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Vincent Kennedy - Rodman World Peace
May 19, 2020

Start off with the series finale of Seinfeld. Lots of “coincidences” that point to JFK JR. Is Seinfeld part of the plan?
Jason Alexander says it was a “good, not great episode”.....
Sounds very similar to a quote JFK JR is known for?
Not quite dead? Anyone else we know not quite dead? And from a plane crash?
The Latham Code is the Good Samaritan Law. The characters in Seinfeld watched a car being robbed and did nothing to help. They stood there and laughed.
Then it cuts to this pic of Diana’s car crash. If you TinEye the pic it leads you to a thread about a lot of unheard ideas about the crash. I’m not sure if it’s insinuating everyone watched & didn’t help allowing her to die or if its trying to say she faked her death too?
I may do a separate thread on the Diana stuff later because it goes off on another deep rabbit hole. it might be easier to post some of the stuff this photo led me to separately. The thread talked a lot about the lady wearing a similar outfit to diana showing up in several pics
This article is about how Carolyn & John reacted to Diana’s death. It says C was terrified of her or J ending up dead & leaving their children without a parent(s). Also she hated the press & wanted privacy.
Does the Diana crash photo indicate the press was responsible? Or does it indicate they knew they’d be targeted next and “left” to ensure they would be alive to raise their children in privacy?

Here is the article if you want to read it in full:…
Cuts back to Seinfeld Episode... their lawyer and a Latham newspaper that says “for the people”
A few other small “coincidences” from the Seinfeld episode. I have no doubt there are more that I have missed.
May 14, 1998
This may be nothing, but I find it interesting that NBC aired The Apprentice, Seinfeld, Jay Leno, WWE raw. I can’t find my original source but I read that NBC was the one that strategically caught all the envelopes being opened at the Bush funeral also...I need to verify that
Video cuts to this shot. The mask reminds me of pics of Robert F Kennedy with someone in a mask just like this.....
Leno announces “mystery guest”. Who is it?

Now this is where bomb 💣 drops and the crap gets real.

We go back & forth between Leno introducing his mystery guest to who is Q to JFK being introduced to give a speech many times.

It answers Who is Q as JFKJR several times
Is the time on the watch significant?
Another reference to Massachusetts
Catch the whole interview of JFK JR with Seinfeld and Jay Leno’s remarks on his death here:
JFK makes a remark about following after Seinfeld on one of the biggest nights in television that is eerily similar to a Q post.
While Kennedy is talking about how Seinfeld had used him as a character on one of his episodes the video zooms in on Seinfeld’s eyes for some reason as he stares at him strangely.
JFK talks about how someone thought he was an actor because of the show leading this Q post to be shown
Then we cut to JFK making a joke about whether he would ever join politics. His punch line is has him saying “like the Vice President” which us played over in the video for emphasis followed by some very straightforward graphics just in case you didn’t take the hint.
Leno also asks him about a cover of George magazine and refers to Dennis Rodman as the cover. Kennedy corrects him it is Charles Barkley. Seems to have mentioned Rodman on purpose.
Just one month later, Dennis Rodman appeared on The Tonight Show with Hulk Hogan of the nWo setting up a match with Karl Malone and the Diamond Dallas Page
Rodman blows off Bull’s practice game in the NBA finals to go on the WCW.

“Rodman didn’t wrestle but did join with Hogan in hitting a rival wrestler with a chair at the end of the program.”…
“This has been a difficult year for Dennis,” Bulls coach Jackson said. “It’s been difficult for him to focus. We’ve had a couple conferences and we’ve had a couple talks. Dennis has been fined scads of money, which goes to various charities around the area.”
Wonder why it was hard to focus? Maybe because he was awake now and had the weight of the world on his shoulders?

Supposedly Phil Jackson was blowing up the phone wanting to know where Rodman was. Rodman supposedly told Hogan he didn’t wanna go back.
Jackson and Jordan seemed to take up for Rodman when you read past news articles. Rodman himself said that Jordan didn’t say much to him cause he knew he’d show up at the game.
Now we get some clues about a Jordan which seem to indicate that maybe he was supportive of Rodman because he is also a part of the plan. NBA players usually pick numbers with meaning. Is MJ a patriot?
Jay Leno’s tribute to JFK JR after plane crash. He mentions he also is from Massachusetts. He also makes a comparison between him and Princess Diana making you think back to the previous picture.
Only 17 people at the funeral.…
Leno reminisces on how much the family meant to him having grown up in Massachusetts and how he’d never thought their “paths would cross”. Leno worked in Boston and went to college there?
More “proofs” John and Carolyn are alive.
More ties of Leno to the WCW/WWE.…
Then back to Jay Leno finishing up his tribute. John F Kennedy Jr “died” when he was 38 years old. It then refers us to John 5:5. Obviously John is his name. 5:5 loud and clear. Then the 38 years old. I added the whole verse for context.
Now we cut to an interview with Trump and Larry King on October 8 which is 18.
King is trying to read a letter Kennedy sent Trump about the passing of his father but keeps getting the date wrong. First he says 9/19/1999 then 8/18/1999 then settles on 7/19/1999. All of which are after Kennedy’s “death”
Trump’s dad died June 25, 1999 which was approx 3 weeks before Kennedy’s disappearance? 🧐
Trump goes on to talk about how how Kennedy was a really great guy and a friend of mine. Trump was on Larry King to talk about his announcement of a presidential exploratory committee ... aka “the start”.
Rodman’s interview with CNN’s Nasty Cuomo who looks like he just took a bite of a turd the whole interview. I’m shocked they let Rodman on wearing that hat.

Time stamp 10:07 = 17. March 30 2018 = 17
Rodman says no one had ever held up their end of the bargain before and all he’d ever dealt with was liars...
They show old photos of North Korea which is what I think a lot of us picture it as. Rodman said Kim is actually really into technology and advancement. A lot of these pics are not codes. They are just emphasizing the joke is on us.
We all felt sorry for NK that they had a media who lied to them and suppressed them from the technology and advancements of the world. That they were controlled. Turns out that was really us. Oops.
The song playing in the background I think explains why Trump called him Rocket Man. The lyrics give it a new meaning.

cuomo needs to learn to control his face.
This really pisses me off. He is such a weasel. #ObamaGate
This didn’t age well. Obama Administration saying that they have “direct channels” to North Korea and that North Korea shouldn’t be wasting money on sporting events and wrestling to entertain the elites. Haha... who had the direct channels after all? Athletes? Wrestling?
That’s sad that Rodman had death threats and couldn’t go home for 30 days. Wonder who those death threats were from?
were Trump and Kim were ”acting“ a lot of the time?
did this video hint that jfk jr is not only Q, but also going to run as VP?

did it insinuate Pence was with some bad NK actors leaving his spot open?

did Dennis Rodman just help bring world peace?

is Jay Leno a backchannel and patriot?

you couldn’t make this stuff up...
This was posted 3 days ago which should be May 18, 2020.

It appears to be an abnormal type of post for his instagram. Plus it was right before the #4VKM video drop
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