enforcement amnesty policy & he delivered it, angrily.

His anger is so heated because he knows polluters that fail to monitor can increase air & water pollution, illegally, & @EPA & Americans will never know. 24/
"We do NOT have a non-enforcement policy," @EPAAWheeler says, angrily, about @EPA's non-enforcement policy, which will mean polluters failing to meet pollution monitoring requirements can increase pollution illegally that EPA & Americans never will know about. 25/
@EPAAWheeler reacts angrily to @SenMarkey & denies that recent Trump @EPA rollbacks will allow air pollution to increase.

This is a stunning lie and Markey calls him out for it, including for worsening air pollution during a pandemic. 26/
The Trump's @EPA's own career staff told @EPAAWheeler that the rollback of EPA clean car standards during the COVID-19 pandemic will increase air pollution, including pollution that causes harmful climate change. 27/
@EPAAWheeler's rollback of the Mercury & Air Toxics Standards for power plants that burn waste coal, which he signed during the COPVID-19 pandemic, will allow those plants to increase mercury & other hazardous air pollution.… 28/
@EPAAWheeler responds to @SenWhitehouse questions about @EPA Censoring Science rule, admitting the Trump EPA Censoring Science rulemaking was based on former Rep. Lamar Smith's 'Secret Science' legislation.

Exactly the problem, as @NRDC shows here:… 29/
It's wrong & illegal, of course, for @EPA to base a rulemaking on legislation that failed to pass Congress; but former EPA head, Scott Pruitt, & former Rep. Lamar Smith conspired to do just that.
@NRDC's comments discuss damning EPA emails here:… (p. 5) 30/ Image
@SenJohnBarrasso references article noting CO2 pollution is down 17% during COVID-19 then raps Democrats for concern about air pollution-related COVID-19 deaths.

He can't be serious.

The link concerns LONG-TERM exposure to PM2.5 pollution, not CO2.… 31/
@SenJohnBarrasso, other Republican Senators & @EPAAWheeler were unnerved by the Harvard study linking COVID-19 deaths & long-term, pre-existing exposure to fine particle PM2.5 pollution.

They tried but failed to discredit the study. 32/
@SenJohnBarrasso, for example, noted disparagingly that Harvard study findings had changed since 1st announcement.

Correct: researchers appropriately said there is a still significant 8% (not 15%) higher chance of dying from COVID-19 after exposure to high levels of PM2.5. 33/
Scientists adjust their findings based on new information & analysis, as the Harvard team did based on "updated analyses from the researchers, using data through April 22, that adjust for epidemic characteristics."…

Politicians score political points. 34/
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