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1. The Horseshoe Thread 🐎
For over a year we’ve seen comms from both sides w/ a Horseshoe. Time to compile all of those tweets.
Some I’ll just be dropping the link, others I’ll explain or explore deeper.
I do not know the whole story why a horseshoe. But I know it’s significant.
2. #Horseshoe #Omega #Moon - iron - blacksmith - Matrix - Mr. Smith - Kenite - Vulcan 🖖 - Cain - Tools - Enoch - Genesis 4
Horseshoe Flipped = Yoni “Y”. #YHeadThread - I’ll link later.

3. Horseshoes. Tossing horseshoes to a stake in the ground 👉🏻 called a “PEG”.
Similar to Quoits, but Quoits was played with rings.
Horseshoe in Greek 👉🏻 Petalo, petal, shoe.
4. Horseshoes PEG 👉🏻 Pegasus Thread (never got around to completing) 👉🏻 his hooves dug out spring 💦 #watchthewater Medusa & Zeus’ son, upon Perseus taking her head, a spring came forth💦 which birthed Pegasus.
Constellation. Dont get knocked down a “peg.”
5. Horseshoe to PEG To Pegasus #watchthewater to the Golden Showers of Danae to birth Perseus, the hero to behead Medusa which births Pegasus 💦 #GreekMythology
👉🏻To GOLD 👉🏻 To #YHead 👉🏻 to the “Hyksos” yellow paint.
Much more on them in a bit!!
6. Above links again to the “Y”🧵
Roman numeral 5 is V. VaV b/c W. Water💦 Yod He Vav He 👉🏻 YHWH
V is also ancient Y #symbol & tent PEG or HOOK! 5 is also “Quinque”
Didn’t notice b4 cause used in other decodes but I posted 5/5 & QDrop HOOK is ts 5:5 55😳
7. I’ll lay out #6 to see what I’m saying:
V = 5
VV = 5:5
V = Y in ancient Hebrew as well as PEG & HOOK.
5:5 & 55 Timestamp, I tweeted 5/5. #YHead
We had numerous decodes from 1 QDrop 4232 & they ALL look on 🎯 They match independently. I don’t know how Q does it, but does it!🤯
8. Plopping the 27 tweet for my #YHead Thread👇🏻 as it lays out the V = 5. The Roman numeral “I” = 1. 5+1 = 6 = the number of man. It all relates.
9. Ok! Let’s get into past horseshoe comms & sightings.
This is where I believe it started. @LovesTheLight is amazing!
Remember the Clinton Blue Dress. L👀K at his hand. So she correlated it to the horseshoe shape when I shared #QRanch #TripleEights🧵
13. Horseshoe as the “Sumerian Omega” again used in current product #symbolism right in front of us.
14. An interesting notation “The Horseshoe Club” free drink token. “Keep this and you’ll never go broke”. Casting lots.
H/T @Adrienne711
15. While we are still on horseshoe to Omega, I’ll add this. And regarding above. Yes I know Starbucks is Melusine, I added to see the inversion shows omega. That’s all.
ThanQ @ready_pen for Kilroy as Omega, the watcher. WWII 👌🏻
17. Trump gave us Telluride versus Tolerated during a speech leading to The Niagara Horseshoe Falls.
18. Horseshoe comms via horses from Rudy Giuliani. 🐴

19. In my #12Monkeys thread, the horseshoe shape was used in the scene of the elite dining together, including the devil hand sign. The clock also equates to 911 during this scene.
20. @wwg1wga50607113 had found “horseshoe” along with “PAN”, the First PAN American Olympic Games.
The River Plate, a stadium in the shape of a horseshoe.
Pan is significant in the Greek PAN god #symbolism. I’ll drop the Pan thread below.
22.Reviewing all these comms I’m brought back to “check the Gate, the gate was good.” From Spanx. So many possible meanings. This photo is not random. His hands do appear to be the same horseshoe we’ve seen from others. Coincidence? Only time will tell.
23. Then today we saw another horseshoe in hindsight from Spanx, in the disposed of coffee lid relating to the Corpus Christi sh00ting. Mustang island, inverted 6 & 9 and clover.
H/T @The1010Guy1
24. I have to add this. I don’t like it one bit. 🤨 His feet placement (almost horseshoe like), green handkerchief, “X” and what’s going on there?! Do not know if the number on Jersey is 74 or 34?
25. So I decided to search the Gematr!a for “horseshoe”.
Well that is really weird! Pepe the Frog 🐸 our Anon meme, matches Jewish, Su!c!de Kings, Sandy HOOK matches Simple Gematr!a #’s, & Anunnaki DNA matches Jewish. Is this reversing spells, to their talisman the horseshoe?
26. I’ve been riding horses most of my life so I know about the hoof. 🏇🏻 It just so happens that the Triangle 🔽 shape in the center of the hoof is called the Frog 🐸. Pretty crazy coincidence right?!
27. Oh! I almost forgot one of the 1st & most important pieces! The Black Smith comms! Aka Blacksmith aka farrier, person who shoes a horse 🐎 Iron.
The Matrix 🎥 Smith in Black suit.
QDrop “growing people as crops”
Isaiah 54:16! The days of Noah.
28. And that took me to Christmas🎄😆 Thank God for screenshots w/ constant censorship😩
Blacksmith to Santa’s Hammer in Trump Tower Christmas vid. To super computer HAMR - time.
😮 “47” Computer Hard Drives! Wow! There’s Pythagorean’s Theorem again!
29. Most have heard Horseshoes are said to be good luck. Why? Made of Iron, Iron said to ward off evil spirits; devil would not enter.
👉🏻7 nails. (Could we equate that coincidence to 7 chakras or energy centers of the body?)
Etruscan Greek & Roman Talisman. Ward off “Plague”😯
30. The plague. 😳 Well that’s interesting. How many times have we heard @realDonaldTrump call the CoronaVirus #COVID19 a “Plague”. A ton! That’s not by accident.
But “Plague is primarily a disease of rodents” Epizootic.
Could he be calling out the DemocRATS?😏 #StableGenius
31. Back to Horseshoe. Why the horseshoe? Remember in #5 I mentioned the Hyksos.
My Fav anthropologist, @robertsepehr, has done many vids on the Hyksos, and I believe, somehow, it relates to them & I’ll lay it out this possibility...
32. I will drop the video links, but I’ll need to paraphrase for this thread. PLEASE 🙏🏻 watch them in entirety for they are jam packed with knowledge.

33. Starting with Hiram Abiff. He was aligned to David, King of the “unified” kingdom of Israel & built Davids palace in Jerusalem. Hiram maintained alliance w/ David’s son after David’s death, King Solomon who he referred to him as “Brother”. 👉🏻 think Masonic “brotherhood”. ...
34. Both King Hiram & King Solomon grew extremely rich & powerful. According to Bible Hiram built 1st temple in Jerusalem. “Solomon’s Temple”.
The legend is Hiram is killed, buried below the temple w/ secrets inscribed on his grave which is revealed in Masonic initiation ritual.
35. Per Sepehr this sect called Phoenicians & Israelites are connected to the dynasty of pharaohs known as Hyksos. Hyksos means “Ruler of Foreign land” “foreign rulers”, & Josephus called them shepherd kings. The Hyksos Invasion into Egypt 1730 BC, brought the horse 🐎 & chariot.
36. Sepehr explains that Josephus identifies the Israelite Exodus with the expulsions the Hyksos. 3rd Century BC Egyptian Historian Manatho, reports that they wandered the desert b4 establishing the city of Jerusalem. Sound familiar? ...
37. @robertsepehr links same people (Hyksos) w/ the Templars, the European Knights that invaded Palestine & conquered Jerusalem. AKA the Poor Fellows Soldiers of Christ, Temple of Solomon, or Order of Solomon’s Temple, The Knights Templar.
👉🏻 Note. Not to be confused w/ TEMPLER.
38. Hyksos = Semitic. Semite Meaning comes from Shem, 1 of the 3 sons of Noah. (Syria, Iraq, Iran which was Babylon).
Sepehr explains that “after Jews returned to the Levant, any other Israelite that also returned until present day were also called Jews...
39. Other tribes were collectively known as Israelites & Israelites were Hyksos. It was the Hyksos that introduced Ra worship ☀️ to ancient Egypt, replacing the pantheon w/ monotheism. (And remember they introduced horses 🐎)
40. USMC sends out message that includes a #Horseshoe. It also includes a 444 = 4 winds💨 & the 4 angels, & 4 corners. Ty @JeanGre85804374 🙏🏻
@Txgrown2020 nails it w/ the Horsehoe 2 red & 5 gold in middle may = 25 = Y = #YHead see above thread.
41. ... then @realDonaldTrump tweets a misspelling (it matters!) w/ “Hustory” and “feat”.
Does “U”+ “feat” aka feet, in the same tweet a coincidence? Doubtful! Does it = Horseshoe? 🐎
Timestamp also = 666. Over target on who the #YHead are & their History?! This thread?
Missing some Tweet in this thread? You can try to force a refresh.

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