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You know why these reason these people don't get arrested for being obviously insane is because they are not they are actors & Writers this is 1 of the who also worked with Isaac Kappy & was killed after him Look at her work it is the exact road that they
#Qanon with their #ProjectLookingGlass a proven hoax proven by the US Government & The US Navy where Bill Wood a Multi convicted pedophile tells a story of a secret Time machine where all the "Drops" are posed on Fetish Sites known as Chans Chan means
little girls as well as 8Kun which means Infinite Little Boys. As with any good grift you have to have both good guys & bad guys. Because it helps feed the grift. If is was not for the MSM most people never would have heard of #Qanon Typically don't even report on these things
unless there is an arrest but with Q the have gone out of their way to advertise it in the same way they got you to use Twitter, Facebook, YT etc. But why push this 1? Because it claims to be pro @realDonaldTrump & that makes him look bad & making him look bad is his job. Some of
them claim @Austinsteinbart is not one of them again Good guys & bad guys so if Trump ever calls out 1 of them specifically they can claim he is not one of the real 1s but his stories come right out of Tracy's work who was involved from day 1… but like
Isaac Kappy she got a guilty conscious so the sacrificed them both then they spin it to say the deep state did it which feeds their narrative but they themselves are deep state. After the Wikileaks they needed to get ahead of the story so they created #Qanon @AustinSteinbart says
In his videos he won't be arrested because he has Star Power that is what he means. Acting & LARPing are not illegal. So if they ever were arrested that is all they have to say. Just like Alex Jones did…
They are starring in Psyops. The MSM could very well reveal this too you but they won't because they are part of it. Why has Dr Tammy not lost her medical license why can she say online she works for the DOD because she is an actor like Alex Jones but when Alex did that to save
himself from Prison that made big News & that is the real reason he was removed from YouTube & Twitter because it is easy for people to reply to a Video or Tweet with the News article then people may start thinking & say hey Alex was one of the big names in #Qanon & if he is fake
then the whole thing might be. They might start thinking & researching like I did when @AustinSteinbart came out with such compelling proof that he was Q & them even confirmed 2 times on #8kun which is what set of my radar. But Twitter has created something new to stop that now… With Alex like with Isaac after he was killed they just sayhe is not
one of them. Just like the Queen is not Part of the same people who run the Vatican or Israel they have to appear separate to keep the whole house of cards from falling. Same Deep State play book Nathan Stolpman is also a player he has introduced a lot of Q people to the
world including Isaac Kappy & while he says he does not believe in Q you will find his show full of it & nothing proving it is fake when there is more than enough material just like the MSM he does not he is an actor in the show look into his eyes in this
video see the whites showing at the bottom clear indicator or a sociopath which is what most of these people are. And then we have a big 1 @therealroseanne looking to make money & look who's supporting her when she ran for President
Now I will give it to you they are bad actors & many of them never made a film other than #Qanon videos but that actor card is what keeps them out of jail & allows them to say & claim whatever they want. Now if you are one of their pawns they might go to far & you will go to jail
Like this 1 they were using real guns & were actually creating a crime so the I am an Actor playing a part won't get you off. I wonder how many of these people in these shootings actually thought they were playing a part & that the bullets in their guns
were not real? Now if you watch this video you will see 1 of the actors she actually gets arrested because the cops are not going to believe anyone acting like this. She was even taken to the hospital but she was released. But why was she released? Because
She was able to convince the doctor that she was not crazy & was an actor playing a roll. In this one she is talking about how bad they treat us but she never says it around them because while she maybe an actress they are not about to allow themselves to
look bad in her videos. If she did not say she was an actress heads would roll for letting her go. No doctor would have released her & would have committed her. All this stuff is BS twisting some truth with lies to keep people form the real enemy & these people are not Pro Trump
When they were doing Project Looking Glass before Bill Wood was arrested again they were Obama supporters. #Trump2020Landslide @threadreaderapp unroll
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